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Best Wallpaper Suppliers in Singapore

Top 15 Wallpaper Suppliers in Singapore

Let the Best Wallpaper Suppliers in Singapore provide you with stunning wallpaper designs to let your house become a home. These wallpaper suppliers have a wide range of quality-made wallpapers, all at affordable rates. Let their extensive collection of wallpapers punch up your interior décor, whether you’re looking for non-woven wallpapers or solid sheet vinyl wallpaper. The best wallpaper supplier can help you choose from an array of colours and patterns that will perfectly match any room’s theme. If you want something different from what is available on the market today, some of them even produce custom made wallpapers! You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to get customised wallpapers printed here. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for contemporary wallpapers or traditional ones; they will surely find the perfect design for you.

1. WallSG


WallSG Pte. Ltd. is established in Singapore providing a one-stop solution for wallpaper in Singapore. They are a humble team of Singapore wallpaper specialists that are passionate in decorating your residential and commercial places. They are determined to provide their best service and quality craftsmanship to their clients to achieve their design. Their success is not only due to the quality of their work, it is down to the attitude, their approach, and the way they communicate with their clients. The usage of Korean wallpaper in Singapore is increasing in households and office which are overtaking the norm of using paint to decorate the interior visual effect. WallSG aim is to bring in quality and a wide range of designs for their client to explore wallpapers for walls.


Location: #05-02 , 1 Genting Lane, Singapore 349544 

Contact: +65 9328 2157

Website: https://wall.sg/


2. Wallhub


Singapore’s leading and established Wallpaper company, Wallhub houses an extensive range of over 10,000+ embellishing wallpaper designs from international design houses (Europe, Korea, Japan, and the USA) and on-trend in-house custom collections, you’ll be spoilt for choice to pick out the one to set the tone for your home. Together with their KASTONE® Brick/Stone veneers and STRATO® Textured Paint from Suzuka® Global, Wallhub is the sole Singapore distributor of this premium product series accredited with Singapore Green Label. Apart from their core specialization in Wallpaper, they provide the most comprehensive range of wall-covering products in Singapore: At Wallhub, they provide unparalleled furnishings and complete solutions to wallpaper in Singapore, meeting the needs and lifestyle of every home and commercial consumers using the space. The beauty of wallpaper lies in the flexibility of customization. They provide full customization services for their Custom Mural wallpapers to help in better visualization. They take pride in what they do and aim to provide the best service quality and craftsmanship for your home. Their showroom galleries offer professional service by their sales consultants and the largest range of products for viewing and selection. They have a strong team of experienced in-house installers of skilled workmanship, providing you with assurance and a warranty of up to 2 years. It is their mission to provide each and every client peace of mind and hassle-free experience, giving the most important spaces in their lives a makeover, making it aesthetically pleasing through Wallhub’s comprehensive wall-covering products and their one-stop services.


Location: Multiple locations

Contact: Multiple contacts

Website: https://www.wallhub.com.sg/

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3. Royal Builders


They are specialized in Wallpaper and Wall Murals for Residential homes as well as commercials.

They offer various services in line with Home Decor besides wallpaper & wall murals, They also supply Persian Carpets, Turkish Lamps, Blinds, and Curtains.

With an increasing number of contemporary designs along with traditional patterns, they have now a wide choice of embellishing designs that can be fitted with modern surroundings as much as accompanying with the borders and friezes from Korea, UK, and Japan.

Apart from that, they are also providing a service called In-Home Shopping where their Sales Representatives will be sent to your place for a complimentary viewing of their wallpaper collections and quotations will be given under no obligations.

At Royal Builders, their core value is to provide the best service quality and craftsmanship to all their client’s expectations for their home.


  • Wallpaper
  • Wall Murals
  • Persian Carpets
  • Turkish Carpets
  • Turkish Lamps
  • Blinds
  • Curtains

Location: 116 Lavender Street, #01-05 Singapore 338730

Contact: +65 8783 1234 

Website: https://royalbuilders.com.sg/

4. The Wall Story


The Wall Story Pte Ltd plays a prominent role as Singapore’s leading wallpaper specialist retail chain with a wide range of over 3,000 varieties of wallpaper. At The Wall Story Pte Ltd, they help you transform your home into a piece of art, a talking point, and a story of your own creation.

They believe in giving their customers a great selection of concepts and good quality workmanship to transform your experience into your own Wall Story. Every Wall Story is a manifesto of your expression of life.


Location: 756 Upper Serangoon Rd,#02-13A Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626

Contact: +65 8868 8636 | +65 6744 4577

Website: https://www.thewallstory.com.sg/


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In the year 2019, Fill APAC Pte Ltd was founded and HONPO was launched which marks their wish to bring Hamamoto’s burning passion for wallpapers to other parts of the world. Here at HONPO they aim to change the people’s perspective of wallpapers, as people in the SEA region are still more used to using paints as a means to decorate their walls. While paints are relatively hassle-free, there is no replacing how wallpapers can bring about more variety and inspiration to your everyday life. You can’t replicate murals, wood grains, concrete texture, damask, marble patterns, etc with paint, and wallpaper encompasses everything from there. It’s the perfect form of art to be placed on one’s wall. Here at HONPO, their dream is to spread the culture that “wallpapers are fun” across the globe. Don’t you agree that life is more fun when there’s something new to learn, with the new challenges you have to face? First, you choose from a myriad of wallpapers that you like and learn how to install them yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you will start to enjoy the culture of changing the appearance of the space around you with your own hands according to your mood and vibes at the time. Be your own craftsman and get your house decorated in your most desirable form!


Location: Multiple locations

Contact: Multiple contacts

Website: https://honpo.com.sg/

6. Homelovers Wallpaper Centre


They offer you an innovative and refreshing approach to home decoration, giving you a wide variety of beautiful design and high-quality wallpapers, and home decorative products like blinds and curtains. They source their wallpaper designs from all over the world, importing premium wallpaper from famous brands in Korea, Europe, and Japan. Their passionate product specialists in their local studio are always at hand to discuss and advise you on your needs and offer tailored-made decorating solutions for your selection. They inspire you to create and transform your living or workspace that is unique to you and reflects your personality; ultimately a beautiful home or workspace you can be proud of. From the minimalist to the modern chic, to the grandiose and the unique – come dive into a world of artistic possibilities that open up your creativity and enjoy your own refreshing living or workspace. They at Homelovers aspired to give their discerning customers a lovely home.


Location: 2 Kallang Pudding Road #04-13, Mactech Building, Singapore 349307

Contact: +65 6294 5411

Website: https://www.homelovers.com.sg/


7. Craft Axis


With over 10 years of experience in the Singapore wallpaper and interior furnishings industry, and a vast portfolio of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors, they know what it takes to create beautiful, functional spaces on time and within budget. Their wallpapers are meticulously sourced from Europe, the U.S., Japan, and Korea to encompass the most stylish designs in each region. They guarantee they’ll meet your high standards of quality, functionality, safety, and reliability — regardless of price. Their wallpapers are sourced from top design houses, giving you plenty of choice and creativity when sprucing up your space. Find geometric, floral, marble, minimalist wallpaper designs, and more.


Location: 10 Ubi Crescent, Lobby D, #01-66, Ubi Techpark, Singapore 408564

Contact: +65 6850 5035

Website: http://www.craftaxis.com.sg/

8. LayerPlay


Started in 2015 by one of Singapore’s leading fine art printing houses. They’ve grown leaps and bounds year after year starting from working with international artists to curating Artist Wallpapers, to empowering local and regional artists through the curating of their artwork within their products. They work with over 100 international artists to draw, paint, print, sketch and experiment every day to create the best design for you. All their artists collections are carefully curated so that you always have the perfect number of options to choose from to achieve the current interior trends. Digital print means that their colours are incredibly vibrant and offer a high definition finish. Digital print also means that anything is possible and they can push the boundaries of designs for your home To guarantee the highest quality standards, everything they create comes from their HQ in Singapore.


Location: 61 Tai Seng Avenue #05-02/03/04, Print Media Hub @ Paya Lebar iPark, Singapore 534167

Contact: +65 6858 8324

Website: https://layerplay.com/

9. WallUp


Good wallpaper can really help to make your home pop. So here at WallUp, THEY believe that wallpaper installation is important work. A proud family business, they love their work, having been in the Korean Wallpaper business for over 20 years. Every aspect of WallUp is run by a trusted family member, be it consultation, customer service, or wallpaper installation.

Take a seat, they at WallUp are ready to help you with your wallpaper journey. Their consultation agents are well versed in the latest Korean Wallpaper styles and are more than happy to assist you in the important design choosing process. Pick your favorite from their wide variety of premium Korean wallpaper designs. They’ll also advise you on the amount, as well as what works best for the walls of your home. Installations are done by their trusty family handymen, who are ready to treat your house with as much care as their own.


Location: 23 New Industrial Road #04-07, Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209

Contact: +65 9697 2057

Website: https://www.wallup.com.sg/

10. WallAffairs


Wallaffairs specializes in wallpapers, murals and 3D panels with the largest collection of wallcoverings in Singapore (over 8,000 wallpaper designs and 20 million of wall murals). Wallaffairs is the first wallpaper supplier in Singapore to provide an eShop in the selection of wallpapers and murals much easier than just visiting a wallpaper shop in Singapore.


Location: 65 Ubi Cres, Singapore 408559

Contact: +65 9790 2744

Website: http://www.wallaffairs.com.sg/


11. Decordinary


Decordinary was founded with a goal to provide to their customers out-of-the-ordinary home decorations and furniture sourced globally within the comforts of their home.

Their customer is a creative-minded individual, who wants her/his home to reflect their unique self, not the masses. They like to portray Decordinary as a portal of discovery, a place where the curation of a home begins.

Their product range consists of home furniture, decor, and gifts. Catering to the lifestyle of their muses: boho chic; soft & delicate; and easy cool.


Location: 32 Kallang Pudding Road #06-05 Elite Industrial Building I Singapore 349313

Contact: +65 6848 6686

Website: https://www.decordinary.com/

12. Maxim Wallcoverings


At Maxim Homes, they offer an interesting array of luxurious interior furnishing products and services for both commercial and domestic use. Having anchored their distribution network in Malaysia and Singapore, they have become one of the strong brand leaders in the industry. Their market presence has also been extended globally to other countries round the world. With their strong following of satisfied and loyal customers, Maxim Homes is fast being recognized as an international icon in interior furnishings.

Maxim Homes is renowned for its varied and exclusive range of quality wall coverings and mural arts, its flagship products They come in patterned, textured and 3-D designs of luscious colors and hues to match every conceivable concept and theme. Be it timeless classic, modern contemporary, cool minimalist or light and random enthusiasts, there are ample picks. With Maxim wallcoverings, you can expect a total transformation to your interiors, adding character, depth and dimension.


Location: Maxim Wallcoverings Pte Ltd, 5 Ubi Link #03-00, Alltrust International Building Singapore 408548

Contact: +65 6745 9203 | +65 6684 0718 | +65 6570 8469 | +65 6659 4984

Website: http://www.maxim-homes.com/


13. AM Furnishing


AMF started in 2015 with a sole vision of embracing and enhancing spaces aesthetics where people work, live, and play.

The forte of supplying & distributing wallcoverings, fabrics, and acoustical products had always been pivotal and paramount when their partners and clients chooses to collaborate with AMF. From all types of facilities i.e. Commercial space, Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Educational Institutions, their experienced installation teams had always managed to bring up the notches in workmanship and detailing. Through their dynamic multi-talent team of AMF, they have built a sterling reputation of reliability and efficiency.

AMF envision for the next decade will still be the continual provision of uncompromising cutting edge designs and quality soft furnishings for their clients, partners, and supply chains across the planet.

The never-ending quenches for only the best had been largely driven by the impetus of the directors. They have been the lynchpin of growth locally and abroad which leads to AMF making inroads to the vast market of China. The foray of booming online sales had enabled AMF to strategically connect to the target audiences in new markets and as well as consumers around the globe.


Location: 110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #05-03, Victory Centre, Singapore 388410

Contact: +65 6385 3644

Website: http://fabric-wallcovering.com/index.html


14. Home Edition


HomeEdition offers instant and creative ways to decorate your walls, home and office interiors a new look. They have a very wide range of the latest styles and designs offering good value and attractive prices to the interior designers, architects, hotel and office developers, government organisations, contractors and house owners. There are thousands of wall covering or wallpaper designed with themes that match your style, passion or hobby. The cost of their Wallpaper has gradually reduced over the years with mass production and the pricing has become much more competitive and affordable. At times it could be more economical when compare with paint. The recently produced the Wallpapers can last up to seven and even ten years. Moreover, today’s wallpaper for home or office is washable and they do not cost expensive treatment or maintenance.


  • 2020 New Arrial
  • Children | Cartoon
  • Natural | Scenery
  • Fashion | Ancient
  • Flowers | Pattern
  • European Style
  • Chinese Style
  • Personal Custom

Location: Multiple locations

Contact: Multiple contacts

Website: https://www.homewd.com/


15. SGWallArt


SGWallArt print Personalised Wall mural, wallpaper, portrait canvas and many other wall arts at an incredible price and product range. Their product is Safe for Children and Certified for School and Hospital.


  • Damask Custom Print Wallpaper
  • Rainbow Vinyl
  • Customisable Mono Color Pop Canvas

Location: 31 Woodlands CloseHorizon@WoodlandsSingapore 737855

Contact: +65 6908 0976

Website: https://sgwallart.business.site/


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