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Top 10 Best Sanitary Pads in Singapore

The 10 Best Sanitary Pad in Singapore ensures that you don’t feel the dampness.

Sanitary pads can benefit you in many ways, first and foremost by directly helping in the management of menstrual hygiene. The pad has to be changed several times in 24 hours depending on whether menstrual flow is heavy or light. Menstrual pads are made from a range of materials, differing depending on style, country of origin, and brand. Although producers are generally reluctant to reveal the exact composition of their products, the main materials usually be bleached rayon (cellulose made from wood pulp), cotton and plastics. In addition, fragrance and antibacterial agents can be included. The plastic parts are the back sheet and polymer powder as an additional powerful absorbent (superabsorbent polymers) that turns into gel when moistened. The Tropika Club team has rounded up Top 10 Best Sanitary Pad in Singapore. Read on!

Sanitary Pads

1. Kotex Pads Herbal Super Overnight

Description: Based on laboratory testing conducted on 4 common bacteria species showing anti-bacterial effects on the layer. Not clinically proven to prevent infection.
– Up to 10 hours leakage protection- With natural extracts to help prevent growth of bad bacteria up to 99.9%^- 2X Anti-leak lines to trap leakage- 3X Side Flow guards for leakage protection all night long- Overnight rapid absorb core to lock away sudden heavy gushes overnight- Lightly scented with natural herbal extract

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $5.95 for 10 pads (41cm)

Where to Find: Watsons

2. Laurier Super Slimguard Light Flow Pads

Description: Amazingly absorbent yet comfortable and thin. The new Laurier Super Slim guard has exceptional absorbency, comfort and protection, all with 0.1cm ultra thinness. You are now free to pursue the activities you love and enjoy a good night’s sleep even during heavy flow days! Be fearless 24/7!
Super Slim guard Day 17cm offers better protection during light flow days than pantyliners.

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $6.45 for 24 pads (17cm)

Where to Find: Guardian

3. Laurier Safety Comfort Worry-Free Sleep (Wings) – Night

Description: The quick lock system’s suction-like power absorbs fluids 2 times faster and locks it within, even during heavy flow. Feel 5 times drier with 80% of blood reduced on the innovative cottony Quick Dry Mesh Surface. Fluids are locked within the centre core, reducing stuffy, uncomfortable feeling. No more worries about leakages, no matter how heavy the flow.

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $3.90 for 12 pads (35cm)

Where to Find: Fairprice

4. Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Overnight (Wings)

Description: Up to 3x Faster Absorption Honeycomb Liquid-Locker designed to rapidly lock away fluid and prevent back flow Ultra Comfort Cover delivering both dryness and softness, providing intimate skin care. Surround Lock Protection for additional security

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $5.95 for 12 pads (32cm)

Where to Find: Watsons

5. Whisper Wings Heavy Flow & Overnight (Wings)

Description: Experience Super Clean and Dry Whisper Protection with Whisper ® WINGS!
● Blue Lock Core – Instantly absorbs even large amounts of menses and locks it away from the surface● Circles of Protection – Deep channels that help prevent fluid leakage for all-sides leakage protection● Hug Wings – Help secure the pad in place for superior leakage protection● Dri-weave Top sheet – Absorbs fluid and helps prevent it from going back to the surface to keep you clean and dry● Long Length & Wider Back – For extra protection against front and back leaks

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $5.50 for 16 pads (28cm)

Where to Find: Watsons

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6. UUcare Cool Technology AntiBacterial – Ultra Slim

Description: Uucare adopt cool technology with breathable base to help you feel fresh and clean. Uucare antibacterial Sheet, inhibit bacterial growth effectively, great protection against bacterial lasting up to 12 hours, with a secure feeling. Uucare 3D weaving technology with pure cotton cover that makes you feel dry, clean and comfort protection. Provide a soft feel when you use it.

How to Use: For use at night

Pricing: $4.50 for 8 pads (320mm)

Where to Find: Watsons

7. Rael Organic Cotton Cover Overnight Sanitary Pads (Wings)

Description: Our best-selling Overnight Pads feature double wings adhesives to keep the pad in place and are made with natural, organic ingredients. Our Overnight Pads are designed to protect you from leakage while you toss and turn throughout the night.
For heavy to very heavy flow.

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $9.90 for 8 pads (32cm)

Where to Find: Shopee

8. UUcare Young Girl Antibacterial Sanitary Pads

Description: UUcare Young Girl Antibacterial sanitary pad has antibacterial properties on full surface of the pad, antibacterial eliminates against odour effectively for at least 12 hours, its adhesive is made of food grade glue so no chemical will invade your body. Fast absorption keeps you fresh and dry all day.

How to Use: Soft and Cottony surface keeps you fresh and comfortable all day. Full surface antibacterial neutralizes odors effectively and giving you more than 12 hours protection

Pricing: $2.95 for 12 pads (280mm)

Where to Find: Watsons

9. Sofy Body Fit Night Slim (Wings)

Description: New Butterfly Hip Guard for full back coverage to prevent back leakage. Soft raised center fits to body, for speedy absorption to prevent leakage no matter how you move.

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $3.95 for 8 pads (42cm)

Where to Find: Watsons

10. Elis Sanitary Pad With Wings

Description: elis Breathable Sanitary Pad
Breathable back sheet for comfortable wearing.Soft “Marshmallow-touch” surface is light and fluffy from the moment you put it on.Keep skin dry and comfortable even on heavy days. No worry of leakage – body conforming absorbent locks in fluid.

How to Use: N/A

Pricing: $4.36 for 22 pads (20.5cm)

Where to Find: Diapers

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