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Top 10 Best Mee Rebus In Singapore

Mee Rebus is one of the popular malay noodle dishes where you can find in Singapore and Malaysia. Normally it is served in yellow noodles with combination of sweet potato based gravy, garnished with a hard boiled egg, spring onions, bean sprouts, fried shallots, tau kwa (dried or fried beancurd) and enhanced with a generous squeeze of lime juice. Tropika Club aggregated rankings or “ranking of rankings” compared from the following sources to further ascertain the final rankings. This is further refined using the TripAdvisor rankings to decide between the position in case there is a tie. Read on to find out where are the Top 10 Best Mee Rebus in Singapore.

1.Yunos N Family

Introduction: Has been run the stall for nearly 4 decades, Yunos N family must really be experts at what they sell.They are famous for their Mee Rebus which is filled with a thick luscious gravy.

Offerings: There are four signature dishes on the menu, mee rebus ($3), mee soto ($3), gado-gado ($3.50) and satay ($0.60/stick).Their mee rebus is one of the best in Singapore. They served springy egg noodles which covered with thick gravy , spicy, sweet and savoury all at once and makes for very good comfort food.

Location: #01-01 Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Food Centre, 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, 560724

Contact: NIL


2.Inspirasi Stall

Introduction: Inspirasi Stall is located at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre. It serves malay cuisine and is well known for their Mee Rebus.Managed by second generation hawker Rashid Bin Amat, 55, and three of his siblings, the stall’s roots can be traced back to 1970 when Amat’s late father first arrived from Indonesia and came up with Inspirasi’s recipes to make a living.

Offerings: The stall focuses on four signature items which includes mee soto, mee rebus, soto ayam and chicken porridge.Order yourself a messy bowl of mee rebus with ($2.50) and dig into yellow noodles that are cooked just right ,doused in a rich yet well balanced gravy. Especially Sweet potatoes, tau cheo and ikan billis are the heroes of the dish.

Location: #01-11Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre 207 New Upper Changi Rd Singapore460209

Contact:  +65 6589 8494

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inspirasi-Stall/165770483473998

3.Rahim Muslim Food


Opened since the 1960s, the secret recipes for Rahim Muslim Food’s mouth watering dishes has been passed down through two generations. They have now recently been relocated to 721 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, beside Jubilee. This is their fifth relocation since they opened. This time round they are venturing into new neighbourhoods.Widely known for their special “Mee Rebus Power!”, it is no surprise that they have been featured in the Straits times since 1996 and winning awards from various television shows.

Offerings: The signature item at Rahim Muslim Food is their special Power Mee Rebus. This dish has been featured in The Straits times and winning awards from various television shows such as Makansutra and Makan Boomz.Their Mee Rebus ($3) comes with a whole ladle full of satay sauce atop the noodles. The thickness of the gravy is balanced with the nutty taste of the satay sauce, you can also add on super tender chicken meat with additional 80 cents, together with some green chilli and lime, this plate of power rebus is tasty and delicious.

Location: Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Coffeeshop, Singapore 560721

Contact:  +65 9786 7362

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Rahim-Muslim-Food-223792860986155/

4. Lina’s Cafe

Introduction: Muslim owned halal cafe aims to create a safe haven for families with ASD kids to dine in. They Served Traditional Mee Rebus & Halal bubble teas.

Offerings: The signature Mee Rebus, which comes at an extremely affordable price.The gravy was thick, rich and yet very smooth.A strong assam flavour permeated the gravy, while a pleasant sweetness balanced the tang of the assam, ensuring that it did not overpower the dish. Squeezing a lil’ bit of lime added a refreshing touch, which completed the dish.

Location: Lina’s Cafe, 7 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199074

Contact:  +65 91872094

Website: https://linas-cafe.business.site/#summary

5.Shi Xian

Introduction: Residing in Teck Ghee Food Centre, Shi Xian only sells mee siam and mee rebus .It was run by a Chinese couple for more than 40 years.For those who do not know, mee siam is thin rice vermicelli in sweet soup, while mee rebus is yellow noodles in gravy. They serve both with hard-boiled eggs, with or without chilli.

Offerings: They sell tasty mee siam and mee rebus at affordable prices of $2.50 and $3.00.There are additional surcharge for takeaways .The mee rebus was also very well executed. The luscious gravy complemented the smooth noodles well and the eggs went really well with the gravy as well.While the mee siam is an ensemble of sliced eggs, rice vermicelli, a delicious homemade stock, and a dollop of chilli. The rich stock coated the vermicelli really well.

Location: #01-24, Blk 409 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, 409 Ang Mo Kio Market & Food Centre, Singapore 560409

Contact:  +65 9780 6540

Website: https://www.facebook.com/shixian.sg/

6.Selamat Datang Warong Pak Sapari

Introduction: The secret to Selamat Datang Warong Pak Sapari’s nostalgic dishes are their thick, rich gravy. This concentrated concoction is cooked low and slow using a mixture of soybean, mutton, as well as rempah (spice paste), giving it its incredible, savoury sweet flavours that hit people from the very first mouthful.

Offerings: The price for mee rebus is $3.50 per plate which is reasonable as compared to other outlets.Mee Rebus is a Malay noodle dish in a sweet potato based gravy. The combination of sweetness and savoury flavours are deliciously enhanced with a generous squeeze of lime juice.

Location: #01-09 Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road, 289876

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Restaurant_Review-g294265-d7312273-Reviews-Warong_Pak_Sapari_Mee_Soto_Mee_Rebus-Singapore.html

7.P&Z Eating House

Introduction: P & Z famous MEE REBUS secret recipe still stays in the restaurant, along Geylang Road, since 1974. The recipe is passed down for three generations with whom the founder’s grandchildren runs the eating house today.Only at P & Z will people find the authentic taste of MEE REBUS and other SIGNATURE dishes that have tingle the tongues of many, for almost 4 decades.

Offerings: The mee rebus ($4 per plate ) with noodles that are cooked to perfection and aren’t soggy. The gravy is incredibly tasty, thick and full bodied and the addition of calamansi juice over top truly did wonders to bring it all together nicely.

Location: 135 Geylang Road, Singapore 389226

Contact:  +65 67411294

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PZEatingHouse

8.Makan Food Stall

Introduction: Makan Food Stall is a Halal certified and Muslim owned stall that offers a delightful dining experience with their menu featuring a variety of Malay cuisine at affordable prices. They carefully prepare each dish using only the best ingredients to make sure that the colour, flavour and texture are perfect to cater to every palate.

Offerings: The Makan food stall’s mee rebus, which was a hearty bowl of yellow noodles drenched in gravy. They were very generous with the amount of thick viscous gravy that they poured over the noodles. The sauce packed a small amount of heat, and its savouriness and sweetness were further enhanced by a squirt of black sauce.

Location: #01-17 Sembawang Hill Food Centre, 590 Upper Thomson Road, 574419

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.burpple.com/makan-food-stall

9.Warong Jogja

Introduction: Warong Jogja is located at circuit road hawker centre , it serves muslim cuisine and it is well known for their Mee Rebus.

Offerings: The gravy of mee rebus ($3) is a menacing shade of dark red, it won’t burn a hole in tongue. In fact, people will appreciate how beautifully flavoured and gratifyingly thick it is. The daring, however, can request for some spoonfuls of home made sambal chilli at their own risk.

Location: 79/79A Circuit Road, Singapore 370079

Contact:  NIL

Website: NIL

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10.Padi Emas

Introduction: A vibrant and well maintained coffee shop in Jurong East.Padi Emas houses more than one food stall selling mee rebus, although it’s the one at Nasi Ayam Culture that caught people attention and delighted more people taste buds.

Offerings: Those who like their broth thin and slightly more transparent will enjoy the Mee Rebus Ayam ($5) here, it’s a stark contrast from the stall’s popular Mee Satay Bangsawan which boasts a thick and sweet gravy. The inclusion of tender chicken pieces with crispy skin also makes the Mee Rebus here a filling meal.

Location: 214 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 600214

Contact:  +65 9838 0214

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PadiEmasHalalCoffeeHouse214/

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