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Wellaholic Somerset Review

Beauty Business Review – Wellaholic Somerset

Wellaholic Somerset is the 6th Outlet to be Opened by Wellaholic

Wellaholic is an award-winning unisex aesthetic chain in Singapore, offering a variety of aesthetic services for both male and female customers, including laser hair removal, slimming treatments, technology facials, teeth whitening treatments as well as hair loss treatments. They are well-known in the market for their transparent pricing (yes, they publish all their prices online at their website), no hard-selling and excellent customer service. They opened their Somerset outlet in April 2022. The Tropika Club Team visited Wellaholic (Somerset) with social influencer Evon and is pleased to offer you an in-depth review of Wellaholic (Somerset). Read on to find out more~

About Wellaholic Somerset

Wellaholic (Somerset) is the 6th outlet of Wellaholic and is located within walking distance from Somerset MRT station, hence the branch name. Wellaholic (Somerset) has 4 spacious treatment rooms which are capable of providing all of Wellaholic’s aesthetic services and treatments. Wellaholic already has an established presence along Orchard Road, with Wellaholic (Orchard). Hence, with Wellaholic (Somerset), Wellaholic will have 2 possible treatment destinations for customers along the Orchard Road stretch, and the total number of rooms available will be a whopping 7 rooms!

Wellaholic (Somerset) is located at Cuppage Plaza and its full address is 5 Koek Road #03-21, Singapore 228796. It is open every day for business from 11am, with closing hours at 10pm during weekedays and 8pm during weekends. Wellaholic’s long operating hours makes it convenient for customers who are busy at work during the day and can only have their treatments done during weekday evenings (after work) or during weekends and public holidays.

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Evon’s First Visit to Wellaholic

For this review, we are happy to have Evon visit Wellaholic. As this was Evon’s first visit to Wellaholic, she was received by Nami, a beauty consultant with Wellaholic. As it was a Saturday morning, Wellaholic (Somerset) was quite packed with appointments, but we managed to get the first morning slot with Nami. As it was Evon’s first visit, Nami sat down with Evon at the waiting area, and went through the various treatment plans and packages with Evon. During the consultation, Nami also checked with Evon on her needs and requirements, and recommended what treatments might be most relevant to Evon’s beauty objectives. In this case, Evon wanted to try two possible treatment types: mainly for slimming and hair removal.

Hair Removal at Wellaholic Somerset

Evon started off first with the hair removal treatment. Nami recommended trying out Wellaholic’s signature hair removal treatment: WellaSmooth™ All-Inclusive Hair Removal.

WellaSmooth™ All-Inclusive Hair Removal is designed for an all-inclusive fuss-free full-body permanent hair removal experience with a 5-star rating. WellaSmooth™ All-Inclusive Hair Removal includes all-that-you-require shaving service, followed by SHR Unlimited Prestige hair removal which includes unlimited SHR shots for the entire body (including Brazilian/Boyzilian). Also included is Wellaholic’s Skin Whitening / Hydrating post-treatment therapy (PTT) followed by the AfterGlow Red Light therapy.

WellaSmooth™ All-Inclusive Hair Removal includes the following key hair removal services, at an affordable monthly fee:

  1. SHR Permanent Hair Removal PRESTIGE Unlimited – Enjoy our bestseller SHR hair reduction treatment for all body parts
  2. Unlimited Shaving Service – Enjoy unlimited shaving service on all body parts
  3. Skin Whitening/Hydrating (PTT) with AfterGlow – Enjoy post-treatment whitening or hydrating therapy followed by AfterGlow red-light treatment to rejuvenate your skin

Review: Of course, the WellaSmooth treatment required Evon to wear safety goggles (the photos shown above were demo photos), and there were some segments (such as shaving) where it was not appropriate to take any photos. Based on Evon’s review, the entire WellaSmooth hair removal process was comfortable and hassle-free. After putting on the safety goggles, she was able to relax while Nami proceeded with the shaving service. This was followed by the SHR hair removal treatment, and this ended off with the Skin Whitening treatment, which helps to prevent any hyperpigmentation which while rare, may result from the skin’s reaction the the harsh rays from the laser hair removal.

What’s amazing about WellaSmooth is that for a small fee of $319 per month (for a 12-month plan), customers are able to have unlimited shaving service, SHR hair removal for all body parts including brazilian (or boyzilian if you are male), as well as Skin Whitening or Skin Hydration after the SHR hair removal treatment. Evon remarked that this WellaSmooth package is likely the most cost-effective laser hair removal plan that’s available anywhere in Singapore. Of course, we cannot ascertain this, but it is certainly value-for-money.

Another point to note is that you can purchase a package from Wellaholic and utilise it at any of their outlets locations along MRT stations, along all major MRT lines. How’s that for convenience?

Slimming Treatments at Wellaholic Somerset

We were initially surprised when Evon wanted to try out some of Wellaholic’s slimming treatments. This is because Evon is already very slim and slender. After we checked-in with Evon, we then realised that she wanted to evaluate the treatments so that she can introduce them to her mom, who wanted the slimming treatments. Based on Evon’s requirements, Nami then went through the various slimming and body contouring treatments which are offered by Wellaholic.

Due to the different slimming treatments offered by Wellaholic, we have included their “Slimming Services Comparison” chart below. Mainly, this is what we learned from Nami:

  • WellaSculpt – WellaSculpt users radio frequency (bipolar RF) to heat the fat and cellulite in the body to tighten the skin and make it taut. This treatment is most ideal after fat freezing, as there may be an accumulation of loose skin.
  • WellaFreeze 360 and WellaFreeze – Both treatments uses cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting technology to fat and kill fat cells at low freezing temperatures. What’s amazing about this treatment is that you are able to shed between 14% to 35% of visible fat after each treatment, although it will take about 30 to 90 days for the results to show. WellaFreeze 360 uses an advance cooling technology with a 360 probe cup which covers a larger and more uniform area of fat and skin.
  • Ultrasonic Cavi 360 – This treatment uses high intensity ultrasound to break apart and burst fat cells. Apparently, the fat cells vibrate vigorously upon receiving ultrasound energy and goes through a cavitation process – meaning that the vibration causes the fat cells to burst. Sounds scary but based on Nami, there are many satisafied customers returning for regular Ultrasonic Cavi 360 treatments.
  • Laser Lipo 360 – This treatment uses cold lasers for body sculpting.  It removes small fat deposits. Like surgical liposuction, this procedure permanently removes fat cells from your body. It’s much less painful, though, and laser lipolysis recovery is also shorter and less complicated.

What Else We Liked about Wellaholic Somerset

All in all, Wellaholic Somerset is a visible extension of Wellaholic’s brand and repute. The environment and ambience, down to the layout and interior of the treatment rooms, reflects Wellaholic’s consistency across all its outlets. Nami and the consultants are knowledgeable and approachable, and was able to provide a degree of information on the treatments without causing any pressure on the customer to buy or sign up for any package.

From Evon’s point of view, what she liked most about Wellaholic are the following:

  • Convenience – Evon is able to buy a package and use it at any of the outlets. As Wellaholic is only closed 4 days a year, there are always slots for her to make bookings
  • Scientific Treatments at an Affordable Price – Evon likes the fact that Wellaholic’s treatments are backed by science, yet they are at a fraction of the cost of what is typically offered at a medical aesthetic centre.
  • Transparent Pricing and No Hard Selling – Evon noted that she is usually unable to find a full price list of treatments offered by any aesthetic centre. Hence, she was surprised to find all of Wellaholic’s prices published on their website. Also, there was no add-ons or hidden charges, making it a great experience for her as a customer.

More about Wellaholic

Wellaholic has a team of professionals who are passionate about beauty and aesthetics. They offer a range of aesthetic services, including technology facials, skin boosters, microneedling, permanent hair removalfat freeze, RF body sculpting, hair regrowth and teeth whitening.

Find out more about Wellaholic via this link.

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