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3 Must-Know Hair Care Tips for Colour-Treated Hair

Wondering about hair care tips for colour-treated hair? With every new dye job you get for your hair comes the need to make sure the fresh shade stays on your hair. No one wants to have money washed down the drain (literally or otherwise). Finding the best shampoos for color-treated hair can be a sure-fire way to keep your locks lush and luxurious. Here are some of the things to look out for when it comes to color-treated hair.

 What Happens When You Colour Your Hair? 

As you infuse a new shade on your hair, there are chemicals in hair dye that alters the structure of each strand of hair to allow the colour pigments to take hold. Ingredients like ammonia lifts your hair cuticles, while peroxide breaks down the natural colour pigments in your hair. Peroxide has even earned an infamous reputation because it tends to make your colored hair dry, straw-like. 

And yes, highlights damage your hair too. Unfortunately, any hair colouring will damage your hair, like it or not. Human technology has yet to progress past saving your hair after colour treatments for bleached hair. Jokes aside, we’re not asking you to abandon your platinum blonde dreams. After all, I will never get over Billie Eilish’s look for the 2021 MET Gala. We’re just saying you have to know what you’re getting into.

Changes With each hair colouring session will weaken your colored hair, leaving it more prone to breakage. One thing you might’ve noticed after colouring your hair is that your hair strands are left thinner. Damaged hair also holds less colour over time. That’s why prioritising proper care and damage control are paramount when you have color-treated hair.

Find the Right Type of Shampoo for Colour-Treated Hair

Just getting any shampoo that claims to be color-protecting shampoo or color-safe shampoo won’t cut it. Sometimes the colour care shampoo you bought could just be maintaining the hair colors, rather than repairing your damaged hair. The trick is to find products that will help your coloured hair shine inside out.

The key is in shampoos rich in conditioning ingredients, along with milder cleansing agents. To nourish and rehydrate your hair, you could find shampoos with ingredients like argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, and olive oil. Otherwise, you could use shampoos with glycerin too, which helps retain moisture in your hair. To combat dry hair, you could try looking for shampoos with silicone that’ll give your hair shaft a healthy sheen and a smooth texture.

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Take it Easy with the Hot Shower

We all love a good hot bath on a rainy day. But extreme water temperature could alter the structure of your hair too. That affects its ability to hold the colour pigment as you wash your hair. Hot water opens up your hair cuticles, letting the colour pigments from your color-treated hair flow out. Try lukewarm water instead when you shampoo, and then rinse off the conditioner with cold water.

That way, you can still allow your hair to absorb the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner as the hair cuticle opens up. As you rinse off, the cold water seals the moisture in. With that, your color-treated hair won’t fade as fast as it would have otherwise. 

Don’t Skip on Conditioner

Moisture will be your best ally after you colour your hair. It helps repair the visible damage on your dyed hair and combats the frizz that usually comes after hair colouring. The oils, polymers, the various kinds of butter, and hydrating elements within that seemingly miraculous bottle of conditioner not only creates a protective barrier on your colored hair, but prevent your hair colour from fading too.

If you need a quick refresh of your hair colours, there are colour-depositing conditioners. It’s one of the easiest ways to let your hair color last. They work exactly like their name suggests: they are conditioners that deposit colour pigments onto your hair. The benefits are two-fold: they help your colours stay fresh, all the while boosting the moisture levels on your coloured hair. That gives you shinier hair and keeps your hair healthy.

Special Shoutout: Hydrolysed Keratin

Moisture will be your best ally after you colour your hair. It helps repair the visible damage on your dyed hair and combats the frizz that usually comes after hair colouring. The oils, polymers, the various kinds of butter, and hydrating elements within that seemingly miraculous bottle of conditioner not only creates a protective barrier on your colored hair, but prevent your hair colour from fading too.

Keratin could sound familiar to some of you, that’s because it’s actually the protein in our hair that’s responsible for the strength of the hair structure. Hydrolysed keratin (or hydrolyzed keratin, for those using the American English) are small protein molecules derived from larger protein molecules. Through a chemical process, the large protein molecules are broken down so they can enter into your hair cuticles. Hydrolysed keratin could be derived from wool proteins, silk proteins, or wheat proteins.

With that, it can also rebuild the natural protective layer of your color-treated hair as it replaces the lost proteins. It can give your hair a more lush appearance as well since it increases the diameter of each hair strand.

Not only that, hydrolysed keratin can act as a humectant, drawing moisture into your color-treated hair and keeping it hydrated. As the cherry on top, it makes your coloured hair softer and bouncier too.

But alas, too much of a good thing will always be a bad thing. An excess of protein on your color-treated hair might leave it brittle as it’s been strengthened too much. So pay attention to the other hair care products you use, and check if they already have hydrolysed keratin. Otherwise, you might have a buildup of it on your scalp.

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