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Top Best Rock Climbing and Bouldering Places in Singapore

Top 16 Best Rock Climbing and Bouldering Places in Singapore

Just don’t look down. These Top Best Rock Climbing and Bouldering Places in Singapore will give you the right challenge for top-rope climbing, whether you’re one of the experienced climbers or not. If you’re looking for convenience, you can always try the bouldering walls of indoor rock climbing places in Singapore, such as Kallang Wave Mall, Tampines Mall, Funan Mall, SingPost Centre, where each of them has distinctive climbing routes for new and seasoned and climbers alike. Some of the indoor bouldering gym also offer climbing classes for basic climbing techniques too. Take a crack at the top rope wall yourself with the Top Best Rock Climbing and Bouldering Places in Singapore.

1. Climb Central Singapore

About Company: At Climb Central, they believe that climbing is for everyone. They offer a unique experience with easy-to-use safety set-ups for anyone to walk in and climb anytime they are open! You don’t need prior experience to scale the walls at Climb Central, the tallest indoor air-conditioned rock face in Singapore. Advance climbing safety systems are in place to ensure even the most inexperienced of climbers (as long as you’re above the age of five) can clamber to new heights – there are 45 climbing lanes and 4-metre-high bouldering walls – in a safe and controlled environment.

Pricing: Price list | Membership

Contact: +65 6702 7972 (Kallang Wave Mall) | +65 6353 6885 (Novena Square) | +65 6906 3918 (Funan Mall)

Location: 1. Climb Central Sports Hub
Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place, #B1-01
Singapore 397628

2. Climb Central Novena
Novena Square
238 Thomson Rd, #03-23/25
Singapore 307683

3. Climb Central Funan
Funan Mall
107 North Bridge Road, #B2-19/21
Singapore 179105

Website: https://www.climbcentral.sg/

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2. Boulder+ Gym

About Company: Four friends one vision of bouldering passion in a sunlit space of Walltopian design an arch a prowl steepness redefined to gentle planes where the power of balance lies plenty for all from seasoned monkey to mountain goat wannabes to paint their mettle on colours clear as trees white is the breeze black is the storm and shades in between keeps you hungry makes you strong little by little day by day to play this gravity defying game.

Pricing: Rates

Contact: contact@boulderplusclimbing.com

Location: Aperia Mall, 12 Kallang Ave.

Website: https://www.boulderplusclimbing.com/

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3. Kinetics Climbing

About Company: Singapore’s premium bouldering facility. From the fresh faced newbie eager to bag his first V1 to the seasoned veteran looking to hop on the evening send train, Kinetics Climbing is where you can find climbs for all levels.

Their varied wall surfaces coupled with frequently updated routes are specially designed for quality bouldering. In addition, the top rope wall is a dedicated and safe space for roped-climbing and various courses.

As climbers who live and breathe the sport, their space is always open to all who are keen to be part of a climbing community to learn, play and crush!

Pricing: Rates

Contact: +65 6291 5045

Location: 511 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218153

Website: https://www.kineticsclimbing.com.sg/

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4. The Rock School Singapore

About Company: The Rock School is made up of a group of passionate climbers and educators with the common goal of spreading their love for climbing. For them, rock climbing is not simply a sport that strengthens them physically but a lifestyle that develops them intellectually and socially. What? The Rock School is dedicated to all climbing enthusiasts from kids as young as four and youths to adults and senior citizens with a vast array of climbing related programmes. With their second branch at their Tampines Hub after their flagship branch at Bedok Community Centre, they aim to promote the sport of rock climbing in a fun and safe environment. They welcome climbers of all ages (from four years old) and abilities. For beginners, they have a myriad of programmes which may be found here: http://therockschool.sg/programmes/ Why The Rock School? The Rock School sounds like serious fun. And that is exactly what they aim to do with purposeful play in an educational setting: To bring fun and laughter to the kids, climbers and climbing families who join them at their rock gym with their progressive and educational climbing programmes for kids, youths and adults alike. Their name also encompasses their attitude and the hard work they put into developing all The Rock School’s programmes and activities, be it a mass school programme or private/small-group coaching. Their motto is, “Work hard, play hard”! Their Instructors & Coaches Their instructors and coaches are a group of passionate climbers and educators with the common goal of spreading their love for climbing. More importantly, they love learning and interacting with climbers!

Pricing: Programmes

Contact: +65 8923 3831 Whatsapp (Bedok Community Centre) , +65 9635 3488 Whatsapp (Tampines Club)

Location: Bedok Community Centre
850 New Upper Changi Rd
#01-06, Singapore 467352

Tampines Hub
1 Tampines Walk, #02-81
Singapore 528523

Website: http://therockschool.sg/

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5. Boulder Movement

About Company: They believe that rock climbing should be accessible to everyone. In 2017, they started out in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) along Shenton Way, with the aim of giving working professionals the convenience of getting their climbing fix over the lunch period, or in the evenings after a long work day. They have seen their community of climbers grow, both in numbers, and in strength. More recently in 2020, they’ve added a brand new bouldering gym in Tai Seng, the north-eastern part of Singapore, to increase the accessibility and convenience for climbers to be able to climb closer to their homes or workplaces outside the CBD.

Pricing: Pricing

Contact: +65 6816 6001 (Downtown) | +65 6974 7769 (Tai Seng)

Location: 6A Shenton Way
#B1-03, Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815 (Downtown)

18 Tai Seng Street
#01-09, 18 Tai Seng
Singapore 539775 (Tai Seng)

Website: https://www.boulderm.com/

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6. Boulder World

About Company: Boulder World with a floor space of over 7000 square fit, Boulder World is the largest indoor Bouldering Gym in Singapore. Their wall space caters to over 100 problems with difficulties ranging from beginner to advance. Their facility is able to cater to birthday parties, corporate team building activities, fitness & wellness programs and not to mention, lots of bouldering!

Pricing: Programmes

Contact: +656917 7783

Location: 10 Eunos Road 8, SingPost Centre #01-205, BoulderWorld

Website: https://boulderworld.com/


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7. Fit · Bloc

About Company: Your #fitblocjourney starts here: 12,000 sqft of indoor space with an outdoor swimming pool. A community for Fitness, Climbing, Swimming, Sauna & Wellness fanatics that will also help you accomplish your wellness goals

Pricing: More Info Here

Contact: +656612-2046

Location: 87 Science Park Drive, #03-02, The Oasis, Singapore 118260.

Website: https://fitbloc.com/

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8. Ground Up Climbing

About Company: Ground Up Climbing Gym offers professional rock climbing coaching services, route setting and fun filled kids and adult climbing classes in Singapore. They are more than just rock climbing and coaching, but a close-knit community of rock climbers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts pursuing their passions and goals.

Pricing: Programmes

Contact: +656292 7701

Location: 60 Tessensohn, CSC @ Tessensohn (Level 2), S217664

Website: https://www.groundupsg.com/

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9. OYEYO Boulder Home

About Company: A cozy boulder home tucked away in a little corner of the bustling city, OYEYO welcomes you irregardless of your age or experience in climbing! Built up by a team of passionate folks, OYEYO is dedicated to bring you boulder problems of all sorts – from beginner-friendly to limit-pushing routes! Come hang, swing, chill and be pumped with a smile of satisfaction!

Pricing: Products

Contact: +65 6996 2095

Location: 148 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228724

Website: https://oyeyoboulderhome.com/

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10. BFF Climb

About Company: BFF Climb is opened by avid climbers who love having families climb together. One of its founders, Winson, is also the founder of My Little Climbing Room which is a climbing gym dedicated to children. Naturally, facilities, features and staff or “buddies” are all well-equipped to interact, guide and train children in their various climbing forays. There are two main zones at BFF Climb – the Boulder zone and Play zone. There are different routes for various levels of climbers – from new, recreational, novice and intermediate levels. So do not worry if you have never scaled a wall!

Pricing: BFF Climb Price list

Contact: +65 9726 3650

Location: Link@896 896 Dunearn Road #02-01D Singapore 589472

Website: https://bffclimb.com/


11. Lighthouse Climbing

About Company: Opened late August 2020. Lighthouse provides the opportunity for climbers of all abilities to explore the realm of climbing while enjoying the comfort and convenience that an indoor climbing facility provides. When climbing here, you can expect contemporary holds, state-of-the-art equipment, and carefully crafted routes by their setting team. 

Climbing is a highly social sport that provides a full-body workout, increasing your strength, cardio and flexibility. The benefits of climbing span into improving your mind-body awareness through active problem solving and hand-eye coordination. Studies have shown that climbing reduces stress and improves your overall mental well-being. 

Here at Lighthouse, they want to help you grow beyond your comfort zone and understand your mind and body better. They are excited to assist you in your journey to becoming a better climber, expanding your community base, and creating memories to last you for a lifetime. Be one of the first few to get on their walls!

Pricing: Youth Programme

Contact: +65 9724 4091

Location: 44 Pasir Panjang Road, Block B-02

Website: https://www.lighthouseclimbing.com/

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12. The Rock School

About Company: Boulder World is the largest indoor bouldering gym in Singapore, conveniently located within 3 mins walk from Paya Lebar MRT. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to seasoned climbers alike. They are upsizing bouldering and they are bringing it to you, bigger and bolder. Indoor bouldering is a form of sports climbing where climbers scale a short wall without the help of a harness or rope. To prevent injuries from a fall, a safety mattress is placed at the bottom of the climber to cushion the impact if they fall. There are many benefits to climbing. In particular, bouldering is a full body work out, one that works a person’s arms, legs, core & mind. It is also convenient as it only requires a pair of climbing shoes and unlike top-rope/high wall climbing, it does not require a partner if you have experience with a floor space of over 7000 sqft, Boulder World is the largest indoor Bouldering Gym in Singapore. Their wall space caters to over 100 problems with difficulties ranging from beginner to advance. Their facility is able to cater to birthday parties, corporate team building activities, fitness & wellness programs and not to mention, lots of bouldering!

Pricing: Climb One  (1 Pax Private Class) 45 min $28.00

Contact: +65 8923 3831

Location: 850 New Upper Changi Road #01-06 S467352

Website: https://www.kidscanclimb.com/

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13. HomeTeamNS Clip ‘N Climb

About Company: HomeTeamNS is the first to bring in the New Zealand born Clip ‘n Climb into Singapore. Clip ‘n Climb is an action-packed revolutionised climbing theme park catered for fun climbers of all ages. The facility features 19 exciting colourful climbing challenges with different difficulties suitable for all levels of climbers. The climbing process at Clip ‘n Climb is a great start to improving a kid’s concentration and focus as well as sensory and motor skills. From putting on the harness, to unbuckling the carabiners and climbing to the top of the walls. Clip ‘n Climb HomeTeamNS is designed to provide great experiences in a safe and welcoming environment. Safety always comes first and with the use of TruBlue Automatic Belay system, magnetic eddy current braking technology to provide climbers with a safe controlled descent to the ground. The deliberate use of abstract themes, strong colours and many different materials in Clip ‘n Climb HomeTeamNS provide a stimulating and tactile environment for anyone, and everyone.

Pricing: Walk-ins (90 mins )$25.00 per pax

Contact: +65 6705 9410

Location: 1 Tampines Walk #03-03 (Our Tampines Hub)  Singapore 528523

Website: https://www.hometeamns.sg/tampines/clipnclimb/


14. Verticlimb Singapore

About Company: Verticlimb is Singapore’s first gamified Indoor Rock Climbing studio. Through detailed level of planning and automation controls, Verticlimb provides and immersive gamified indoor climbing experience that challenges you both physically and mentally! Their top priority is to share their love and knowledge of climbing with you in a fun and casual way to ensure to provide you with the best rock climbing experience. At the end of their climb, it is their hope that you go home smiling, with an immense sense of satisfaction – having clocked in a fantastic workout and having learnt something new about yourself. Verticlimb is founded by Nicholas Lee, an ex Singapore National Climber who has represented Singapore in the IFSC Bouldering World Cups; 2014 (Chong Qing, China), 2015 (Munich, Germany) and 2016 (Innsbruck, Austria) Nicholas has more than 10 years of rock climbing experience in his chalk bag (since 2007) and has been coaching students of all age groups for 7 years since 2011. Nicholas has coached more than 500 students at multiple local and international schools. As head coach at Verticlimb, Nicholas seeks to cater a unique environment that encourages more climbers in Singapore!

Contact: +65 6292 7701

Location: 200 Pandan Gardens

Website: https://www.singaporerockclimbing.com/

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15. The Cliff @SnowCity

About Company: Snow City is Singapore’s first permanent indoor snow centre. A family-centric attraction centre, Snow City receives an average patronage of some 250,000 visitors from around the world! The lure? A snow chamber that delivers snow experience all year round; a unique sub-zero environment that will elevate your corporate events and team building sessions to greater heights; and snow professionals that create not only fun and enriching educational programmes, but magic out of thin air as well! Launched in June 2000 and revamped in 2007, the Snow City is owned and managed by Snow Venture Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Science Centre Holdings Pte Ltd. It has a three-storey high and 60-metres long snow slope for visitors to snow tube. It is also popular among locals and tourists who are unable to experience sub-zero temperatures back in homelands. With Snow City’s new theme, visitors will be transported to the Arctic Circle whereby they will be introduced to Snow City’s 5 new mascots (Oki, Nooka, Suki, Ila, Koko) as well as new interactive exhibits.

Pricing: Child (3-12 years old) $30 | Student pass holders $30 | Adults $30

Contact: +65 6560 2306

Location: 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433

Website: http://www.snowcity.com.sg/

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16. NinjaSg

About Company: NinjaSg is about trying hard, and trying together. They will celebrate the best amongst us; and no one gets left behind.A full facility for those pushing their limits, breaking boundaries and training to be the best in Singapore and beyond.

Pricing: Rates

Contact: +65 6292 7701

Location: Civil Service Club

60 Tessensohn Rd, Level 2,

Singapore 217664.

Website: https://www.ninjasg.com/

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