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Top 10 Best Restaurants in IMM Building

IMM Building is actually Singapore largest outlet mall. It houses 90 outlet stores, offering up to 80% discount all year round on brands like Calvin Klein, Club 21, City Chain, Coach, FILA, and more. It’s certainly not lacking in the food department either. You can find delicious food like zi char or white pepper crab at the Top 10 restaurants in IMM Building.

1. Hei Sushi


  • Conceived by the same Innovative Food People who brought Sakae Sushi to the world, Hei Sushi is proud to remain the first and only Halal Japanese belt sushi restaurant in Singapore. Hei Sushi Kiosk is the answer for everyone who loves healthy and tasty Japanese food on the go.


Location: IMM (Kiosk), 2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-K10 (Kiosk), Singapore 609601

Contact: (+65) 425 2383


Hei Sushi

2. Fu Lin Fried Yong Tofu


  • Fu Lin is synonymous with the freshest ingredients that make up the delectable dish – Yong tau foo. Over at Fu Lin, there is a wide selection of ingredients for you to choose from, served in soup, dry, or curry base.


Location: IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-47, Singapore 609601

Contact:  +65  6256 1013

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/fu-lin-fried-yong-tofu.html

Fu Lin Fried Yong Tofu | Singapore Local Delights | Food & Beverage | IMM  Building

3. Bali Thai


  • Staying true to its slogan, “Thairiffic meets Indolicious,” Bali Thai’s team had crafted an exquisite menu to bring out the best in Thai and Indonesian dishes in Singapore, delivering the perfect fusion of the two cuisines under one roof. Contrary to other fusion restaurants whereby cuisines are merged into completely new dishes, Bali Thai offers perennial food favourites from both Thai and Indonesian cultures, including the famous “Tauhu Telur”, “Combi Bakar”, “Pla Rad Prik” and more. Bestsellers also include rich-tasting Assam Curry Fish Head, palatable Seafood BBQ Platter, flavourful Pandan Leaf Chicken and many more! 
  • Apart from the single main courses found on the food menu, there is also a wide range of selection for group and family diners, ranging from appetisers to set meals, some of which include Thai Prawn and Fish Cakes, and 2-10 Pax set menus. 
  • With these mouth-watering and must-try dishes, in combination with being immersed in the cosy restaurant ambience, it is sure to leave you coming back for more! Come by any Bali Thai outlet in Singapore for a fusion feast today!


Location: IMM, 2 Jurong East St 21, #01-21, Singapore 609601

Contact: +65 6560 5660


Bali Thai Singapore - Home | Facebook

4. Haidilao Hot Pot


  • Haidilao was founded in 1994 and it began serving the worldwide popular Sichuan style Hot Pot, gathering various regional influences and tastes along the way. Watch the chefs knead their homemade noodles right at your booths and taste the freshness of the succulent noodles that are perfect with the hearty spice-infused broth. Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks while waiting for a table.


Location: IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03-01, Singapore 609601

Contact:  +65 6896 4111 / 6896 4222

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/hai-di-lao.html

HaiDiLao Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant Fights Coronavirus Discover Oishii  Japan -SAVOR JAPAN -Japanese Restaurant Guide-

5. Cafe O


  • Cafe O is a reinterpretation of the traditional Singapore coffee shops of days gone by. Embracing their unique cultural melting pot in our menu, enjoy your familiar Kopi-Siew-Tai, half-boiled eggs, Roti Prata, Nasi Briyani, and more in their traditional coffee shop on a 1950s Formica bench over a mosaic tiled floor.


  • Asian Cuisine
  • Coffee
  • Snacks & Finger Food
  • Prata

Location: IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-101, Singapore 609601

Contact:  +65 6899 1181

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/cafe-o.html

CAFE O (IMM) - 3 Reviews, Photos, Menu, Opening Hours

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6. Gong Yuan Ma La Tang


  • Gong Yuan Ma La Tang is a 100% locally owned brand that was established in 2017. To provide a unique Ma La cuisine experience while retaining the authenticity of the local fan-favorite dish. They offer drinkable Ma La soup bases that do not leave a greasy or overwhelming aftertaste. To ensure that, they constantly refine their soup bases through customer feedback as well as research and developments. 


  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Food & Beverage

Location: IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21 #02-52, Singapore 609601

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/gong-yuan-ma-la-tang.html

Gong Yuan Ma La Tang - Funan - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood SG>

7. Ajisen Ramen


  • Ajisen Ramen has been operating since 1968 and is popular for its flavourful Tonkotsu (pork bone) broth. First launched in Kumamoto, Japan, Ajisen Ramen currently has more than 700 restaurants located around the world, with 20 outlets in Singapore alone. They are the world’s largest Ramen Chain, famed as the “World Ramen” and aim to operate 1000 restaurants globally. 
  • The Tonkostsu soup in Ajisen Ramen is made with ingredients imported from Japan, and their ramen noodles are house-made, which, when briefly cooked, stay smooth and bouncy to taste. Not to mention, Ajisen Ramen’s Tonkotsu soup has anti-aging qualities due to the amount of collagen immersed in the soup. Collagen, a protein largely found in connective tissues, cartilage, and bone, makes up a significant percentage of the 60 trillion body cells and can be considered the essence of life. 
  • Ajisen Ramen does not neglect taste either, Kumamoto Ramen features Senmiyu; a brown sauce, accompanying the Tonkotsu soup, that has all its flavors expertly sealed into the sauce, assuring you will be hooked on their combination of Tonkotsu and Senmiya. So be prepared to be spoilt for choice with Ajisen Ramen’s extensive ramen variety when you visit any outlet in Singapore.


  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Sushi
  • Ramen

Location: IMM, Jurong East Street 21, #01-113, Singapore 609601

Contact:  +65 6564 5610

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/ajisen-ramen.html

Ajisen Ramen | Japanese Cuisine | Restaurant | Food & Beverage | Bedok Mall

8. Hainan Second Street


  • Hainan Second Street is the masterpiece of a group of Hainanese brothers aspiring to spread their love for heritage food to the Singaporean community. They have taken it upon themselves to share with Singaporeans delicious fare fine-tuned through generations of Hainanese culinary excellence. Combined with their authentic Hainanese setting, they endeavour to build a nostalgic environment – a place where people can gather and experience genuity. With time passing us by and traditions being forsaken, the best way to preserve their culture and keep to their roots is by staying true to the flavours and style of dining. Having an ethos to build a real sense of community and neighbourhood, Hainan Second Street will uphold a spirit of excellence in keeping the craft of their cooking genuine and gastronomical. 


Location: IMM, Jurong East Street 21, #02-38 to 38A, Singapore 609601

Contact:  +65 6970 5507

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/hainan-second-street.html

Hainan Second Street - Home | Facebook

9. Lake View Golden Seafood


  • Lakeview Golden Seafood offers traditional, time-tested seafood soup refined for the Singaporean tastebud. Many soup lovers dub it “an exquisite, heavenly experience”


Location: IMM, Jurong East Street 21, #01-K09, Singapore 609601

Contact:   +65 8500 6288

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/lake-view-goldenseafood.html

Lake View Golden Seafood | Singapore Local Delights | Restaurant | Food  Kiosk & Light Bites | Seafood | Food & Beverage | IMM Building

10. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant


  • Creators of the original Black Pepper Crab, Long Beach dishes up some of the best of Singapore’s signature.
  • In recent years, they have introduced exotic seafood from regions such as the South China Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Air-flown Live Alaskan King Crab, Air-flown Live Southern Australian Lobster, Australian King Crab, Geoduck, King Shell, Abalone Conch, Live Tiger Sea Mantis, Mouse Cowry, Masima Tellin Clam, Live Canadian Dungeness Crab, and Air Flown Live Scottish Wild Calappa Crab are some of the examples of exotic seafood that they offer it throughout the year.
  • Head down to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant for a seafood spread!


Location: IMM, Jurong East Street 21, #03-07, Singapore 609601

Contact:  +65 6566 9933

Website: https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/en/stores/long-beach-seafood-restaurant.html

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant: Chilli Crab by The Beach

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