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best and most affordable hair removal salons in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to the Best and Cheapest Hair Removal Salons in Singapore

Are you tired of constantly shaving, waxing, or tweezing unwanted hair? If so, we’ve got you covered! Introducing our comprehensive guide to the best and cheapest hair removal salons in Singapore. Our carefully curated list features top-notch establishments that offer effective, high-quality services without breaking the bank. So, whether you’re a busy professional, a budget-conscious student, or simply someone looking to achieve silky smooth skin, this ultimate guide has got you covered. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to a confident, hair-free you! Start exploring the finest and most wallet-friendly hair removal options in Singapore today.

 best and most affordable hair removal salons in Singapore

What is Permanent Hair Removal?

Woman giving laser treatment

When it comes to unwanted hair, many people seek a more permanent solution than shaving or waxing. Permanent hair removal is the process of getting rid of unwanted hair for an extended period or permanently. There are different methods for achieving permanent hair removal, such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light to destroy the hair follicles, preventing future hair growth. Electrolysis involves inserting a small needle into the hair follicle and using an electric current to destroy the hair root. IPL therapy also uses light to damage hair follicles and inhibit hair growth . While these methods can be effective, they may require multiple sessions for the best results and can be costly. It’s essential to consult with a dermatologist or licensed practitioner to determine the best method for your skin type and hair color.

How much does hair removal usually cost in Singapore?

Hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure that many people seek in Singapore. The cost of hair removal in Singapore can vary depending on various factors such as the type of treatment, the number of sessions required, and the size of the treatment area. Generally, the cost of hair removal in Singapore can range from SGD 80 to SGD 1000 per session, depending on the method used and the area being treated. For example, laser hair removal, which is a popular method, can cost around SGD 200 to SGD 500 per session, and several sessions may be required to achieve the desired results. It’s essential to do proper research and consult with a licensed practitioner to determine the best hair removal method for your skin type and budget.

The importance of affordable and effective hair removal options in Singapore

Hair removal is an important aspect of grooming for many people in Singapore. However, the cost of hair removal can be a deterrent for some, which is why affordable and effective hair removal options are essential. There are several hair removal methods available in Singapore, such as waxing, threading, and laser hair removal. Waxing and threading are affordable options but require frequent maintenance, while laser hair removal provides a more long-term solution. However, laser hair removal can be expensive, making it inaccessible for some individuals. It’s important to consider the cost and effectiveness of hair removal options before making a decision. Choosing the right hair removal method can not only save money but also provide a sense of confidence and comfort in one’s appearance. Therefore, having affordable and effective hair removal options is crucial for individuals in Singapore looking to maintain their grooming standards.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hair Removal Salon

Choosing the right hair removal salon is essential to ensure a safe and effective hair removal experience. There are several factors to consider when selecting a hair removal salon. Firstly, hygiene and cleanliness should be a top priority. The salon should use clean and sanitized tools and equipment to prevent the spread of infections. Secondly, the salon should have trained and experienced staff who can perform hair removal procedures correctly and safely. It’s important to inquire about the technician’s qualifications and experience before scheduling an appointment. Additionally, the salon should offer a range of hair removal methods to choose from, such as waxing, threading, and laser hair removal. This ensures that clients can select the method that suits their preferences and skin type. Lastly, the cost of the services offered should be reasonable and affordable. It’s important to research and compare prices before choosing a hair removal salon to avoid overspending. Considering these factors can help individuals make an informed decision when selecting a hair removal salon and ensure a positive hair removal experience.

1. Wellaholic

Introduction: Wellaholic is an award-winning aesthetic chain in Singapore, with eight locations conveniently located close to major MRT stations. With its award-winning hair removal treatment, Wellaholic uses the patented Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology which permanently targets and destroys the hair follicles using low, intense energy pulses. They are famous for their Unlimited SHR plans, which allows the customers treatments on unlimited body parts at an affordable monthly pricing. For customers that require shaving and post-treatment whitening or hydration, Wellaholic also offers WellaSmooth, an all-inclusive hair removal regime that includes unlimited shaving, hair removal treatments and post-treatment therapy. Besides hair removal treatments, Wellaholic also offer technology facials, body slimming treatments such as WellaFreeze Fat Freeze, hair regrowth treatments and teeth whitening treatments.

Details: Wellaholic publishes their price list online, though you can conveniently book via Tropika Club and get your member reward points. After booking for a treatment, you will start off with a free consultation with the therapist where she will check with you on your hair removal objectives. The treatment itself will take between 15 minutes for Underarms hair removal to as long as 120 minutes for a full body hair removal including Brazilian. If you require more time, you can always book another treatment for another day without the need to pay anything additional. Wellaholic has both male and female therapists to serve both male and female customers for hair removal treatments. Check out their bestseller $149 SHR underarms hair removal plan.

Wellaholic is famous for their Unlimited SHR plans, which allows the customers treatments on unlimited body parts at an affordable monthly pricing.

Listed Prices (As Published):

  • WellaSmooth (Full Body SHR + Full Shaving + Skin Whitening) – From $399/month
  • SHR Unlimited Prestige (Full Body SHR incl. Brazilian) – From $259/month
  • SHR Unlimited Deluxe (Full Body SHR) – From $209/month
  • SHR Brazilian/Boyzilian – From $149/session
  • SHR Underarms Unlimited – From $169/Year

Check them out at:

2. Qween

Introduction: In June 2017, Qween rolled out their royal carpet with the aim of creating an elite beauty grooming space in support of a vision of premium artisanship, quality, and reliability; a space that is fit to host the rising elite community of beauty queens who are increasingly discerning about eyelash extensions and eyebrow reconstruction. At Qween, they marry European science and Asian art, in a professional, intimate, and exclusive setting.

Listed Prices (As Published):

  • Bikini Line IPL – $240 for 6 sessions
  • Brazilian IPL – $600 for 6 sessions
  • Full Brazilian IPL – $800 for 6 sessions
  • Underarms IPL – $240 for 6 sessions
  • Full arms IPL – $780 for 6 sessions
  • Chest IPL – $600 for 6 sessions
  • Full Legs IPL – $1320 for 6 sessions

Check them out at:

  • International Building, #05-07, 360 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238869
  • Website

3. Musee Platinum Tokyo

Introduction: Musee Platinum Tokyo is a popular hair removal salon that originated in Japan and has since expanded to other parts of Asia, including Singapore. The salon specializes in permanent hair removal using a unique method known as the “Musee Technique.” This technique combines three different hair removal methods, namely, IPL, SHR, and a specific wavelength of laser to target hair follicles effectively. Musee Platinum Tokyo’s method is safe, painless, and provides long-lasting results. Additionally, the salon’s staff consists of trained professionals who provide personalized recommendations to clients based on their skin type and hair color. Musee Platinum Tokyo’s popularity can be attributed to its unique method, affordability, and effective results. For individuals looking for a permanent hair removal solution, Musee Platinum Tokyo is a great option to consider.

Check them out at:

Musee Platinum has over 190 outlets in Japan

4. Datsumo Labo

Introduction: Datsumo Labo is another Japanese-based hair removal salon chain with two outlets in Singapore. They are one of the cheap and good hair removal salons in Singapore being featured. They publish their prices openly on their website, and offer both ala-carte (Mini Areas $38 each, Classic Areas $68 each and Exclusive Areas $88 each) sessions as well as Monthly plans. For their monthly plans, you can opt for a Lite Monthly which is $99 per month and allows your treatments on any 3 areas from the Mini and Classic category. For the Standard Monthly package, you can have treatments on 8 areas from all categories. Please bear in mind that at Datsumo Labo, you will need to pay a fee of $5 if you request for specific therapists to attend to you. Also, your package is only tied to one outlet. If you wish to transfer branches, you will need to pay a transfer fee of $10 per transfer. Hence for Datsumo Labo, you need to watch out for these hidden costs as you will have to fork out more for additional convenience. Check out their Underarm

Listed Prices (As Published):

  • Mini Areas – $38 each
  • Classic Areas – $68 each
  • Exclusive Areas – $88 each

Check them out at:

For the Standard Monthly package, you can have treatments on 8 areas from all categories

5. Only Aesthetics

Introduction: Many salons and modern time clinics consider making money as the only thing important in business. Only Aesthetics, on the other hand, believe that giving their customers value for their money is more important. Helping them save more by giving them real albeit expensive FDA approved medical aesthetics treatments based on latest technologies at affordable prices that help patients save more in the long run. Only Aesthetics have both the IPL hair removal, with IPL for Underarms at $158 and IPL for Brazilian at $680. They also offer AureoLED Hair Removal treatments. Expect to pay $158 for their 1 year Underarms hair removal plan. 

Listed Prices (As Published):

  • SHR underarms – $98
  • SHR Brazilian – $288
  • SHR Boyzilian – $288
  • (Please note that the prices stated on website are trial prices)

Check them out at:

For the Standard Monthly package, you can have treatments on 8 areas from all categories

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