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Top 15 Best Confinement Nanny Services in singapore

Top 13 Best Confinement Nanny Services in Singapore

The Best Confinement Nanny Services will rescue you and help you navigate the new normal. They can help manage your workload post-pregnancy. So you can focus on recovery, as well as caring for your newborn. Confinement nanny agencies understand how difficult it is when you have an infant or toddler at home, so they offer you a peace of mind with the best childcare services available.

1. TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency


TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency is a licenced Agency approved by Singapore MOM. (EA no. 17C9004). They ensure high-quality services at
reasonable prices. Their confinement nannies are all experienced & reliable.

The company also supplies foreign domestic worker from Indonesia, Philippine and Myanmar. The main objective is to help resolve the issues of working-class Singaporeans with their household chores. They act as a mediator between employers and foreign domestic workers to ensure a suitable match for both parties.

To cater the needs of one stop solution, the company also provide quality confinement herbal package, pre and post – natal massage and lactation consultancy services.


Their confinement nannies have 5 to 7 years’ experience. They are experienced, possess a good attitude and maintain a high level of hygiene to take care new-born babies and mummies during the postpartum period. They are proud to be the one to deliver quality services to you and they will continue to do so diligently. Parents can have peace of mind as all their nannies are legally approved by MOM with work permits for their assignments. They will match a nanny who will meet your needs to make your transition into motherhood smooth, easy and blissful.
Their confinement nanny packages are flexible from 14 to 28 days. Employers have the options of full-day or day-care confinement nannies !

Location: 623 Aljunied Road #02-01A, Industrial Aljunied Complex, Singapore 389835

Contact: +65 63371793

Website: https://tsmnanny.com/

2. STAR Confinement Nanny


No. 1 Confinement Nanny Service in Singapore
An Award-Winning Confinement Nanny Agency in Singapore! We specialised in providing well trained and reliable confinement nannies.


Guranteed Arrival of Confinement Nanny on the day of discharge. 2 FREE replacements guranteed. Work Permit and all relevant applications will handled by the agency.​

Nanny will prepare daily confinement tonics (TCM) accordingly to weekly confinement dietary condition and tonification.

Nanny will be on standby round the clock to help you take care of your little one – including feeding, burping, bathing, changing diapers and caring for newborn. She will also keep daily recordings of the milk feeds.

Location: 8G Yio Chu Kang Road, ICB Shopping Center S545522

Contact:  +65 9889 7985

Website: https://starconfinementnanny.com.sg/

3. Super Nanny Services – Confinement Nanny


At Super Nanny Services, their mission is to go above and beyond, to give their very best to their clients. Knowing that they’re making a real difference to you gives them much satisfaction. This is what truly makes them shine.

Their confinement nannies are from Singapore and Malaysia. They’ve Chinese and Malay Muslim Confinement Nannies who can speak either in English, Mandarin or Malay. They also have Japanese translator to help in the translation between Japanese family and their confinement nanny during confinement period.

Their confinement nannies are dedicated, with years of experience, and they have helped and advised many first-time Mothers as they go through the confinement period, bringing with them a special touch and personal care. The placement of their confinement nannies take into consideration your unique family needs so that Mother and Baby are assured of a delightful and rewarding experience.

With Super Nanny, you have the assurance and peace-of-mind, knowing that baby and yourself are receiving the best care. Super Nanny is all about providing the highest standards of service so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful and special experience of bonding with your newborn.


Mother & baby care

  • Meals – Preparation of healthy confinement dishes and tonic soups for mother. Vegetarian meal can be arranged.
  • Laundry – Washing of baby and mother’s clothes
  • Special baths – Preparation of special confinement herbal bath for mother (if requested).
  • 9 hrs (Day) or 24-hour care of baby (day & night) to ensure complete rest for mother.
  • Guidance and support for mother on newborn care procedures and mother care. Nanny will share her experience with mother, highlighting all the do’s and don’t’s of proper care and nourishment during the confinement period for better recovery of strength and health but it is the mother who decides on how she prefers things to be done.
  • Guidance and support for mother if she chooses to breastfeed.

Support services

  • Preparation of dinner for Daddy
  • Laundry for Daddy, upon request, if you do not have a maid
  • Assistance with grocery shopping, if required.
  • Laundry and cooking for the rest of family members can be arranged if required.

Basic house care

  • Clearing up of utensils after meals.
  • Sweeping and mopping of the floor twice a week.
  • Simple toilet cleaning

Location: Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238884

Contact: +65 9751 1415

Website: http://www.supernannyservices.com.sg/


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4. Josian Services – Confinement Nanny Agency


Josian Services has been offering Confinement Nanny Services for many years since 2008.

Being mother ourselves, they find that it is important to find someone experienced to take care of newborn and cook nourishing food to recuperate their body after childbirth. Their nannies love babies and they have at least 4 years of baby care experience and have good knowledge of preparing confinement food and they are very pro-breastfeeding.

At ConfinementNanny.com, they strive to provide their mommies with the best possible confinement care in the market. They pride themselves for being able to deliver quality services to great customers like you and will continue to do so diligently. They are able to match their nannies closest to your household requirements. This minimizes the need for a replacement nanny due to a mismatch.

Their agency is M.O.M. Licenced (Licence No. 09C3088). Parents like you will have a peace of mind as all their nannies are issued with a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) by M.O.M. for their assignments.

They are very blessed and humbled that as the years goes by, they see more parents using their services for more than one time and having more referrals from satisfied parents. This motivates them to do better for parents out there.


1) Day-Time (Part-Time) Confinement Nannies (9am to 6pm)

Daily duties :

  • Confinement cooking for mommy
  • Do Marketing (if required)
  • Laundry for the mother & newborn
  • Do basic housework such as sweeping & moping the floor and cleaning up of kitchen
  • Provide general baby care

2) Live-In Confinement Nannies

Daily duties :

  • Confinement cooking for mommy
  • Do Marketing (if required)
  • Laundry for the mother & newborn
  • Do basic housework such as sweeping & moping the floor and cleaning up of kitchen
  • Provide 24 hrs general baby care – to ensure complete rest for mummy

Location: Josian Services, 147A Selegie Rd, Singapore 188313

Contact: +65 9746 1883

Website: https://www.confinementnanny.com/


5. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Introduction: PEM Confinement Nanny Agency was established in 1987 and has been in the industry for 30 years. They strive to provide mummies with the utmost confinement care in Singapore at an affordable price. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is the largest confinement nanny agency in Singapore with over 400 nannies and is the first to be licensed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM).


  1. Confinement Herbal Tonics
    • Nanny will prepare and brew herbal tonics and red dates tea for mother.
  2. Laundry for Mother & Baby
    1. Nanny will do the laundry, including washing, hanging and folding the clothes. (Only baby’s clothes will be handwash)
  3. Confinement Bath
    1. Nanny will prepare confinement bathing herbs for the mother to wash up.
  4. Breastfeeding Guidance
    1. Nanny will assist the mother in breastfeeding by providing guidance and help in nursing for your newborn.
  5. 24 Hours Baby Care
    1. Nanny will provide attention and care for your newborn including feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, updating baby’s daily log and night feeding.
  6. Confinement Food
    1. Nanny will prepare confinement meals for the mother and will do a basic cleaning of the kitchen after meals.
  7. Domestic Chores
    1. Nanny will help in sweeping and mopping the floor up to twice a week.
  8. Provide Guidance and Advice
    1. Nanny will provide tips and knowledge on baby care for mother.

Location: 167 Woodlands Street 11 #02-23 S730167

Contact: +65 6293 9249

Website: https://pemconfinement.com/

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6. NannySOS Confinement Nanny Agency

Introduction: NannySOS is a professional confinement nanny agency in Singapore established since 2011. Registered and approved by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to help facilitate the employment such as applying confinement nanny work permit for Malaysian confinement nanny. NannySOS confinement nanny agency provides confinement nanny services to help mothers with full recovery after childbirth and taking good care of the baby. Parents can consider 24 hr stay in nanny or day time confinement nanny if spare room is not available. After the baby’s full month celebration, working parents can engage babysitting services part time or daytime basis from NannySOS confinement nanny agency where you can have a choice of babysitting at your own home or at babysitter’s home.


  • Confinement Nanny Services
    • Day Time
    • For Twins
    • Food Catering

Location: 2 Venture Drive, #07-27, Singapore 608526

Contact:  +65 68172479

Website: https://www.nannysos.com.sg/

7. Gladys Care 1987


Gladys Care 1987 started as a one-man confinement nanny who is also a mother of 7 children. Her attentive love and care for mothers and newborn babies spreaded through word-of-mouth and demand for confinement services were found.

They are the 2nd generation nannies with experience, dedicated passion, and love, continuing to serve and meet the needs of new mothers and newborn babies. They are here to provide a joyous and peaceful post-natal recovery at your doorstep, ensuring that during the confinement recuperating period, mummies can focus on regaining their health and strength with their utmost care.


  1. Prenatal period – Mummy’s pregnancy week
  2. Postnatal period – Mummies who just delivered
  3. Babysitter – Mummy back to workforce period

Location: Bukit Merah View, Singapore 150129

Contact: +65 8318 1949

Website: https://www.nanny.sg/


8. Baby’s Whisperer


They are a licensed Singapore confinement nanny agency EA18C9090 approved by Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

They specialised in providing quality confinement nannies to post-natal mothers. Their confinement nannies are the modern confinement nannies who are equipped with on average more than 5 to 7-years of skills and experiences in baby care.

As such, they are excellent in doing both traditional and modern confinement practices for post-natal moms and caring for newborns. They are a Pro-Breastfeeding Confinement Agency. During training, our confinement nannies are taught how to advise on the various breast-feeding methods to the new mothers. These includes on proper latching methods as well as various breastfeeding positions. Their strict selection of confinement ladies are also based on those with good attitudes, high level of hygiene, good knowledge on confinement diets and given the approval by mothers like you, who would gladly employ their services again.

They strongly believe in providing good quality nannies services to their clients and always listening to their client’s needs and requirements so they match nannies exclusively according to client’s requirements. They have included a Free Replacement Policy so to put their clients in the peace of mind while a nanny replacement is required under unforeseen circumstances.

All their confinement nannies must have a valid work permit to work in Singapore under Singapore’s law and regulations.


  • 24 hours Baby Care
  • Pro Breastfeeding
  • Work Permit Application
  • Brewing of TCM Herbs
  • Preparation of Confinement Food
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Simple Household Chores
  • Laundry for Mother & Baby
  • Preparation of Confinement Bath

Location: 467B Fernvale Link #13-521 Singapore, Singapore 792467

Contact: +65 8816 9013

Website: https://www.babyswhisperer.com/


9. Confinement Angels

Introduction: Confinement Angels is Singapore’s leading confinement nanny agency. Their mission is to provide Peace of Mind to parents by applying a comprehensive and modern confinement nanny training syllabus of the highest standards in baby care, baby hygiene and baby safety SOPs. They are a professional confinement lady agency that aims to take care of every aspect of your confinement with our team of trained confinement nannies.


  • Baby Care Round the Clock Support
  • Confinement Herbal Tonics
  • Laundry for Mother & Baby
  • Confinement Food
  • Confinement Bath
  • Domestic Chores
  • Pro Breastfeeding
  • Provide Guidance and Advice

Location: 29 Tai Seng Avenue, #07-16, Singapore 534119

Contact: +65 8828 8415 / 8822 9131

Website: https://confinementangels.com.sg/

10. Just Us


JUST US CHILDCARE & ELDERCARE SERVICES formerly known as Maranatha, is Singapore’s longest established thriving nanny agency since 2000 when there were just a handful of nanny agencies in Singapore. They are a licence agency with the Ministry of Manpower Singapore providing outsourcing services and placement of staffs. Majority of their clients are gained through recommendations.

Operating with the same consultants for over 20 years, they work very differently as compared to other agencies making their services unique and offering flexible solutions. They support and value ethics of old and adapted to new generation of families, nannies & elder care providers.

They know that choosing the right person is often a difficult and time-consuming task. As part of their service and commitment to you, they ensure that all their candidates are personally interviewed by their recruitment experts so that they only introduce you the best candidates who closely fit your specific job specification. Personal interviews with the short listed candidates will be arranged at your residences and followed by TRIAL SESSIONS, as they want both parties to be 100% happy with the placement to ensure a successful match.

They provide the full end to end service-from finding a nanny or eldercare provider to helping you draft contracts, process payroll & ongoing relationship management for Parents, Companies & Care Providers so to help you enjoy the best possible working relationship.


● Day Care Nanny / Day Nurse

● Night Care Nanny / Night Nurse

● Preschool Teacher

● Babysitter / Hotel Babysitter

● Mother’s Helper

● Overnight Nanny

Location: 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’posh Bizhub, #03-05 Singapore, Singapore 768160

Contact: +65 6299 4993

Website: https://justus.com.sg/


11. Nanny Saro


Nanny Sarojini d/o Lakshmanan (“Saro”) worked for nine and a half years at Gleneagles Hospital in the ICU, Maternity and Neonatal Ward before caring for families in their homes all over Singapore since 2010.

Service: As a nanny her responsibilities are mainly childcare related duties such as taking care of new born babies, bathing, feeding and helping mum with breast feeding.

Location: N/A

Contact: +65 9487 6646

Website: http://www.nannysaro.com/


12. New Life Confinement Nanny


NewLife was established in 2016, our mission is to provide utmost confinement care services
to postpartum mummy and new-born baby.


Service: Confinement Center, Nanny to Home Service,
Confinement Herbals, Postnatal Massage and Lactation consultation.

Location: AMK 3 Ang Mo Kio St 62 #03-16, Singapore 569139

Contact: +65 6352 0955, +65 91738162

Website: https://www.nlconfinementnanny.com.sg/

13. Thomson Parentcraft Centre

Discover the best in Maternity Essentials and Baby Care products & services including the award-winning Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery and Childbirth Education Course.


    • Nutrition
    • Pre & Post Natal Exercise
    • Pain Relief and Labour
    • Normal delivery/ Caesarean section
    • Feeding and Baby Care
    • Pain Relief & Labour
    • Baby Care
    • Baby Bath
    • Feeding/ Breastfeeding

Location: 339 Thomson Road #01-06 Singapore, Singapore 307677

Contact: +65 6350 8848

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thomsonbaby.sg/

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