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Top 10 Best Car Wash Services in Singapore

There are plenty of reasons to love car washing. It’s an easy, affordable way to keep your vehicle looking great. Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of any dirt, dust, or pollen that may have settled on the exterior of your car. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to clean your car, a car wash is definitely the right choice. If you’re looking for a thorough car wash service, look no further than the best car wash services in Singapore. From deep-cleaning to scratch removal, these establishments will have your car looking new again in no time.

#1 – Wash Collective

Introduction: At Wash Collective, They treat every customer’s car as though it’s our own. That is why they use a set of fresh cloth when they start every car. By not reusing cloth used on previous cars, they’re able to eliminate dirt transfer.

It’s Fresh Cloth, Every Wash©!

Wash Collective began as the mobile car detailing arm of Cars Collective Pte Ltd, a car dealership which specialises in car consignment, car insurance and COE renewal. They’ve now grown to offer various car grooming services that focus on improving the wellness of the drivers and their passengers.

Type of Services:

Mobile Car Wash Services :

  • Interior & Exterior Car Grooming – (From $99)
  • Wash & Vacuum – (From $46)
  • Exterior Car Wash – ( From $26)

Specialised Car Grooming :

  • Car Fumigation(From $90)
  • Car Disinfection(From $148)
  • Family+ Disinfection Grooming (From $183)
  • Carpet Deep Cleaning(From $150)
  • Self Disinfectant Coating(From $35)

HDB Car Wash:

  • HDB Car Wash Pasir Ris( From $65)
  • HDB Car Wash Punggol East(From $65)
  • HDB Car Wash Punggol Northshore – (From $65)
  • HDB Car Wash Punggol West – (From $65)
  • HDB Car Wash Tampines – (From $65)

Location: 22 New Industrial Rd, #05-02, Singapore 536208

Contact: 66816647

Website: https://washcollective.sg/

#2 – Bloop Wash Singapore

Introduction: Bloop Wash‘s founding partners are business owners from the motor industry and realize that there was a lack of premium car wash service in Singapore that would bring the service to their doorstep.

In December 2019, Bloop Wash was established to bring this convenience as a professional and premium mobile car wash company for consumers who desire the best of care for their cars.

Bloop wash prides itself in excellent service and utilizes high-pressure steam technology that is highly raved by detailers overseas.

Type of Services:

Basic Exterior Wash:

  • From $34
  • Transport (+$12)
  • Large Sedan / Suv (5 Seater) (+$4)
  • 7 Seater Passenger Vehicle (+$4)
  • (15-30mins)

Bling Exterior Wash & Wax :

  • From $44
  • Transport (+$12)
  • Large Sedan / Suv (5 Seater) (+$5)
  • 7 Seater Passenger Vehicle (+$5)
  • (20-40mins)

Basic Exterior + Interior Wash & Wax:

  • From $148
  • Transport (+$12)
  • Large Sedan / Suv (5 Seater) (+$10)
  • 7 Seater Passenger Vehicle (+$20)
  • (60-150mins)

Location: 7 Jalan Lembah Kallang Singapore 339563

Contact: 9139 8286

Website: http://www.bloopwash.com.sg/

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#3 – Washlah

Introduction: Since 2017, they have been providing fleet maintenance solutions for corporate fleet with one goal in mind, take away the hassle of cleaning. Around the same time, they had set up their mobile car washing services and have since expanded to offer a complete detailing menu.

Today, their detailing studio is equipped to provide the latest in automotive paint protection which includes nano-ceramic coatings, film wraps and vehicle restoration services.

This is Washlah, unapologetic in their beliefs and values to pursue perfection in this industry.​

Type of Services:

Detailing Studio :

– PH neutral wash & vac
– Reactive car rims degrease
– Non-slick tyres sealant
– Smudge-free glass cleaner
– DOWNTIME: 30min
$18 or $22

– Includes P1
– Clay rub decontamination
– Spray wax (Mild hydrophobic)
– Exterior plastic trims restore
– DOWNTIME: 45min
$36 or $42

– Includes P2
– Full interior leather conditioning
– Inner barrel & tyres cleaning
– DOWNTIME: 60min
$55 or $65

– Includes P3
– Hydrolite wet coat (Hydrophobic)
– Engine bay conditioning
– DOWNTIME: 120min
$80 or $90

Signature Series: XP
– Rinse free wash & vac
– Reactive car rims degrease
– Non-slick tyres sealant
– Smudge-free glass cleaner
– DOWNTIME: 30min
$30 or $35

– Premium wash and vac
– Reactive car rims degrease
– Non-slick tyres sealant
– Smudge-free glass cleaner
– DOWNTIME: 60min
$50 or $55

FXXX 2.0
– Includes FXXX
– Seats conditioning
– Inner barrel cleaning
– Hydrolite wet coat (Hydrophobic)
– DOWNTIME: 120min
$90 or $100

 -Includes FXXX
– Polishing/ Compounding
– Carnauba wax finish
– Seats conditioning
– DOWNTIME: 2-3hrs
$180 or $210

Location: 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6, #01-37 Autobay@Kaki Bukit, Singapore 417883

Contact: 9668 9274

Website: https://www.washlah.sg/

#4 – Detail Mania

Detail Mania’s journey started in 2010 when they began detailing vehicles for used car dealers in the western regions of Singapore. Each day, their team would work on cars that entered their doors in horrible conditions; with oxidised paints, filthy interiors, pest-infested cabins and numerous other nightmares that one can only imagine. However, they stood by their belief that all vehicles, regardless of age, condition or make, should be treated with equal rights to an ultimate makeover.

In 2012, they took their experiences and belief to a whole new level. They began their journey in extreme paint rejuvenation and Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings, specialising in Japanese Silica Dioxide (SiO2) applications for vehicles. In a bid to further improve their skills, they travelled to various countries, such as USA, Australia, Taiwan and Japan, to learn from veterans in the automotive detailing industry.

They set up training programmes in Singapore for their staff to ensure that the utmost level of service and care is provided to anyone who entrusts their ride with them. When you consider Detail Mania for paint rejuvenation and coating applications, they promise to treat the ride as if it were their very own, you will receive nothing but the best for what they have to offer.

Using only top-of-the-line paint protection coatings that they have tried and tested in their climate, they ensure that the ride will be treated to the best makeover there is. Over the years, Detail Mania has seen thousands of vehicles detailed, restored, paint coated and delivered to delighted owners all over their sunny island.

With over 9 years experience in paint polishing and interior detailing, their team of highly trained professionals work hard every day to ensure that your car is swirl free, detailed, sanitised and ready to see the world again.

Type of Services:


  • Standard: $25
  • MPV/Large SUV (> 6 Seater) : $35


  • Hydrocoat Express: $60
  • Hydrocoat Plus: $120


  • Hydrocoat Express : $60
  • Hydrocoat Plus : $120

Location: 80 Rhu Cross #01-04 Singapore 437437 Marina Bay Golf Course

Contact: 87866008

Website: https://www.detailmania.com.sg/

#5 – Revol Carz Makeover 

Introduction: Revol Carz Makeover – A professional Centre that caters for all your needs with total satisfaction.
Revol Carz Makeover has a comprehensive combination of professional groomers, car repair technicians, mechanics and body restoration experts to give customers top quality works and one-stop-service convenience.

You can expect lasting showroom condition throughout your car ownership with their advanced lasting paint protection coating, state of art repair technology and top quality paint for body restoration works.

All works done are rigorously checked in their quality check system to ensure that they meet their high standards to ensure a guarantee in their customers’ total satisfaction!

Type of Services:

  • Car Grooming
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Spray Paint & Repair
  • Car Wash

For price enquires, contact them via this link


10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #01-12 AMK Autopoint Singapore 568047

Blk 42 Toh Guan Road East #01-75 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608583


TOH GUAN BRANCH: 6267-9331

Website: https://www.revol.com.sg/

#6 – Joseph Mobile Car Polish

Introduction: Joseph Mobile Car Polish provides excellent cleaning packages for all vehicles. They provide both interior and exterior car wash using quality products. Leather cleaning is also available.

They can restore the original shine from your leather seats within hours. Paint protection, Wash and Wax, Tyre Shine and Cushion wash are also available. Most importantly, the charges are very reasonable.

If you require, mobile polishing is also available but pre-booking is necessary to avoid disappointment!

Type of Services: :

  • Car Wash (With Tyre Shine) –$12
  • Chemical Interior Cleaning Service – From $140
  • Interior Vacuum Cleaning Service – $10
  • Engine Bay Cleaning Service – $15
  • Leather Conditioning Service – $15
  • Leather Seats Treatment- From $140
  • Xpert60 Super-Nano Car Grooming Package – From $138
  • Quartz ZQ9 Nano Coating – From $250
  • BacFree Nano Mist Anti Bacteria fumigation- $30

Location: 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, #01-01 Gate 1 , Premier @ Kaki Bukit, 415875

Contact: 98711151

Website: https://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=11374


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#7 – MintGroom Car Detailing

Introduction: MintGroom is a Premium Car Detailing Company in Singapore that was created from a passion for cars and car presentation.

Their Detailing Services can be tailored to your needs; be it a daily driver, luxury automobile, or classic cars – Their aim is to give you the best look that your car deserves.

Their simple philosophy that drives the business – ‘Treat everyone’s cars like their own car’.

Type of Services:

Premium Car Wash

  • Small Size Vehicles – $68
  • Medium Size Vehicles – $78
  • Large / SUV / MPV / Exotic – $88

Premium Revitalisation (Spa) Treatment – From $198 to $288

Basic Polishing Services – From $308 to $398

Polish + Premium Sealant Protection – From $488 to $628

Location: Millenia Walk Carpark Basement 1 (Yellow Zone-Opp Suntec City). S039596

Contact: 81383125

Website: http://www.mintgroom.com/

#8 – Lambency Detailing

Introduction: Lambency Detailing is Singapore’s leading one-stop automotive detailing centre. They offer a wide array of interior and exterior detailing packages that meet your specific car grooming needs. As a SONAX Authorised Premium Detailer, they incorporate the highest quality products from SONAX into their detailing services.

SONAX is a Germany-based car care product manufacturer with a reputation for innovating products that harness advanced technology.

They are a team of meticulous automotive professionals who uphold the finest standards for all their detailing assignments. They envision for all the cars that enter their workshop to leave with a showroom shine and in factory fresh condition. With precise workmanship and top-notch products, they strive to create the pleasant driving experience that you and your passengers deserve.

Since their establishment, they have mastered a formidable skill set and developed a proven methodology that produces outstanding results for your car.

They offer superior detailing services for all makes and models of cars. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a first-time car owner, you will find a package relevant to your car grooming needs and expectations.

Type of Services:

  • Car Exterior Detailing
  • Sonax Basic Car Spa
  • Sonax Signature Car Spa
  • Sonax Basic Polish & Wax
  • Sonax Signature Polish & Wax
  • Car Interior Detailing
  • Sonax Basic Interior Detailing
  • Sonax Advance Interior Detailing
  • Sonax Signature Interior Detailing
  • Car Enhancement Detailing
  • Baby Seat Sanitisation
  • Sonax Chrome & Aluminium Polish
  • Sonax Engine Bay Detailing
  • Sonax Exhaust Tip Polish
  • Sonax Leather & Plastic Treatment (Shampoo & Conditioning)
  • Sonax Leather & Plastic Conditioning
  • Sonax Rims Polish & Coating
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Seat Belts Cleaning
  • Car Seats Removal
  • Car Paint Protection Solutions
  • Sonax Basic Ceramic Coating Cc One
  • Sonax Advance Ceramic Coating Cc36
  • Sonax Signature Ceramic Coating Cc Evo
  • 3 Stage Paint Correction
  • Windows Protection Solutions
  • Diamon-Fusion Clear-Fusion Pro
  • Diamon-Fusion Ultra

For price enquires, contact them via this link

Location: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-31 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934


Tel: 6810 9918
Whatsapp: 9658 5808

Website: https://lambencydetailing.com/

#9 – Shiokr

Introduction: Singapore’s first on-demand car wash app. They deliver car washes right to your doorstep. No more queues, no more poorly trained groomers. Go for better quality, better services. Go Shiokr.

Reinventing the car wash industry. They are an on-demand car wash delivery company that will be providing its crowdsourced waterless car wash services via an app.

Book a car wash anytime, anywhere. All in a single tap. 

Type of Services:

Waterless Hand Wash

  • Using their signature waterless wash solution, they use around 500ml of water to clean your car compared to 150 litres for a normal car wash

Rims Cleaning with Tire Shine

  • On top of cleaning your outer rims, they also revitalise your tire by conditioning it with some of the best tire shine in the market

UV Wax Coating

  • Their waterless solution contains a thin layer of wax that helps to protect your vehicle paintwork from harmful UV rays and gives it a slight hydrophobic effect for a few weeks

Trained Local Groomers

  • Take comfort in the fact that our groomers are well-trained in cleaning your vehicles and ensuring the minimisation of swirls marks and other damages

Convenience At Your Doorstep

  • Book a wash, be at the comfort of your own home or be doing what you love. Leave the hard work to us, you can do more with your time

Only The Best

  • We use only the best products in our process. From our car wash formula that can be used for almost all surfaces to our ultra premium microfiber towels. We ensure your car is treated like royalty

Starting from as low as S$14.90 with subscription, get your car wash delivered right to your door step

( By Apps only )

Location: N/A

Contact: 8938 7939

Website: https://shiokr.com/

#10 – Big Elephant Carwash 

Introduction: BIG ELEPHANT CARWASH hopes to offer their valued customers a relaxing ambience and a break from the bustling city life. Each outlet features a rustic atmosphere, a chance for a cool beverage while enjoying the greenery.

No better way to get your car cleaned and groomed at the same time.


Type of Services:

  • Car wash

For price enquires, contact them via the contact number below

Location: 28 sin ming lane, #01-137 Midview City Singapore, Singapore 573972

50 Old Toh Tuck Rd Singapore 597657


6560 2060


Website: https://bigelephantwash.wixsite.com/site


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