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Tropika Club 10/10 Beauty Treats Under $100

No tricks here! The discount season is finally upon us. Snag these off-peak exclusive deals before they go – no discount code needed. There are over 100 discount deals under $100 for you to treat yourself. Be it if you’re looking for an update to your skincare regime or getting a new haircut, there’s something for you at the catalogue below. Get yourself ready for the holiday season! Find out how you can get the top deals on Tropika Club by simply watching this YouTube video guide. Or check out all the services at Tropika Club Directory now!

Hairstyling & Hair Regrowth Deals

Let your personal style shine with a fresh cut and luscious hair this October. Equipped with hair spray, tall combs and flat irons, the participating merchants below are ready to give you hairstyles of the moment. Free yourself from Tik Tok hair tutorials now. The salons below are fully equipped with a stunning array of hair styling options to give you a brand new look.

Have fine or damaged hair? No problem! There are hair care and scalp care treatments no matter your hair type. From nourishing your hair roots enhancing your hair texture, or even preventing hair loss, look no further. Get amazing deals for your new hairdo or repair your hair damage.

Hair Removal Deals

Get bikini-ready for the year-end with these discounts on hair removal treatments. Most of the hair removal technology on offer below is painless, giving you smooth skin without any discomfort. Choose from a variety of hair removal methods Intense Pulsed Light (IPL Hair Removal), Super Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal and more. With the hair removal procedures from the clinics below, hair reduction has never been so easy, and affordable.

Brows & Lashs Deals

Kill them softly with one look with these discounts on brows & lashes. The beauty salons below are a few of the perfect places to get personable, personalised services for eyelash extensions, embroidery, and brow shaping. Even the latest Korean Eyebrow Embroidery is on discount too. Browse all our deals today!

Facial & Aesthetic Deals

It’s finally time to get that flawless skin you deserve. It’s facial treatments galore at Tropika Club. Want smoother skin? Need to get rid of enlarged pores or uneven pigmentation? Or thinking of getting a healthy glow? We’ve got all that covered.

Diamond peel microdermabrasion treatments, deep cleanse, blemish clearance treatments; we’ve got it all. There’s even a Muslimah friendly facial treatment. Begin your journey for facial rejuvenation now.

Nails & Makeup Deals

Before you get your claws out, why not give them a good coat of polish. With these promos, you can glam up the way you want, be it the classic mani-pedi, or if you’re splurging on gelish manicures. Recline and relax in plush seats in these cosy salon, before you know it you’ll be out showing off some serious nail artistry.

Body Slimming Deals

Get the curves you’ve always wanted with these beauty treats for Body Slimming and body contouring. Some of them are non-invasive treatments or non-invasive procedure to boot. The body slimming treatments to get your desired body shape include Radio Frequency Slimming, Fat Freeze Therapy, and more. Say goodbye to love handles with these deals now!

Spa & Massage Deals

Massage your pandemic blues away, and unwind with these Spa & Massage deals. What better way to get a healthy dose of self-care than the signature treatments below, such as the therapeutic full body massage, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, bedrock spa therapy. Find tranquillity and take care of your wellbeing with the healing touch of skilled therapists now.

Fitness & Wellness Deals

Put your fitness first. Explore new ways to continue on your fitness journey with a wide array of wellness and fitness activities, from world-class fitness classes, to yoga therapy, to session with personal trainers. Be it if you’re joining the National Steps Challenge, or looking for new ways to move, reach your fitness goals with these special offers now!

Tropika Club Magazine and Tropika Club Deals

Tropika Club Magazine – Tropika Club Magazine is a Singapore-based publication that features articles on a wide range of topics with a focus on local businesses and content for the region. The magazine emphasizes supporting local businesses through its #SupportLocal initiative, which includes coverage of everything from neighborhood hawker stalls to aesthetic clinics in town. In addition to highlighting local businesses, Tropika Club Magazine also covers a variety of local content, including beauty, lifestyle, places, eats, and what’s on in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Tropika Club Deals – Tropika Club Deals is a leading online deals and voucher shopping site in Singapore, offering amazing discounts on beauty, wellness, and fitness products and services. It’s the perfect platform for customers who want to discover the best deals without having to commit to a specific appointment date and time. These deals are available at major beauty stores, facial salons, hair salons, and other brands in Singapore, with no minimum spend required. Choose from guaranteed discounted deals in the categories of hairstyling, hair removal, facial & aesthetics, body slimming, brows & lashes, nails & makeup, massage & spa or fitness & wellness. Tropika Club Deals is also ideal for customers who want to buy vouchers as gifts or to use for the future. So whether you’re looking to save money on your next haircut or want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage, Tropika Club Deals has got you covered with the best voucher and coupon deals in Singapore!


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