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6 Tips to Consider Before Bringing Home a new Puppy

Bringing home a brand new puppy will be very exciting, but it also comes with lots of responsibilities. And if you’ve never had to worry for a brand new puppy before, it can be downright overwhelming. But, by being prepared and ensuring that you simply have all of the mandatory essentials, you’ll ensure a smooth and beautiful homecoming experience. curious about learning more? Continue reading and our team at Tropika Club will walk you thru everything that you simply have to do before you bring that new puppy home.

Tip 1: Are there safe places for your puppy to sleep and play?

Whether you’re bringing home your own real-life plaything dog or a lovable mutt, you ought to get a playpen and crate for your new puppy. Until your puppy learns the way to behave in a house, it’ll need a secure and confined space that it can call its own.

You probably won’t have to have this playpen for more than half a year, or a year at most. Plus, this is often seriously going to help prevent your puppy from peeing everywhere and chewing all of your furniture. Many people are under the idea that a crate has to be big so as to be effective. However, this simply isn’t true.

Your puppy’s crate really just has got to be large enough in order that it can comfortably stand and turn around. All you actually should do is buy a crate which will fit the adult-sized version of your dog then use dividers to form the scale more appropriate for your puppy.

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Tip #2: Are you providing your puppy with a good supply of healthy food and treats?

Dog nutrition is actually rather complex. In fact, it would be even more complicated than human nutrition. There are a large variety of dog foods out there and it can be confusing to navigate through without additional help or assistance. To start, ask the present owner of the puppy what they’ve been feeding it. You wish to place a slow transition to whatever new food you decide on, otherwise, your pup could experience stomach or tummy upset.

Ask a veterinarian for his or her recommendations also. Also remember, price doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. Puppies usually have to a minimum 3 meals each day. So ensure that you’re not underfeeding your dog. A healthy puppy will eat when it’s hungry and so stop when it’s full.

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Tip #3: Do you have a tough and durable collar (and leash)?

You should get a leash and collar that are appropriately sized for the age and breed of your dog. With puppies, it’s recommended that you just get an adjustable collar since they’ll grow out of it quickly. And of course, you must be prepared to bring your puppy for regular exercises to keep it fit and healthy.

You should examine the collar regularly to create sure that it’s in condition which it fits well. you ought to be ready to fit two fingers through the collar. The collar shouldn’t be too tight but you don’t want it to be so loose that it slips over your dog’s head. Similar to the collar, it’s recommended that you simply get a leash that’s appropriate for your dog’s size. Rope leashes are comfortable and robust. If your puppy likes to chew the leash, consider getting a chain version. A standard leather leash should be saddle soaped or oiled so it’s kept supple and clean.

medium-coated tan puppy on white textile

Tip #4: Are you providing your puppy with chew toys?

Puppies like to sleep. In fact, they’ll very easily 18-20 hours per day. But they’re also both curious and intelligent. And when you’re puppy is up and awake, they’re able to play and explore. So as to ensure that your dog stays mentally stimulated, provide him or her with many toys that incorporate a range of shapes, sounds, and textures. These early interactions can make a giant difference in how your puppy grows and learns.

Right after weaning, puppies start chewing. During the teething stage, they only chew more. They can even go their whole lives with a desire to chew. this can be why buying chew toys is so crucial. Consider getting hollow toys which allows you to stick cheese or other treats in them.

Tip #5: Are you providing water and food bowls and replenishing the water regularly?

Water and food bowls are total necessities from the very start. Consider buying non-slip bowls in order that you don’t get too many spills. And elevated bowls can make eating easier for your dog. Stone and stainless-steel bowls are good options because they’re dishwasher safe and straightforward to wash. Just about everyone agrees that stainless steel is the best overall option for pet food bowls. It’s very durable (won’t crack or break if dropped), relatively light and easy to carry, and easy to clean.

Tip #6: Are you prepared to provide your puppy with an ID tag?

If your puppy gets lost, it probably won’t be able to find its way back. this is often why it’s so important that you just get an ID identifier for your dog.

Get an ID tag that’s easy to read. The tag should have the name of your puppy, your surname, and your contact information. Don’t think that simply because your dog is confined to a playpen that it can’t escape.


Bringing home a replacement puppy comes with lots of responsibility. But, if you are doing it right, your puppy will love you unconditionally and you’ll have an exquisite friendship. ensure that you simply follow all of the recommendation listed above so as to provide the most effective start for your new best friend.

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