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Do You Know Why You Have Pubic Hair?

“I hate the fact that I have hairs grown around the private region and I have to shave them constantly,” Boris mentioned during a discussion with Tropika Club

Trust us – we do have people writing in to talk about their dislikes, precisely as how Boris mentioned. But wait, have you ever wondered the purpose of pubic hairs? What exactly are their functions?  Stay with us, and we will answer these intimate queries of yours. All you need to know about pubic hairs, explained in detail here.


Simply put, pubic hairs (vagina or penis- it doesn’t matter) are hairs that grow around the genital area. It signifies a sign of puberty for most people, and the amount of hairs grown around the area varies from person to person – depending on the hormonal counts in each individual. This is one key reason to why you have pubic hairs.

Fun fact: In the past, pubic hairs served as a visual cue for prospective male

Pubic hairs act as a mechanical barrier to your skin – it is like a little cushion down-there to prevent abrasion, to fend off irritation. It also acts as a protective buffer, reducing friction during sex and other activities. Of course, with pubic hairs, it may also keep the genitals warm, which is an important factor in sexual arousal. 

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YES, YES, YES! This could be overlooked by the majority of us when we are so hell-bent on having it bare down there. Before you start taking it all off, scroll through the list Tropika Club has prepared for you. 

Pubic hairs keep genitals warm 

It’s true! Pubic hairs, like hairs on the other parts of the body, helps control temperature. It protects the skin from further heat loss. Besides, the warmth around the genital area enhances sexual activities- especially for men to maintain an erection, boosting sexual performances. 

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Pubic hairs act like a little pillow 

During sexual intercourse, pubic hairs act as a protective barrier for the skin. It reduces friction, and it works like a natural lubricant from the natural oil in hair that it produces. According to Dr Streicher, he said that “I’ve seen some pretty nasty “rug burn” from rubbing while bare”. Now ladies and gentlemen, be sure to think twice. 

Pubic hairs reduce the chance of catching STDs and other infectious diseases 

Extracted from the Daily Mail, a study shows that people who regularly groomed their pubic hairs were 75% more likely to contract sexually transmitted infection. Researchers said this might be due to skin tears that occur while removing hair that allows transmission of bacteria or viruses. 

However, Dr Streicher also mentioned that he was unsure whether pubic hairs can protect against sexually transmitted diseases and other bacteria. 

Well, food for thought. 

Do You Know Why You Have Pubic Hair?

It is sensational- said Neuroscientist Dr Linden

“Imagine getting your hair stroked, especially during a head massage. You obviously feel amazing. This is because of the nerve endings on the hair follicles”. In addition, Dr Linden also mentioned that “hairy skin has a special caress sensor”.  

 Transitioning from head massage to sexual intercourse, this is one way to maximize sensation. 


The answer is simple: You don’t have to. It is a question of NEED vs WANT.  

For hygiene purposes, we recommend you to go clean, but not too clean. This reduces stench when you perspire (but showering would solve this!) but there are no health benefits to having it bare.  We would recommend you to trim them and keep it neat, especially if you fancy a swim with your sexy swimsuit. We wouldn’t want a jungle down there, do we?  

Of course, your partner will thank you if oral sex is involved during playtime.  

To shave or not, it is a personal preference. Some say, I love to be clean. While others mentioned, having hairs down there make me sexier. All we can say is, to shave or not, ultimately lies in your own decision.  

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