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Singapore’s Premier On-Demand Booking Portal For Beauty, Wellness, And Fitness Is Here

Looking for your post-circuit breaker glo-up? Tropika Club is here to help. Launching today, Tropika Club is your #1 booking portal for beauty, wellness, and fitness services with discounts of up to 50% and, best of all, zero booking fees!

3500 service listings – and counting

Already, the one-stop beauty services platform and e-commerce platform has over 3,500 listings of beauty, wellness, and fitness offerings for both women and men, and has partnered with some of Singapore’s biggest players in beauty, wellness, and fitness including the Mary Chia Group, Avone Beauty, and many more. Covering the full gamut of self-care, beauty services available on Tropika Club include body hair removal; dance; eyebrow and lip embroidery; eyebrow threading; facial; fat freeze; fitness; haircuts and hair treatments; massage and spa; mole & wart removal; teeth whitening; Thermo Sculpting Therapy among others.

Now, you can find the best bang-for-buck deals for your next facial or spa session anytime on-demand at no extra cost! What’s more, you can read genuine customer reviews on Tropika Club, tied to the merchants’ official Google reviews, to help you decide on the best treatment for you.

Digitising the Beauty and Wellness industry

Louis Lye, founder of Tropika Club, said, “We created Tropika Club to bring greater pricing transparency and convenience to the local beauty, wellness, and fitness industry and to fill a gap in the market, which was calling out for a platform like Tropika Club that can connect individuals with service providers more seamlessly than ever before. Not only that, Tropika Club was also created to help with the digitalisation of local businesses and small enterprises in the beauty, wellness, and fitness industry, many of which are still traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and would otherwise remain unable to access the wealth of opportunities that digitalisation presents. As Singapore gradually reopens and navigates the new normal, we hope to be able to help meet the increased demand for beauty, services wellness services, and fitness services.”

Tropika Club also aims to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on local businesses in the beauty industry. The restrictions brought upon by COVID-19 have forced many businesses to digitalise rapidly, but many smaller companies have faced difficulties in adapting to this new mode of business and have struggled to reach digital audiences, and Tropika Club can help them overcome these challenges.

A true win-win for both Customers and Brands

Tropika Club isn’t your run-of-the-mill booking platform – it’s essentially a matchmaking service, matching individuals with curated selection of brands that best suit their location, needs, and preferences. Targeted at Singapore’s working professionals who place a premium on preferred value as well as convenience and efficiency, Tropika Club understands that amid the hustle and the daily grind, individuals don’t always have the luxury of time to sift through dozens of options just to find the right service for them when and where they want it. Its no-frills portal will empower individuals to easily find the best beauty, wellness, and fitness deals or discounted services from the nearby beauty salon or nail salon tailored to their needs, while allowing businesses to offer time-based promotions and instant booking capabilities, and reach a wider audience at a minimal cost.

Packed with nifty features that will maximise value for both individuals and brands, Tropika Club’s search-by-map feature will enable individuals to find their nearest nail salon or massage parlour, giving them instant on-demand access to discounted services in closest proximity to their current location. And by allowing businesses to offer time-based promotions, Tropika Club provides a win-win solution for both individuals, many of whom may be available during off-peak hours and may prefer the typically reduced prices of services at off-peak hours; as well as businesses, which can leverage Tropika Club’s platform to maximise revenue from off-peak slots, which often see less-than-optimal foot traffic and sales.

It also features a loyalty point system that rewards individuals who make bookings through the portal, giving them 1 Flamingo Point after a service or treatment has been completed. With this improved loyalty program, individuals can accumulate Flamingo Points and exchange them for credits, which can then be used for their next booking. Customers can claim their Flamingo Points after each completed treatment or service by simply clicking ‘Complete Service’ in a follow-up email that they will receive after their appointment. Tropika Club also understands that sometimes, life happens and you have to cancel a booking at the last minute. While other booking platforms may charge a non-refundable or cancellation fee, Tropika Club instead provides individuals with booking credits that can be used for future bookings in the event of a cancellation up to 4 hours before a confirmed booking. Tropika Club’s customer service team will also help provide assistance to customers requiring help. 

In addition, as part of Tropika Club’s commitment to maximising value not only for the individual but also for the service provider, the platform also features a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine that will make recommendations to businesses on the best or most optimal discounts and promotions to offer, based on an analysis of their business model, peak periods and objectives. Tropika Club also enables businesses to receive orders through automated email notifications with details of the customer’s particulars, treatment and appointment date/time, where they can connect, confirm and reschedule online bookings with customers, allowing for a truly seamless and efficient booking experience for customers and service providers alike.

A well-designed, intuitive and straightforward portal

For all its perks, Tropika Club’s simplicity and ease of use might be its best one yet. Simply:

  1. Type any relevant keyword for your desired beauty, wellness, or fitness service in Tropika Club’s search bar. The search bar will recommend a tailored range of service categories, locations, and brands for you to choose from, giving you the best fit for your needs. 
  2. At the search results, you can click on VIEW MAP on the right sidebar to access a map containing all of Tropika Club’s partner brands and their best discounts. You can easily filter by Region/Location, Service Category or Gender to find the best deals near you. Even better, you can also search by price range to find the most bang-for-buck deals for your budget!
  3. Enable location services to allow Tropika Club’s search-by-map feature to know your general location, then simply tap or click on Profile -> Near Me/Around Me to see a list of Tropika Club brands closest to your current location. When using Tropika Club’s map to search for the best deals near you, Tropika Club will produce a pop-up requesting permission to access your location, and if granted, a marker on the map will zero in on your location, showing you the best beauty, wellness, and fitness offerings in your area.
  4. Choose from the resulting list of available Service Providers and their various promos closest to you and make your booking.
  5. And you’re done! No fees, no fuss, plus you can cancel your booking up to 4 hours prior to your appointment  if you change your mind.

For a comprehensive guide on how to use the Tropika Club Platform, check out the Tropika Club Feature Guide and User Guide.

To top it off, Tropika Club also features ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ modes, which include a user interface (UI) tailored to each gender and allow an individual to receive a streamlined user experience tailored to him or her with one click. Tropika Club’s ‘For Him’ feature enables men who may be strangers to beauty and wellness to dip their toes into their budding beauty and wellness journey, providing a bespoke and uncluttered user experience to help them find the best beauty and wellness offerings for their needs. You can also head over to YouTube for a quick introduction to Tropika Club.

Click here to check out Tropika Club’s special launch promos, and make your booking by 31 August 2020 to enjoy these exclusive discounts across Tropika Club’s dazzling line-up! With the ability to book up to 90 days in advance, you’ll be able to enjoy Tropika Club’s discounted rates up until 30 November 2020. To book your first session with Tropika Club, head over to www.tropika.club.

About Tropika Club

Established by Louis Lye and friends in 2020 with the aim of bringing greater transparency in pricing to the beauty, wellness, and fitness industry, Tropika Club is an on-demand booking platform and a one-stop-shop for beauty, wellness, and fitness services in Singapore. Its partner brands span across hair styling, hair removal; facial & aesthetics; brows & lashes; nails & makeup; body slimming and weight management; massage & spa; and fitness services.

Designed to maximise value for both individuals and brands, Tropika Club offers individuals on-demand booking at highly discounted rates, while giving brands access to wider audiences at a minimal cost. With dedicated ‘For Her’ and ‘For Him’ features, Tropika Club offers each individual services and promotions tailored to his or her needs, ensuring a streamlined, uncluttered booking experience. Its search-by-map feature allows the individual to find beauty, wellness, and fitness promotions closest to them, anywhere in Singapore. Unlike many other booking platforms, Tropika Club has no booking fees. To top it off, Tropika Club also allows booking cancellation of up to 4 hours prior to an appointment, and in such an event, refunds the customer with booking credits of equivalent value that can be used for future bookings.

Tropika Club Magazine and Tropika Club Deals

Tropika Club Magazine – Tropika Club Magazine is a Singapore-based publication that features articles on a wide range of topics with a focus on local businesses and content for the region. The magazine emphasizes supporting local businesses through its #SupportLocal initiative, which includes coverage of everything from neighborhood hawker stalls to aesthetic clinics in town. In addition to highlighting local businesses, Tropika Club Magazine also covers a variety of local content, including beauty, lifestyle, places, eats, and what’s on in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Tropika Club Deals – Tropika Club Deals is a leading online deals and voucher shopping site in Singapore, offering amazing discounts on beauty, wellness, and fitness products and services. It’s the perfect platform for customers who want to discover the best deals without having to commit to a specific appointment date and time. These deals are available at major beauty stores, facial salons, hair salons, and other brands in Singapore, with no minimum spend required. Choose from guaranteed discounted deals in the categories of hairstyling, hair removal, facial & aesthetics, body slimming, brows & lashes, nails & makeup, massage & spa or fitness & wellness. Tropika Club Deals is also ideal for customers who want to buy vouchers as gifts or to use for the future. So whether you’re looking to save money on your next haircut or want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage, Tropika Club Deals has got you covered with the best voucher and coupon deals in Singapore!



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