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National Pets Day – To Fur, With Love

Most of us think pet grooming is for our pets to look good, or that it’s expensive and time-consuming. Actually, grooming matters a lot to our pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing—more than we realise. After all, even a pet lizard needs grooming too. So, whether you’re a feline-fanatic or a canine-charmer, read on for Tropika Club’s take on this year’s National Pet Day.

What Pet Grooming Entails:

It’s more than just giving your pet a good wash down. Pet grooming is defined as ‘The practice of brushing and cleaning the coat of a horse, dog, or other animals.’ Nowadays, it encompasses trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, as well as their teeth. Some pet groomers could even help bathe your pet.

Why is Frequent Pet Grooming Important

While the frequency for pet grooming varies from animal to animal, pet grooming does wonders for your pet’s wellbeing too. It goes beyond making your pet look good and smell good. 

From the simple act of brushing, you’re helping to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff from your pet. Frequent pet grooming can help look out for infections, inflammation, lesions, lumps, rashes. Not to mention, it helps detect fleas, matted fur, and ticks as well. With that, you can prevent adverse health conditions from affecting your pet through pet grooming.

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Even trimming your pets can make a difference. Uncut nails could cause your pet to walk with its pads misaligned. This reduces their ability to freely move around and could lead to joint pain. Long nails could also trap germs, leading to infection.

What’s more, pet grooming can bring out the best in your pet—literally. As you shampoo and brush your beloved furkid, it stimulates the production of natural oils on your pet’s coat. That’s how proper grooming shows; the natural oils will leave your pet’s coat smooth, glossy and silky. And, once they look good, they feel good.

While there’ll always be articles and YouTube videos on pet grooming, it’s best to lend your trust to the experts too. Professional groomers know that grooming is more than just harmless fun. They are specifically trained to understand your pet’s behaviour, and they have the right tools for it too. That’s why we’re overjoyed to have Raku Inu, Petronize, and Puppercut support our efforts to increase awareness about the importance of pet grooming. Read on for their heartwarming messages about our furry friends and why pet grooming is so close to their hearts.

Heartfelt Messages for National Pets Day 2021


Message by Karen Soh, Founder of Petronize

Grooming your furkid is one of the best ways to build your trust with them. For my dogs and me, our relationship got closer each time I groom them. Now, they’re not that afraid of getting their nails clipped by me any more.

But as much as we want to groom our furkids ourselves, we might not have the best knowledge of keeping our pets’ furs neat and nails trimmed.

That’s why I love to teach & share the correct grooming methods with every pet owner that comes to my store. It’s actually my original purpose to set up Petronize. I wanted to educate and share knowledge with Pet owners on essential grooming care and pet nutrition.

Since I first started in 2010, every day I’m working hard to be a one-stop destination to find all your needs for your Furkids. Today, we offer pet services such as grooming, pet daycare, and pet cremation. Not to mention, we have over 2,000 premium pet essentials—and counting!

Free $35 Microbubble Spa for Full Grooming Services ($55 – $120)

Free $10 Toothbrushing for Basic Grooming Services ($35 – $90)

Free $22 Eyes Cleanser for Cat Full Grooming ($100 – $120)

Free $10 Litter Scooper for Cat Basic Grooming ($68 – $80)

Website: https://petronize.sg/


Tropika Club Deals

Raku Inu

Message by Takeru, Founder of Raku Inu

Grooming your dog is more than just giving your furkid a good once-over. It’ll do wonders in keeping your furkid in the pink of health. You’ll be able to find any suspicious bumps or lumps that’s hidden, or mats that could be causing discomfort or pain.

As fur parents ourselves, we understand that grooming can sometimes be traumatising for pets. That’s why here at Raku Inu, your pet’s psychological wellbeing and physical comfort is of the utmost importance. Rest assured, we will treat your pets like our very own and groom them with absolute love and care, letting your furkids leave a true RAKUINU (happy dog)!

10% OFF Mineral Mud Spa

We use only top quality mineral only found in volcanic regions. Combining this mineral with cutting edge nanotechnology enables the spa treatment to be extremely effective in cleaning your pet’s skin and coat as well as follicle maintenance.

Its toning action stimulates the skin by bringing fresh blood to damaged skin cells, revitalising its complexion, and tightening pores. This magical ingredient is marvellous for helping to clear skin problems and unwanted odour. Come, let your furkids indulge in this lavish spa treatment, only at Raku Inu!

Website: http://rakuinu.com.sg/


Wagging Tails N Playful Paws

Message by Calista Ariana, Founder of Wagging Tails N Playful Paws

Yes, being a paw parent myself, I learned that grooming helped my dogs and me to bond and build trust. They were so terrified of grooming. But now, they even fall asleep while being groomed sometimes. When they weren’t afraid of nail clipping any more, it made me so happy that they have so much confidence in me.

But I think we may be grooming less frequent than we might think otherwise. You may think twice a month is enough. But grooming should be done regularly. That prevents nail complications—especially infections, helps protect their paw pads, and helps them overcome their fear of grooming.

Some pets are afraid of grooming and get traumatised by improper grooming services. As paw parents ourselves, we treat all doggie as our own, making them feel comfortable showering them with lots of love and care as possible during grooming. So that both you and your pet will always have a great big smile!

$5 off All Basic & Full Grooming Services

Website: https://www.waggingtailsnplayfulpaws.com/


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