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Top 14 Best Violin Lesson Teachers and Schools in Singapore

Are you looking for a violin teacher in Singapore or looking for a violin school in Singapore? Check out our directory of recommended violin teachers and schools in Singapore. Violin lessons in Singapore are available from various teachers and schools, so you can choose what’s best for your child, or even for yourself as an adult learner.

1. LVL Music Academy


Based in Singapore, LVL Music Academy is an established team of professionally trained music teachers aiming to deliver top quality music lessons to students of all ages.

LVL Music Academy as a leading music school in Singapore provides 1-to-1 private music lessons taught by competition winners, Russian trained and ABRSM qualified music teachers at LVL studio (near Chinatown MRT) or at the student’s home. They teach students as young as toddlers, right through to adult learners. The music classes that they provide include violin lessons, cello lessons, keyboard & piano lessons, music theory, and a variety of other instruments.

The LVL Music Academy is co-founded by violin teacher Janice. The idea was started following a discussion with her husband around gathering other musicians and forming a network to work together. As she was pregnant at the time, she wanted to build a network of music teachers that could carry on her work and to ensure that her students were in the trusted hands of outstanding teachers that she knew would deliver lessons to a very high standard.

Her invaluable experience of working within the music industry in Singapore makes her the perfect person to assist you with finding the best music teacher possible according to your specific needs.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Violin Lessons
  • Beginner Violin Lessons
  • Kids’ Violin Lessons
  • Adults’ Violin Lessons

Location: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-12, Singapore 168976

Contact: +65 82004711

Website: https://www.learnviolinlessons.net/

2. Stradivari Strings


Stradivari Strings has a good reputation as a music school in Singapore which specializes in top quality music education. Established in year 2010, Stradivari Strings addresses the need for excellent music education as well as the demand for good quality music instruments.

They do not believe in the concept of “one size fits all”. Each individual is unique. That is why they ask potential students a list of questions to identify your needs and requirements, before their students start private music lessons. They then identify a suitable coach and structure your music lesson plan accordingly. They agree on goals and objectives and review this periodically with their students.

Music lessons for kids and adults can be arranged at their music school in Singapore, located at Sultan Plaza, your place or teacher’s place.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Violin Lessons For Beginners
  • Violin Lessons For Kids
  • Private Violin Lessons
  • Adult Violin Lessons
  • Violin School
  • Violin Teach Singapore

Location: 02-23 Sultan Plaza 100 Jalan Sultan Singapore 199001

Contact:  +65 98137769

Website: https://www.stradivaristrings.com/

3. Violin Teacher Singapore


Shao-wen started his musical education on the violin at an early age. As a young teen, he won 1st prize in the National Piano and Violin Competition in his native Singapore in 1997 (Violin Junior Category) and 1999 (Violin Senior Category). Shao-wen’s formative years included lessons with Erick Friedman, Hu Kun, and Adrian Adlam, among others. It was through the violin that he would be drawn deeper into the study of music that would eventually lead him to conducting.

After graduating from Columbia University in 2011, Shao-wen went on to obtain an MMus in Choral Studies from the University of Cambridge in 2012 where he studied conducting under Stephen Layton. He is equally at home with the polyphonic vocal music of the Renaissance as with symphonic works of the classical canon.

Shao-wen especially enjoys premiering music by contemporary composers as well as exploring non-classical genres of music. In September 2015, he was the conductor for ELEVEN, a concert featuring original compositions by Chok Kerong. In May 2017, he was the conductor for Hong Kong Episodes, a series of concerts in China celebrating the cosmopolitan cityscape of Hong Kong, featuring the music of Teriver Cheung and Fung Lam with cinematic visuals by Anthony Lai. In August of the same year, Shao-wen conducted the premiere of Disquiet, a newly composed piece for pipe organ and string orchestra written by Chok Kerong and commissioned by Singapore Symphony Group for the Victoria Concert Hall Organ Series.

Shao-wen is passionate about music education and teaches harmony, composition, and violin privately. His other musical interests include songwriting and music production.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Advanced Violinist Lessons
    • 60 Minute Lesson
    • 90 Minute Lesson

Location: Violin lessons are delivered online due to Covid

Contact: +65 96169220 | musictutorsg@gmail.com

Website: https://violinteachersingapore.com/


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4. Wolfgang Violin Studio


Founded by Program Director Min Lee in 2009, Wolfgang Violin is named as a tribute to the world’s most iconic and revered violin prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Conceived with the aim of redefining how classical music is taught to young minds, the lessons are specially designed to provide students with a holistic music education.

Since its conception, the academy has expanded with 3 schools in Singapore – The Centrepoint, UE Square and Tembeling Centre, each designed with a musical flair to complement the classes.

The Wolfgang Violin Program is anchored as the first step for students in their journey in musical education. An original curriculum designed to instil technique and nurture musicality, the lessons are structured to vivify the colourful facets of classical music to pique the interest of young learners. At Wolfgang Violin Studio, the approach is to always keep lessons interactive and creative, with the aim of inspiring the young ones to stay in love with the romance of classical music.

Across all classes offered, students will be mentored by a dedicated team of full-time teachers, each experienced in the field of classical music. Lessons to dive into include violin, cello and piano classes, each categorised into different age and skill groups.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Twinkle 1 & Twinkle 2
  • Kinderviolin & Kindercello
  • Prelude
  • Cello
  • Trailblazers
  • Theory & Musicianship
  • String Orchestra

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: +65 98279436 | enquiry@wolfgangviolin.com

Website: https://www.wolfgangviolin.com/

5. The Happy Violinist


The Happy Violin is a platform that recommends qualified and experienced violin teachers to parents and students in Singapore.

Since they started, they have helped hundreds of parents and students start violin lessons with their violin teachers, based on their interests and preferences, at their convenience. It is FREE for students and parents to engage them to recommend them great private violin teachers – No hidden extra costs. Send in your request and they will get you a teacher within the next 24 hours! Their teachers are qualified and certified by international music examination board, graduates of prestigious music colleges and universities, current school teachers, with years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels. You can start with just one lesson if you wish. No “lock in” or minimum commitment period. Proceed further only when you enjoy the lessons!

Programs & Lessons:

  • Adult Violin Lessons
  • Kids Violin Lessons
  • Graded Violin Lessons
  • Pop Violin Lessons

Location: Block 474 Pasir Ris Drive 6 Singapore 510474

Contact: +65 98098747

Website: https://thehappyviolinist.com/bestinsg/

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6. Mandeville Conservatory of Music


Mandeville Conservatory of Music was founded by two former SSO musicians. For over 20 years, they offer a conducive environment that helps newborns to adult learners develop passion and confidence in their learning.

As a premier music school in Singapore, their lessons are never boring or rigid – they are fun! After selecting an instrument to learn, their students are put through a tailored step-by-step music learning journey that will ensure their mastery in the instrument. With a holistic approach to teaching their students, they mix fun and careful discipline to ensure their students always learn and practice with true passion.

They understand the importance to not only nurture and understand their students but to also push them along, empowering them to reach their true potential as a musician faster than they realize, achieving greater heights they never thought was possible.

Their accomplished educators and dedicated staff are passionate about their pedagogues and services, making sure each and every learner enjoys a distinctive musical journey.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Mandeville Junior Groups
  • Group
  • Individual


  1. United Square
    • 101 Thomson Road #03-20/21 United Square Singapore 307591
  2. Parkway Parade
    • 80 Marine Parade Road #11-05 Parkway Parade Singapore 449269


United Square ► +65 6250 911
Parkway Parade ► +65 64403383

Website: https://www.mandevilleconservatory.com/main/

7. Belcanto Violins


Belcanto Violins providing lessons to students in Singapore both over Skype or Zoom and at the studio in Robin Village Singapore, Vivienne also founded Belcanto Violins, her own range of fine quality instruments from one single workshop. The company “Belcanto Violins” was registered in Singapore in 2018 (established 2012 worldwide) to fulfill even more of this goal by making affordable and fair prices for quality instruments supply worldwide, sponsorships and participating actively in Charitable causes. It has been a highly successful company with many repeat and following customers.

In her spare time she enjoys interacting with fellow musicians and taking on projects that are meaningful using the influence of music to the Community at large.

Please get in touch with her for any collaborations, teaching or performance opportunities for her or her students.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Violin Classes
  • Online Lessons
  • Violin Masterclasses
  • Ensemble or Group Training

Location: 1 Robin Rd, Singapore 258176

Contact: +65 86942694

Website: https://belcantoviolins.com/violin-lessons-singapore/

8. Juzmusic Academy


Juzmusic Academy is accredited by ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) as one of their official music examination venues. Since the establishment of Juzmusic Academy in 2006, they have adopted a unique and holistic approach to their music lessons.

These music lessons are individually tailored to students of all ages and abilities, and specific to the learning goals of each student. They have students who have never touched the instrument before, students who want to learn pop music such as those by Taylor Swift, and students who are preparing for music examinations (Grades 1 to Diploma).

Programs & Lessons: Violin Lessons

Location: 1 Marine Parade Central, #09-04, Parkway Centre, S449408

Contact: +65 63444420

Website: https://juzmusic.com/

9. Aureus Academy


Their team of Teachers at Aureus Academy Singapore are able to work with students of all ages and ability. Whether you are just starting out on the violin or playing a Vivaldi Violin Concerto, their teachers can help refine your bowing techniques, intonation, and phrasing. Students can choose if they would like to go for well-known methods, or for leisure during the violin lessons.

The violin has a long history. Although the exact year the instrument was created is not known, the design of the modern violin goes back over 500 years. Its popularity in the 1500s and 1600s led to the rise of the famous schools of violin-making in Cremona. You might have heard of famous makers such as Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati, among others.

The violin is a versatile instrument, able to create various sounds and timbres. Not only is it used extensively in Western classical music, it is a fundamental instrument in cultures around the world, used widely in Moroccan, Indian, Mexican and African music.

Programs & Lessons: Violin Lessons

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: +65 31585811

Website: https://www.aureusacademy.com/lessons/violin-lessons/

10. Musox


Music has the incredible ability to enhance their lives. It adds colour to their senses. It gives voice to their emotions. It unites people in a commn experience. Their believe that everyone has the capacity to create music. They believe that to nurture talent and instrinsic motivation, they need to craft a pathway of musical learning. What does this mean? They collaborate with their students to discover their learning style to facilitate musical fluency.

Their student centric approach is designed to build a strong technical foundation, promote creativity, and encourage self-directed learning. Their goal is for students to go beyond the written notes, and to play with mastery and intuition. Their Musox orchestra is the cornerstone of their progressive eduction programme. Students will have the oppurtunity to join the Musox orchestra, led by their CRAFTER, Mr. Lester Kong.

This unique experience will augment their individual lessons by increasing their music sensitivity and techniques through collaborative playing and peer learning. It provides practicing a bigger purpose as students internalize a sense of ownership as a musician.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Baby Violin Group
  • Baby Violin Group – Level 2
  • Individual Violin

Location: 46 East Coast Rd #08-05, Singapore 428766

Contact: +65 96300252

Website: https://www.musox.com.sg/

11. String Vibes


At Stringvibes, passion drives them to work- To inspire the next generations. They truly believe that music warms the soul of many and inspires them to achieve greater heights. They aim to increase the need for achievement in the younger generation through music by equipping them with the required skills based on the Associate Board of Royal Music(ABRSM)’s criteria and with reference to music conservatories’s characteristics.

StringVibes Private Home Violin lessons
Stringsvibe private 1-to-1 lessons to you at the comfort of your home. Now you can save time and energy on travelling and focus more on learning the instrument. Their team of versatile teachers teach students from ages 4 to adult learners.

StringVibes Violin Group lessons
One of the cheaper options for parents who are unsure of their child’s commitment, their group classes are kept small to ensure that teachers and students are able to interact well and the lessons are delivered in the most effective way possible. Based on their observations, students that join group classes tend to develop higher interests and are more motivated to practice more on their own. Talk to them to know more about their violin classes!

StringVibes Violin Ensemble Lessons
StringsVibe ensemble lessons prepares their students for public performances opportunities and their very own biennial concert. Their students have enjoyed the ensemble lessons and are more motivated to practice as they get to interact and play with other students as well.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Kids Violin Lesson
  • Adult Violin Lesson
  • Ensemble Sessions

Location: 28 Ghim Moh Link, Singapore 270028

Contact: +65 89213395

Website: https://www.string-vibes.com/


12. Music Mood Cello Lessons


Since 2014, They always believe that music plays an important role in life They truly do. This is why they have created a platform where parents and students can easily finds private cello, violin and piano tutors in Singapore. And they provide this service for free.

A place where couples and event organiser can find great strings performers to enlightened their weddings and events. Since 2015, we have been engaged for more than 89 wedding solemnisations, corporate dinner, product launch events.

A community of cello and violin lovers. Because is never too late to start your music dreams. Their signature Adult Cello & Violin lessons are design to allow adult beginner students quickly pick u the instrument and play their favourite songs.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Adult Violin Lessons
  • Kids Violin Lesson
  • Beginner Violin Lessons
  • Online Violin Lessons

Location: The Modules, 387 Joo Chiat Road #02-13, 427623

Contact: https://themusicmood.com/contact-us/

Website: https://themusicmood.com/adult-cello-lessons

13. Violin Lessons Singapore


Violin Lessons Singapore Pte Ltd is a violin school established in Singapore, website developed by Singapore SEO agency Wiz Marketing. They aim to help many students achieve their goal to becoming wonderful violinists.

Their students range from any age, from small toddlers to adults. Although many students have come and go, they are proud to say that they have all enjoyed their musical journey.

They believe in using the violin suzuki method in our teachings. They believe that the violin should be an enjoyment and not learned for the sake of passing your exams. Hence they believe in learning violin songs for leisure and mastering the basics of the violin before moving on to playing music songs.

Programs & Lessons:

  • Adult Violin Lessons
  • Beginner Violin Lessons
  • Children Violin Lessons
  • Group Violin Lessons
  • Music Theory Lessons
  • Private Violin Lessons

Location:Raffles Place, 17 Phillip Street, Grand Building Singapore 048695

Contact: https://www.violinlessonssingapore.net/contact-us/

Website: https://www.violinlessonssingapore.net/

14. Praise Music School


They are an established music school in Singapore with 14 years of experience helping many of their students get into the schools of their choice (SOTA, ACSI, Methodist Girls Secondary, St. Margaret’s). They only recruit the best and those who are passionate to impart their skills. Over the years, they are proud to have assisted over 300 candidates in achieving outstanding results in the ABRSM examinations, and in providing a performance platform for a holistic education through their Praise Chamber Music Series.
Their studio facilities at Bukit Batok are designed to allow their students round the year opportunities to perform with the faculty to hone their performance skills. They offer group and individual programs for a range of instruments, with some of the most comprehensive and accessible guitar lessons, violin lessons and piano lessons in Singapore.

And to put “creativity” into music making, they’ve even written their own improvisation books. This dedication ensures that students who engage their institution for music lessons are not only well trained technically in classical music, they are also confident to accompany in the church or “just have fun” arranging their own accompaniments.

They want to be a premier music school in the neighbourhood delivering top quality education for piano, keyboard, oboe, flute, guitar, ukulele, cello, violin and viola at affordable prices.

Their high standards and their holistic curriculum makes them the school of choice for any serious student of music. With branches across Singapore, it’s easy to give your child the best possible musical education.

Programs & Lessons: Violin Lessons in Singapore

Location: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-01C, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179.

Contact: +65 98192705

Website: https://praisemusicschool.com/


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