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top best terrarium shops in singapore

Top 20 Best Terrarium Shops in Singapore

Spruce up your desk with help from the Top Best Terrarium Shops in Singapore. These adorable mini gardens seem to be a world of their own, with verdant greenery flourishing in small glass containers and glass jars. With so many types of terrarium nowadays, it might help to attend the terrarium workshop by some of the shops to get a better knack at it. Creating terrariums seem to be trending nowadays, not only for corporate events such as a team-building activity, but also an activity for birthday parties too. For those who prefer a more private session, there are DIY terrarium kits too. Dive in for a fun experience with the Top Best Terrarium Shops min Singapore.

1. The Orijean


Beginning Series: The nature is where it all begins. In this series, geometric terrarium represents the world that is developing rapidly but at the same time, is home to the beautiful nature that they see today. in spite of the rapid developments that we all enjoy, never forget to be reconnected with nature.

Stone Series: This series is inspired by the time when it all begins – The Stone Age. These clay vases brings them back to their roots but at the same time, complements well with the modernity of today’s world.

The Petite Series: This series features a smaller version of The Orijean’s signature air style terrarium. A great start for budding plant lovers who wants to give it a try! It’s simple, affordable and elegant.

About Company:

At The Orijean, their products are designed with the concept of minimalism in mind. They keep things simple but yet aesthetically pleasing. The product ranges from plant terrariums to DIY kits to terrarium workshops. Through these, they seek to bring you closer to nature and experience the pleasure and wonders that it brings.

Find life and hope in each and every one of their products. Their terrariums are crafted exquisitely to perfection, bringing about simplicity and tranquility which are the two main concepts of The Orijean’s products. Gift it today to someone you love and let the little creations bring them hope and happiness.

Continuing a father’s love for plants… The Orijean of happiness lies within you.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 107 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 556004

Where to Find: theorijean.com

2. InOut Atelier


InOut Atelier’s terrariums mimic the inspiration they take from nature, such as an open field or a mountainous terrain, and the materials used in their terrariums are a reflection of that. The landscape within is usually sculpted with live pole mosses to create undulating terrains. These live pole mosses require minimal daylight to do well and the enclosed jars ensure humidity builds up over time. These are two of the important factors required for your terrarium to do well.

About Company:

InOut Atelier’s story began in 2014 with the belief that the appreciation of greenery shouldn’t solely be kept outdoors, but instead, appreciated indoors, through the senses in their daily comfort as well. At that time, they started out as a terrarium crafter with the idea of bringing the concept of ‘living art’ indoors. InOut Atelier aspire to transport people from their hectic lives into the world of a terrarium to appreciate the landscape as if they were miniature figurines in it, to bring tranquillity and harmony to the soul, and to beautify every nook and cranny. 

Today, InOut Atelier have expanded their portfolio to include bespoke preserved moss wall installation to suit their biophillic needs, to reconnect with nature in our little living space without the hassle of typical plant maintenance. With their architectural and design backgrounds, coupled with their ever-growing passion to improve, they preserved moss wall installation now allows for unique customisation with lighting and typographical design – perfect for branding, logo integration, and even as a home feature wall. 

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 311 Old Birdcage Walk, #01-06, Singapore 798484

Where to Find: inoutatelier.com/terrariums

3. Zookeeper


An Urban Jungle: An improved technology that enables Zookeeper’s equipment to replicate an environment you would find in nature, with controlled climate and monitored humidity to suit all plants and inhabitants. They provide quality equipments and accessories for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

Rubick Terrarium: Rubick is an euro design glass terrarium featuring sliding glass doors, upper and lower vents. Its minimalistic design allows an optimal 360 degree viewing and it’s proudly made in Singapore.

•Dual Ventilation: Upper and lower ventilation keeps the front glass panels free of condensation, making it ideal for viewing. The dual ventilation system allows air circulation, creating a more natural environment for plants or livestock to thrive.

•Sliding Glassdoor: Dual sliding glass panels are easily removable for hardscape or planting, it allows maintenance work to be carried out more efficiently. High impact extruded polystrene tracks are durable and allows sliding to be effortless.

•Drainage System: Drainage holes can be precut during production. Overflow fittings can be installed, excess water will instantly drain away to a waste water receptical for easy disposal or to a sump to be filtered and recirculated back into the terrarium.

About Company:

Zookeeper specializes in vivarium design and custom-made displays for urban environment. They manufactures and delivers a unique range of custom-made vivarium display and supplies, bringing indoor greenery solutions to the urban landscape. With a passionate team of vivarium designers, horticulturist and microfauna specialist, Zookeeper’s vision is to bring people back to nature by adding attractive greenery into living spaces. Their naturalistic ecosystem offer an innovative approach to modern interior decoration.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 3015 Ubi Rd 1, #04-234, Singapore 408702

Where to Find: zookeeper.com.sg


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4. The Green Capsule


A product of design and love for who you care for ; A personalized gift that encapsulates a story that one will like to share on; a memory that one can keep. Tell them your story and make unforgettable memories with their gift options.

About Company:

The Green Capsule is founded in 2014 by two green enthusiasts. Together, they want to bring their love for greening to a whole new level and aims to be one of first terrarium shops in Singapore to provide the option of full customization .

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 107 North Bridge Rd, #04-11 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105 (Funan Mall)

Where to Find: thegreencapsule.com.sg

5. FittoniaMania


The FittoniaMania’s Figuries : A planted pot without decorations, in the truest form of the words, is just a planted pot. The figurines they have in offer are specifically designed for them. They are made of poly resin instead of clay to resist mold or fungus growth. They are coated with non toxic paint for safer handling and to prevent poison such as lead to contaminate into the soil. The mini figurines have pin holes underneath to allow them to sit firmly on the soil.

About Company:

Fittonia Mania (FM) was established on 9th April 2013 inspired by her colleagues and her hubby. Fittonia Mania literally means Crazy about Fittonia because she love everything about this fabulous plant.. Also called nerve or mosaic plant, Fittonia originated from Peru in South America with thus far 15 known species found, it has set roots in many countries.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083 (NEX Mall)

Where to Find: fittoniamania.com


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6. Lusyh Glass Door


They conduct terrarium workshops for individuals, couples, families, friends and companies. You will be spoilt for choices from their wide range of decorative materials, plants as well as miniatures. 

About Company:

Lush Glass Door is a Singapore-based terrarium boutique, founded in 2015. Striving to be the leading plant gift boutique, they provide a whole range of quality terrarium-related products for the convenience of busy urbanites who wish to add some green to their homes. Their visually stunning products can be customized to serve as excellent gifts for all occasions.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 371 Beach Rd, #02-53 City Gate, Singapore 199597

Where to Find: lushglassdoor.com


7. A Tilly A Day


There are basically two types of terrariums: Open Terrarium and Closed Terrarium

​An open terrarium has an opening on the glass container that allows moisture to escape. A closed terrarium has a lid that prevent moisture loss, creating a humid environment within the terrarium. A closed terrarium is a self-sustaining ecosystem. Transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts such as leaves, stems and flowers. During transpiration, water vapour that are release condenses on the inner wall of the glass vessel and falls back to the plant and soil. Thus there is a water cycle inside the closed terrarium.

About Company:

A Tilly A Day is a one-stop station providing exotic plants, terrariums, accessories and decorations for your creative gardening needs.

A Tilly A Day team loves greenery, gardening and crafting. They have a wide selection of air plant / tillandsia, cacti and succulents, and other indoor plants. They offer customised, ready-made terrariums for homes and offices, as well as DIY (do-it-yourself) terrarium projects for individual and groups.

Integrating a little greenery at home or in the office helps to liven up the space and creates a relaxed and peaceful ambience. Let your imagination and creativity flow, craft your very own miniature dream garden today!

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 83 Punggol Central, 02-03 Waterway Point, 828761 (Waterway Point)

Where to Find: atillyaday.com


8. Zantelle


Supplier of all sort of Terrarium accessories:

◦Terrarium DIY Sets

◦Sand, Pebbles & Stone

◦Artificial Moss

◦Terrarium Glass Vessels

◦Terrarium Figure & Landscape

◦Live & Preserved Moss

About Company:

Singapore supplier and distributor of terrarium accessories, wooden trays and crates, door curtains, and packaging products.

Pricing: Click here for the price list

Location: Block 1002 Jalan Bukit Merah, Redhill Industrial Estate, #04-01, 159456

Where to Find: htzantelle.com


9. Love in a Bottle


Self Sustaining: Terrariums are self-nourishing, which is why they require little maintenance, if sealed.

Best Quality Product: The longest known terrarium lasted on it’s own for 53 years.

Peace of Mind: Enjoy Gardening, without a Garden

About Company:

Love in a Bottle is the pioneer in terrarim making. Founded in 2011, Love In A Bottle is a well known local brand in constructing ready-made terrarium, customisation terrarium and conduct terrarium workshop. They were involved in numerous events and projects over the years. They did terrarium workshop for birthday parties, hens parties, corporate team bonding and workshop for school. They also have a large variety of household plants, rare and common species for those serious and casual collectors. Love In A Bottle also cater for growers with a wide selection of pots, planters and garden accessories.

About the Founder/Designer: Daniel Ho first encountered terrariums when he received one as a birthday gift. From there, he gained an interest in terrariums. After much research, he found out that terrariums thrive in neglect. He also discovered that not all plants are suitable for germination in terrariums and has successfully blended compost in place of commercially available medium which is not ideal for terrarium use.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location:9 Raffles Blvd, #01-41, Singapore 039596 (Millenia Walk)

Where to Find: loveinabottle.sg

10. Mosto Terrarium


Mosto Terrarium products are organic, eco-friendly, value for money and feature 100% live plants.

About Company:

Mosto Terrarium is a group of terrarium lovers who are committed to creating the best terrariums for your home, office and even as gifts to your friends.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Where to Find: mosto-terrarium.wixsite.com


11. J2 Terrarium


Terrariums are no stranger to the urban individual as they offer little pockets of nature to those living in the concrete jungle. J² Terrarium offers custom made terrariums,  ready made terrariums and even glass jars and vases for those looking for a nice home for their little gardens. Additionally, they offer workshops that cater to various age group, from young to old.

About Company:

Started by a couple whom are passionate about greeneries and the nature, J² Terrarium started off as a hobby where the wonders of Mother nature mesmerised both of them to more terrariums. In order to continue making more terrariums without filling their homes with tons of jars, J² Terrarium started off even when they are miles apart from each other.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: A’Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-06, 768160

Where to Find: j2terrarium.com

12. Terrarium4U


Grow your own miniature garden in a realistic and quality container from Terrarium4u. They provide minutely inspected mosses and plants to use in terrariums at unmatchable price. Their beautifully designed terrarium containers are perfect to grow plants and give you the touch of nature at home or office.

Terrarium4U strive to provide superior quality closed terrarium in Singapore and neighbourhood region, which can be customized as per the clients demand. Explore the unique collection of alluring terrariums which are designed by skilled artists to give you perfect solution of mini garden.

About Company:

At Terrarium4u, are providing you a unique opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of nature through self-sustaining and extremely beautiful miniature garden in a bottle. Their experts, keeping in view the adverse effects of urbanization, explored different options to bring the beauty of nature back into our lives. This is how they came up with the idea of a miniature garden in the bottle.

With this idea, Terrarium4U are excited to unravel the endless possibilities of using these glass vessels as home décor items. These self-sustaining realistic glass vessels of nature can easily flourish indoors, with little maintenance on your part.

Through this idea, Terrarium4u are taking people back to the olden times, where people used to live in close proximity to nature. The terrariums offered by them have the ability to effortlessly blend with your surrounded, whether you are placing them in your home or at your workplace.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: Terrarium 4u, Singapore, 309433

Where to Find: terrarium4u.com

13. Ecoponics


Terrariums are not only pretty to look at but are also as fun to create. With Ecoponics, you can design your personal terrarium in Singapore with their range of supplies.

Ecoponics offer terrarium glass jars of different sizes and a huge assortment of plants and decorative items. They also offer delivery services when you buy their DIY kits and terrarium plants in Singapore.

About Company:

Ecoponics is introducing Singapore’s most celebrated Team Building and Family Bonding activities that will help you stay connected and engaged with your people and explore new things with them.

Ecoponics are the country’s largest single platform for both formal and informal events ― all arranged in the venues of your choice Besides immense learning, fun, and excitement, they offer an exceptional set of activities that will help you as a leader, family head, and corporate manager. You can rely on Ecoponics completely because they boast their award-winning experiences and uplift the spirits of the people you care about and help you boost their morale.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 37 Jln Pemimpin, Level 3 Unit 10, Singapore 577177 (Mapex)

Where to Find: ecoponics.com.sg

14. Terrarium Singapore


Being the best terrarium Singapore workshop provider in town, they only engage professional terrarium instructors to ensure you get the best experience. They provide the unique materials and teach you the different care techniques so you’ll have a beautiful terrarium to keep for long. The bonus part of it is being able to bring home the terrariums you’ve carefully decorated, and display it proudly in your own home or office

About Company:

Unleash your creativity and design your very own mini glass garden. Bond with your family, friends, and colleagues through our fascinating, award-winning Terrarium Workshop. As Singapore’s Best Terrarium Workshop Provider, Terrarium Singapore professional instructors will guide you and ensure you have an incredible Terrarium Singapore experience. Equipped with the best materials and techniques about plant care, experience terrarium making with them for a lasting mini-garden.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, S(399685) l 91A Lavender Street

Where to Find: terrariumsingapore.sg

15. J 7 J


Minimal Maintenance: Self-substainable ecosystem

Meaningful Gifts: Memories captured in Miniature garden. Unique personalised gift in Singapore

Deco for your Home & Office: Adding greeneries to your space constraint office and homes

Miniature Garden: Watch the growth of plants in small green capsule.

About Company:

Each terrarium is crafted exquisitely to perfection, bringing about simplicity and tranquility. J&J Terrarium Gardening visually stunning terrariums serve as excellent gifts for all occasions.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: Singapore 760935

Where to Find: jjterrariumgardening.com

16. Little Flower Hut


Terrarium deliver for all occasions.

Succulent plant gift in a box arrangement. Introducing their elegant table arrangements! Nowadays, for many events, table cloths simply do not do the trick of wow-ing guests. People now turn to table arrangements to give the dull looking table an extra pop of colour and texture. These table arrangements are perfect for any events such as weddings and birthdays.

About Company:

Little Flower Hut is he leading online florist in Singapore. They have a team strength of 10 with a combined floristry experience of ore than 100 years. They are often loved by media and were featured. Little Flower Hut will never be tired of saying that you can rely on them. Their florist will never leave you in disappointment when it comes to catering to your floral needs.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 25 Jln Chegar, Singapore 578483

Where to Find: littleflowerhut.com.sg

17. Green Banana


A terrarium is any glass enclosure for keeping plants. Plants that require little water and soil, such as cacti and succulents, thrive in terrarium environments. Different glass containers are selected according to the various forms and shapes of the plants. In most cases, cacti and succulents are suitable to be kept in open-terrariums, this is to provide a fresh air circulation.

Maintenance of Terrarium: Succulents require little maintenance. To discourage rot, it is best to remove fallen leaves with the tweezer. It is also good to allow the terrarium to receive fresh air from an open window when the weather allows.

About Company:

Green Banana expresses a passion towards nature. A passion for greenery, an enthusiasm for small unique plants. Urbanites tend to be pre-occupied with works and other matters in life while ignoring the greatest gift from our mother nature. They take this opportunity to recall the responsibility for the lovely earth. Start with a small manageable landscaping terrarium.

Each one is carefully crafted and designed with different selection of cacti, succulents and even tillandsia aka. air plants. The gist is to create a tiny confined landscape in a glassware for interior decoration, air purification & absorption of computer radiation.

Green Banana is taking this as a humble hobby and express what they believe with the modern design approach with unique containers and sand art technique. They hope that people from all walks of life will appreciate the same idea they embraced and believe it wholeheartedly.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Where to Find: green-banana.net


18. Far East Flora


Green thumbs not required. An intricately-designed watering system which saves you time and hassles! This ingenious gizmo simplifies plant maintenance for busy individuals. By looking at the monitoring gauge which looks very much like a thermometer, the markings on the scale indicate at once whether your plants need to be watered. If the red ball bearing falls to the minimum mark, it’s time to feed your plants! It’s also perfect for when you go on a holiday; the Plantplus system will keep your plants watered for at least two weeks. Plantplus series are available with most of the indoor plants of our collection that make it a perfect gift for loved ones, business associates and special occasions.

About Company:

Far East Flora garden with passion since 1965.

Over 50 years and running, Far East Flora Pte Ltd has grown from strength to strength.

As Singapore’s leading nursery operator, Far East Flora Pte Ltd prides itself in the provision of the largest selection of plants and garden accessories. Embodying a philosophy for quality without compromise, the range of plants are cultivated to exceed the expectation of today’s most discerning clientele.

They strive to broaden their appeal by monitoring changing consumer trends and needs. Enthusiasm and passion rule their values – inspiring distinguished customer service and unparalleled experience.

Today, Far East Flora is a household name with an unrivalled reputation as the leader in the floriculture industry.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 555 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298140 (Far East Flora @ Thomson) l 590 Queensway Singapore 149072 (Queensway) l 565 Thomson Road Singapore 298184 (Goodwood @ Thomson) l No.4A Bedok South Road Singapore 469279 (Bedok Garden)

Where to Find: fareastfloragarden.com

19. Floral Garage


Miniature Garden with soil, pebbles and succulents. Terrariums bring life to boring spaces and they are so serene to look at! The oxygen a terrarium produce will also make your homes/offices more fresh.

About Company:

At Floral Garage Singapore, it is their mission to provide you with lovely bouquets made out of the best flowers, bundled with prompt and excellent service.

It is their duty to deliver you only the best hand bouquets, simply because you deserve it. From the selection of the loose flowers, to putting them together, all the way to delivering them to your door step, putting a smile on your face and making your money’s worth has never slipped our minds. They strongly believe that showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them should not leave a big hole in your pocket. The members of Floral Garage had always turned to making hand bouquets whenever there was a fundraiser.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 8 New Industrial Road, LHK 3 Building, #06-01, 536200

Where to Find: floralgaragesg.com

20. Mason Home Decor


A-Grade DIY Terrariium Kit: A full and comprehensive kit for terrarium enthusiasts of all levels. Comes in 3 sizes, each with a good variety of glass jars, soil, gravel, decorative pieces, plans succulents and cacti.

About Company:

Masons Home Décor began as a small e-commerce start up, ”Christmas Tree Singapore”. Christmas Tree Singapore was a leading provider of premium Christmas Trees and Christmas Home Décor in Singapore. However, the business model was capable for challenges far greater than a once a year affair.

With that, giant leap of faith was taken to take on the Home Décor Industry. Their aim is to bring great value to the lives of all with home décor products that is able to transform houses into homes. Be it their personalised service, or attentive follow up actions on your order, they take time to ensure that every experience with us is nothing short of beautiful.

Leveraging on a strong sourcing and procurement network, they are able to bring in products from internationally acclaimed brands ahead of competition. Their fantastic relationship with their factories allow them to always be at the forefront of competition. With this, they are proud to always have the latest designs at rates only they are able to offer. Apart from carrying some of the best brands from around the world, they are also manufacturers of just as many items.

Pricing: Click here for price list

Location: 5 Pereira Rd, #04-01, Asiawide Industrial Building, Singapore 368025

Where to Find: mason.com.sg/terrarium-singapore

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