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Top Best Wedding Emcees in Singapore

Liven up the happiest day of your life with the Top Best Wedding Emcees in Singapore. Wedding couples can enlist the help of a professional emcee to keep the loved ones entertained and cheerful throughout the wedding emcee. An experienced wedding emcee is a charismatic master of ceremonies that’ll help you keep your show going. You can even hire a bilingual emcee from wedding companies so that everyone can join in the fun. Tropika Club hopes that your wedding day will become a memorable wedding with these Top Best Wedding Emcees in Singapore.

1. Charmaine Yee

About Company:

Since her early work as a young DJ and emcee, Charmaine has always wowed her audience and clients in Singapore with her superb hosting abilities, bubbly personality and energy. As a seasoned celebrity emcee, Charmaine continues to learn, grow and improve.

Her experience in hosting, voiceovers and emceeing have shaped her into a professional celebrity emcee who is ready to host any event. From press conferences, product launches and corporate dinners in Singapore, she is the most versatile and professional host and emcee.

Contact: +65 9616 1612 / bookings@charmaineyee.com

Website: https://charmaineyee.com/

2. Magicessential 

About Company:

Food makes an event memorable. Music will also make a party fun. But what truly makes any occasion even more memorable is entertainment. When all the food has been consumed, when all the guests are tired of dancing, one thing that will keep them glued to their seat is great entertainment. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your wedding, corporate event, or just about any occasion, all you need is to call on MagicEssential.

Having a magic show on the most important day of your life makes the occasion all the more exciting not only for you but for your guests as well. Because a magician can pull tricks that will surprise and thrill you and your family and friends, you can be sure to not worry about keeping everyone entertained.

Contact: +65 9028 9186 / enquiry@magicessential.com

Website: https://www.magicessential.com/


3. Linus Lee & Masterpiece

About Company:

With an ardent desire to create a stylish yet entertaining and memorable weddings for newly-weds on their special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, Masterpiece was born.

Masterpiece aims to engage and entertain your wedding guests through a professional emcee and thematic celebrations. Masterpiece wants to be part of this eventful milestone in your life, to provide you and your guests with blissful, unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

So for once in your life, own a Masterpiece!

Contact: +65 9668 4820 / enquiry@masterpiece.sg

Website: https://www.masterpiece.sg/wedding-emcee

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4. The Wedding Serenata

About Company:

Looking for professional musicians and singers to fill your wedding day, birthday or corporate event with classy music and a first-class act? You are in the right place. They are a one stop music solution for your events. They provide bilingual emcee, live band and latest best sounding PA system. They believe that videos paint a thousand words, so do watch our 400 over videos on YouTube to check them out.

Read real testimonials and be confident that you are getting the best. Whatever your style and music preferences from 50’s to current Pop to Jazz, Mandarin, Evergreen, English and a mixture of languages and dialects, rest assure that “The Wedding Serenata” will deliver. They believe in working with a small strong team of professionals and the most talented musicians. You can be sure that you will only get the finest and by hiring them. It will make a big difference to your events.

Contact: +65 9113 2346

Website: https://www.weddingserenata.com/

5. Rae Fung

About Company:

Rae Fung has been speaking and emcee coach for the past 7 years, professionally. She is used to see failure as incompetence, throwing her into a well of self-hate and insecurity. When she started being vulnerable and shared about her failures, many came up to her and told her I have inspired them to overcome and move on. Increasingly, her personal relationships flourished. She networked more confidently among professionals.

She was radiating her story and speaking with authenticity – and people remembered her for that. Effective personal branding and confident communication starts from finding your voice and crafting your story. Her mission is to empower and guide millions to do so. So come, let us start your journey together.

Contact: Fill Up Form

Website: https://raefung.wixsite.com/info/emcee

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6. Stanley Soh

About Company:

Stanley started his hosting journey in secondary school for school events 16 years ago.

A highly energetic individual with the versatility to handle the stage and audience that is presented to him. Blessed with having a good outlook and physique, he will be able to stand out from the crowd and capture the audience to pay attention.

He is able to host a wide range of events such as solemnizations, wedding events, corporate dinners, community events, charity events, roadshows and etc, you can be well assured that your event is in good hands. He also has an interest in acting & singing and is seeking to establish himself further to provide a better value to his clients and audience.

Contact: +65 8691 8168 / stanleysoh@emceestanley.com

Website: https://www.emceestanley.com/

7. Glittering Carousel

About Company:

Glittering Carousel Live Music is one of Singapore’s premier live music entertainment providers. They honour their team of music professionals in delivering top quality music performances and entertainment. They have vast performing experiences at weddings and events, both local and regional. Some even performed alongside with David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, Zhang Hui Mei (Ah Mei), JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun, Kit Chan, Eason Chan and many more.

Founded by their local talented singer-songwriter & producer David Tan, keeping music real from the heart with a personal touch is what they always believe in. Through all these years, from elegant weddings to fun-filled corporate functions and intimate private affairs, they have been providing live music with great sincerity where beautiful memories are left, and hearts are touched.

Contact: +65 8268 2805 / services@gclivemusic.com

Website: https://www.gclivemusic.com/

8. James Yang

About Company:

Looking for an experienced professional emcee in Singapore who is known in the world of weddings and events? Introducing Emcee James Yang, one of Singapore’s most sought-after Emcees & a veteran in the corporate world and wedding industry. Singapore Emcee James Yang is a dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality engages the audience unlike any other master of ceremonies. Events hosted by him are like a dialogue between himself the audience. He speaks, they laugh, he charms, they respond in kind; every moment is compelling and interactive.

His reputation as a Professional Singapore Emcee has gradually risen over the years and his career is proof of his versatility- from celebrities to military personnel and countless event/wedding companies, he has collaborated with them all. Whichever the occasion, James is often the Top Choice Emcee amongst clients. Events are not just about entertainment, they are also about creating great memories and connections. Dynamic, versatile, and bilingual, Emcee James Yang combines his unique style with over 12 years of extensive international experience to guarantee a compelling and entertaining event, one that will be remembered by participants for months on end.

Contact: Fill Up Form

Website: https://emceejames.com/

9. Sparkle Live Music

About Company:

Founded by local artiste Tay Kewei, with keyboardist Lee Ein Ein and singer Tay Kexin. Sparkle Live Music is one of Singapore’s premier live music providers, with a team of music professionals, live bands and vocalists who have sung at almost a thousand weddings and events, both local and regional, since 2012, and are continuing to raise the bar in live performance, and chasing their dreams in music.

Contact: +65 9225 0603 / enquiry@sparklelivemusic.com

Website: https://www.sparklelivemusic.com/

10. Music Box

About Company:

Music Box was founded in 2007 and is one of the earlier pioneers of Wedding Live Band Entertainment. With more than a decade of experience, they have serenaded countless weddings and events of various sizes and requirements. You will be glad that their Band Talents can handle impromptu song requests and guests-sing-along with ease. When met with unexpected situations in your event, their Emcees are quick to react to changes so that your program progresses smoothly.

As an additional service to complement their Wedding Live Band packages, they introduce to you their very own Music Box Wedding Emcee Service. Spare your friends or loved ones the obligation to emcee your wedding. Let them enjoy your banquet and let them do the job! Whether you require Single or Duo, Bilingual or Monolingual, Simple or Interactive style, they provide a variety of emcee solutions for your needs, with one of the most affordable rates you can find in Singapore.

Contact: boxupmusic@gmail.com

Website: https://musicbox.com.sg/services/wedding-emcee/

11. Merry Bees Live Bees

About Company:

Merry Bees Live Music was sparked by the sheer providence of three people on one coincidental evening in Aug 2012. Founded by ShiLi (vocalist of ShiLi & Adi) and John Lye, a multi-talented singer, guitarist and host – Merry Bees have serenaded dignitaries at the Istana, guests in small intimate settings to international stages of more than 15,000 people, and have also performed at TV programmes and other high profile events including APEC, F1 Singapore Grand Prix, Young NTUC Celebrates NDP, DBS, Prudential, Maersk, Singapore Sports Awards, etc. Their services include:

  • Physical & Virtual Live Band
  • Singers & Musicians
  • Emcee, Hosts & KOLs
  • Strings, Harpists, Jazz Ensemble, Country/Folk Music
  • and many more

Contact: +65 9232 9395 / enquiries@merry-bees.com

Website: https://www.merry-bees.com/

12. Ainsley Chong

About Company:

Singapore Emcee and Close-up Magician Ainsley Chong is your number one entertainment choice to take your event to greater heights. Graduated from The Emcee Academy in Singapore, founded by The Flying Dutchman, he is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests and you. Having also had prior event management experience, Ainsley Chong understands the mechanics of being the best emcee Singapore and in turn helps you to deliver an interactive and terrific experience for your event.

When you choose Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong to be the host of your event, you can be rest assured that your event runs smoothly while your guests are engaged with games, entertained and/or awed by his voice or magic tricks.

Contact: contactme@ainsleychong.com

Website: https://www.ainsleychong.com/

13. Jim Lee

About Company:

“With his quick wit and charismatic personality, Jim is a natural-born entertainer who seems to have no difficulty in keeping his audience in stitches of laughter and glee.”

This is one of the many praises often sung of Jim Lee, a highly motivated individual, who has a decade of experience in the events industry. Starting out as an audio engineer in his family-owned business, Jim had the chance to participate in a vast array of events before finding his footing as an Emcee and has never looked back since.

Despite only starting out as an Emcee in 2012, Jim has hosted a multitude of events ranging from on-ground roadshows to family carnivals and not just limited to corporate dinner and dances.

Versatile, energetic and witty, Jim is your choice to keep your Guests highly entertained!

Contact: +65 9487 9293 / emceejimlee@hotmail.com

Website: https://www.emceejimlee.com/

14. White Ribbon

About Company:

At White Ribbon, they seek utmost quality when it comes to live music. They are a group of full-time singers and musicians who provide live music for weddings and events and have performed for over 500 weddings and events to date. They are also featured as the Top 10 live music company in Singapore on Tallypress and The Wedding Vow SG. Their teams consist of only the finest singers and musicians in the industry. Additionally, they are constantly sought to update their repertoire and knowledge in the ever-changing music scene to stay relevant!

Founded by local singer-songwriter Ruth Kueo and co-founder Ashton Koh, their love for music is what drives them to only seek the finest. White Ribbon’s team of singers and musicians, consist of established local singers and musicians, and have graced countless stages in Singapore, as well as regional stages in Taiwan, China & Malaysia. Versatility is apparent through a wide range of repertoire and music genres. Classic ballads, jazz, bossa nova, pop, classical and evergreens, anything – music tailored to your needs.

From glamorous wedding, to Emcees, to corporate functions, to cozy up private affairs, you can be assured of their promise to deliver the classiest experience to all their clients. Feel free to come down to one of their live sessions to have a listen to them.

Contact: +65 9790 1797 / services@whiteribbon.sg

Website: http://whiteribbon.sg/

15. Wayne

About Company:

Wayne has been equipped with the skill of bilingual language in English and Mandarin, Wayne can engage and injected much fun and humour to the whole celebration.  Wayne had also been involved in various local media talk show and public media appearance. Being eloquent and very well-versed in English, Mandarin and even Dialects. Wayne is versatile and quick witted on stage. He easily captivated all audiences.

If you are looking for someone that can bring life, fun and memorable experience to your wedding or events, look no further. Wayne will be the person you are looking for that can turn your event into a lively, fun, entertaining and memorable event experiences to your crowd.

Contact: +65 9181 7401 / contact@WayneEmceeSingapore.com

Website: https://www.wayneemceesingapore.com/

16. A Little Dream 

About Company:

A Little Dream was founded in 2002, realizing their dream of making live music accessible to anyone and everyone, and combining the talents of experienced, passionate singers and musicians in order to provide a one-stop service for live music.
Since then, they have remained true to their vision, expanding their repertoire to encompass a wide range of musical genres, including classical, contemporary pop and rock, jazz and evergreen anthems. They have also expanded their packages to include MC and songwriting services, for when you need something extra special to make your event complete. Look out for the expanding range of services they offer under ‘Promotions‘ too!

Founding member Bevlyn Khoo, a trilingual singer-songwriter (English, Mandarin, French) with four albums to her name and a dedicated following in the indie music scene, continues to front A Little Dream, upholding their dedication to excellence and integrity. With a proven track record spanning thousands of weddings and events, and a well-established reputation as a market leader, you can be assured that your booking with A Little Dream brings you the best that the live music scene in Singapore has to offer.

Contact: More Info Here

Website: https://www.alittledream.com.sg/

17. solvEnt Live & Music Entertainment

About Company:

Solvent is a talent management agency and entertainment consultancy. They scout talents all over Singapore and arrange them to perform at events such as weddings, corporate dinner and dance, road shows, product launches etc. They believe entertainment is an all-encompassing experience. An experience they provide with performers of the finest talent, crowd engagement and venue equipment of the highest quality.

They have a list of Emcee services, one of them as an example would be Karin. She is a socialable and fun-loving individual with a passion for then stage and entertaining masses. Karin is privileged to have received guidance from industry veterans such as Radio DJ Flying Dutchman, Rediffusion CEO Ms Eva Chang, as well as Fly Entertainment artiste Nikki Muller. In addition, Karin is a freelance Chinese Radio DJ at MediaCorp LOVE 97.2FM. Proficient in English and Mandarin, Karin has fronted various events, such as ZB Indulge “A Toast to the Good Life”, Chingay.

Contact: More Info Here

Website: https://www.solvent.sg/karin

18. Red Kite Music

About Company:

RED KITE is primarily a music talents company based in Singapore. They aim to help you find the most suitable live music entertainment for your event, be it a wedding, private party, corporate function, dinner & dance, charity event, and they can even manage your live music venue!

Having dealt with live music in Singapore for more than a decade now, they leverage on their large, growing pool of talents across multiple genres that have expanded beyond live bands to include emcees, DJs, dancers and many more. They strive to help you discover the right acts by choosing the best match among these talents, and customizing them to your music preferences and desired budget.

With RED KITE’S continued success, they have recently seen a spin-off in their new wedding website redkiteweddings.com.sg to specially cater for their wedding couples, and enjoying a growing presence in Singapore through their management of live venues in Clarke Quay and Dempsey. RED KITE has also taken initiatives to conceptualize music events like ‘Original Sundays’ in their fierce support for local bands in Singapore, and is frequently involved in charity organizations/causes. With their focus in professionalism and good service attitude, they will make your event a successful and delightful experience.

Contact: +65 9182 9278 / info@redkite.com.sg

Website: https://www.redkite.com.sg/

19. Sharina Bynes

About Company:

Sharina is well known for her voice and her people personality. She makes it her responsibility to make your event a special and memorable one. She has been in the events industry for over 10 years; with a background in Media & Communication & Events Management. She has done a spectrum of events for different clienteles – from launches to community engagement, national events to sport events, conferences to awards nights and many more.

You might have seen her on tv and even heard her on radio, not to mention being featured in magazines. She is now known to be a lifestyle emcee and a sought-after sports presenter. Born into a mixed race family, she is versatile with the Singaporean culture and loved every aspect of being a Singaporean. OCBC (orang cina bukan cina) and SBS (her name) are just a couple of abbreviations that somewhat defines her.

Contact: sharinabynes@gmail.com

Website: https://www.sharinabynes.com/

20. Dreambird Music 

About Company:

Dreambird Music provides affordable and flexible wedding live band packages. One of Singapore’s most talented wedding singer, Ariel Yumetori offers an endless repertoire of jazz, Top 40s, classics and Asian pop and classics, which will please every guest at your reception.

As an experienced wedding live band, they have been serving newly weds since 2003. At weddings, they have been asked to perform every mainstream genre including as Asian pop. Their wedding singer is also a seasoned wedding Emcee so no need to fret about finding someone to volunteer for this job.

Their strong arsenal of music repertoire and high-quality sound systems also mean that they can set up swiftly at any ballroom or wedding and event venue, even at very short notice.

Contact: info@dreambirdsg.com

Website: https://www.dreambirdsg.com/

21. Emcee Sylvia

About Company:

Sylvia Tham is a highly sought-after Master of Ceremonies at events which require an underlying feel of elegance. She is also in high demand for conferences and C-suite events for her exquisite delivery.

Sylvia is effectively tri-lingual (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) and have hosted private and formal events in cities like Hong Kong, Bali, Phuket, Macau and Penang. It is said that, having an Emcee is one of the wheels of an event.
Having worked in the media and corporate world, she understands event requirements very well and delivers them effectively. Clients who work with Sylvia, have commended on her composure, spontaneity, charisma and natural flair to build quick rapport with a diverse audience.

Since her early work as a young DJ, it adds another dimension to her skills as an emcee. Sylvia has always been able to wow her audience and clients in Singapore with her superb hosting abilities, witty appropriate fun-liners and high-level energy persona. As a versatile talent, she sings during events making her the most popular option as the top female emcee for corporate Dinner & Dance events.

Contact: syltham@gmail.com

Website: https://emceesylvia.com/

22. 二人世界(Two Of Us)

About Company:

二人世界[TWO OF US] has been actively performing and engaging together as a Husband & Wife acoustic duo, from corporate Dinner and Dance events, weddings, to popular hang-out venues. Bubbly, Energetic & Fun with both their live and streaming audiences approval. Do check out their FB live streams as well.

Contact: choyandernest@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/twoofussg/

23. Adrian Ang

About Company:

Adrian, a highly sought after Bilingual Master of Ceremony.

He is armed with years of experience, as an emcee, professional creative event director, and a stage producer. Regardless of the event type, with Adrian around, you know that you can have a peace of mind.

He possesses a combination of energy, wit, a sense of humor, sensitivity to the audience and he is easy going by nature, Adrian has brought success to numerous shows of various size and natures, locally and across Asia.

His ability to communicate and reach out to his audiences from Prime Ministers, to foreign delegates,  corporate C-Suites, PMEBs,  white and blue-collared workers, HDB heart landers, kids and to their parents.  A personality your audience will be comfortable with., especially well liked by audiences in the Asian region.

Contact: events@thatsinnovative.com

Website: https://www.adrian-ang.com/


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