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Top 25 Best Wedding Photographers in Singapore

Singapore is a wonderful destination to tie the knot. And with the best wedding photographers in Singapore, you’ll surely have an amazing and memorable day with your loved one. Now, you need not worry about getting the perfect pictures on this important day of your life. If you’re looking for the best wedding photographers in Singapore, this curated list of the Top Best Wedding Photographers in Singapore is for you.

1. Knottin’ Visuals Photography

About Company:

Let your love story take center stage with Knottin’ Visuals, their constant pursuit of creative and emotive visuals, as they believe in developing an experience that you can take away and remain with you in heart, mind and soul. Their dedicated team believes in going beyond image-makers, but instead aspires to a greater vision of celebrating lives and creating memories.

Contact: +65 8607 9784 / mail@knottinvisuals.com

Website: https://knottinvisuals.com/

2. La-Vie Photography 

About Company:

La-vie Photography has been specializing in wedding photography since 1995. Over the years, they have opened 15 shops in Japan and 7 shops around the world. La-vie Photography values first class service and capturing true happiness in the photographs.

This cannot be done without communication, and they will do everything possible to make your visit in Japan a comfortable and memorable experience. Find locations, outfits, and photos that could only be captured through La-vie Photography to make your wedding experience an unique and lifelong treasure.

Contact: japan@la-viephoto.com

Website: https://www.la-viephotography.com/

3. The Beautiful Moment Photography

About Company:

The founder of The Beautiful Moement Photography and also a senior photographer, Josh, left his busy corporate life behind after 6 years, realising that what he really wanted was to do something that made a difference on a very personal level, seeing hard work translated into a satisfying sense of pride and joy when couples receive images of their wedding day.

The ethos of The Beautiful Moment Photography is a deep desire to pursue real, heartfelt imagery during one of life’s most important days. Fleeting moments of love, laughter, tears and joy captured to be able to be re-lived again and again, reminding us that life truly is beautiful.

Contact: +65 9322 6455 / joshua@thebeautifulmomentphotography.com

Website: https://www.thebeautifulmomentphotography.com/

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4. Natalie Wong Photography

About Company:

Natalie is a passionate photographer who fulfilled her childhood dream of creating beautiful masterpieces. Her passion is ignited by creativity and a bout of laughter shared with her clients. When capturing precious moments, unique personalities and love stories inspire her to translate them into timeless memories to be cherished over the years.

For your special day, she hope to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Contact: +65 9248 7766 / hello@nataliewongphotography.com

Website: https://nataliewongphotography.com/

5. Dapper Pictures Photography

About Company:

Throughout his photography journey, Kevin from Dapper Pictures has won various international photography awards, featured in the press, contributed to leading magazine titles and publications, and had his personal works exhibited locally and regionally but he still feel the happiest working with couples understanding who you are, listening to your love story, and capturing the most beautiful, intimate and timeless moments of your matrimony.

For Kevin, it is the happiest and most satisfying profession he could ask for, seeing couples turning friends, seeing how everyone live happily after the wedding and go on to have the bundles of joy, it’s simply wonderful.

Contact: info@dapperpictures.com

Website: https://www.dapperpictures.com/

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6. 12Loves Photography

About Company:

12Loves is a project by 2 amazing buddies to bring great packages at affordable rates. Sam is previously from Sam Photography while Kevin is from Yappies Production. Both have been partnering for over a decade, specialising in wedding photography and videography.

Contact: +65 9858 4964 (Sam) or +65 9686 6367 (Kevin) / samkevin12loves@gmail.com

Website: https://www.12loves.com/


7. The Perfect Statement Photography

About Company:

Fuelled by a passion for greater things, The Perfect Statement Photography seek to make the journey as memorable as the end product. They distinguish ourselves by making each shoot a unique experience for both you and the photographer.
Having time together is precious, and they enjoy making full use of it by engaging in meaningful conversations. By employing such a non-conventional approach, we are able to capture emotions in their raw and most genuine form.

The wedding photographer, Clara, is based in Singapore and she shoot other genres as well like graduation and family photoshoot. She hope is that the photos that she have taken will help the couples remember the great memories shared and in their down moments, they can remember why they chose each other in the first place.

Contact: theperfectstatement@gmail.com

Website: www.theperfectstatement.com

8. Lensofmira Photography

About Company:

Established in 2017, Lensofmira had its humble beginnings as a personal project of its founder, Brandon Ho, to explore his passion in photography. Armed with his first camera affectionately named “Mira” and his desire to capture the most genuine expressions of his subjects.

Today, Brandon is partner of Pixioo Photography as a full-time wedding photographer. Other than wedding related shoots, he also does event (family, birthdays, corporate etc) and lifestyle fashion shoots. He is also the resident photographer of multiple home grown labels such as Assemble.

What does not change, is that Brandon will continue capture you in your rawest moments (or in his words, “moments that you can look back and smile fondly”) with a flair of his personal touch. Ever thankful for each and every one of his clients who have trusted him with important events of their lives, Brandon will always go the extra mile to ensure that the work he delivers is of quality and a lot of love.​

Contact: +65 9452 0094 / lensofmira@gmail.com

Website: https://www.lensofmira.com/

9. The Vanilla Project Photography

About Company:

The Vanilla Project is more than just a wedding photographer. Let them document your precious moments in history and allow yourselves to look back to the joyful moments and let your legacy of you and your loved ones lived on.

Contact: +65 8742 3130 / info@thevanillaproject.com

Website: https://thevanillaproject.com/

10. Bottled Groove Photography

About Company:

Bottled Groove Photography started as a husband and wife team in 2016. Bottled Groove Photography’s focus is to document down your wedding day, so that you may invoke precious memories and retell your story a decade or two in the future to your loved ones. They believe that everyone should embrace the messiness of a wedding day, as raw as they come.

And yes, photographs are time machines.

Contact: hello@bottledgroovephoto.com

Website: https://bottledgroovephoto.com/

11. Smittenpixels Co Photography

About Company:

A collective of passionate film and image-makers who believe in genuine connections between people, and their stories inspire them to create timeless work evoking memories and emotions. Messy hair moments, trekking into forest or even up a hill, chasing epic light , and real fleeting moments resonate with them.

They believe in their work having documentary value, hence they keep things real in hopes that you walk away from our session feeling more in love than ever.

It is about the mood , lots of mood – and pouring your souls out to one another while they document the best moments your life as it slowly unravels. At the end of the day, your keepsakes would have preserved your moments with exact remembrance of the good memories. If their images resonate with you, let them get together to create magic.

Contact: hello@smittenpixels.com

Website: https://www.smittenpixels.com/

12. Wanderlust Dream Photography

About Company:

They are the team behind Wanderlust Dream, and they travel and photograph weddings including Singapore or destination pre-wedding shoots and Singapore or destination actual day shoots.

They love exploring new wedding destinations, singing loudly to our favourite songs, enjoying delicacies, and creating wonderful memories with the different couples they meet. They enjoy documenting every moment – even the bad ones – with their cameras and storytell through their visuals.

They have been shooting wedding photography since 2015, and every project has kept them inspired through these years. Every couple has a story to tell and they are grateful for the opportunities to capture them down beautifully. Their photography is different from the traditional style – beyond the posed shots, they hope to seize the most organic moments of their clients’ laughters, their rawest presence in the stunning landscapes, and their unspoken affection in each other’s embrace.

If you share their vision, they would love to get in touch with you. Let’s escape from our everyday hubbub and travel to anywhere of your choice for your wedding photography – they are all ears!

Contact: +65 8510 7955 / info@wanderlustdream.co

Website: https://www.wanderlustdream.co/

13. Mike Chen Photography

About Company:

On your wedding day, let Mike Chen Photography tell your story.

Amidst the roller coaster of emotions that the day brings, his aim is to preserve these precious, personal moments, so you may fondly reminisce on them in the years to come. Capturing you in your best light, and in the most relaxed, candid way, is what he strive to achieve with an eye for detail and experience in the field — all in hopes that you may relax and thoroughly enjoy your special day. After all, that’s what the day is all about — celebrating the love between two souls.

Contact: +65 9845 8856 / mikechenphoto@gmail.com

Website: http://weddingphotographysingapore.com/

14. Withminn Photography

About Company:

WithMinn Photography began capturing engagement pictures in 2016, providing simplified and affordable Prewedding & Actual Day Wedding packages for couples without compromising on quality.

With a team of friendly and dedicated in-house photographers and editors, they ensure that the best service is provided for each and every client. All images are consistently edited to achieve the same style that WithMinn is loved for.
They specialize in photography for

  • weddings
  • family
  • events & parties

Moreover, they are registered and based in Singapore but willing to travel upon request.

Contact: contact@withminn.com

Website: http://www.withminn.com/

15. Klaud9 Photography

About Company:

Klaud9 is an Online platform that connects clients with local professional photographers and videographers around the world. They create low cost photos and videos in no time.

Whether you have a private event or in need of professional corporate photography, they have a wide network of photographers and can connect you with the very best talent at a great price and only in 24 hours.

Klaud9’s team of creative minds seek to redefine the way brands and consumers connect with freelance photographers. They have offices in Asia, the United States, Europe, Australia and have a comprehensive understanding of different cultures and markets.

As photography lovers ourselves, they know how frustrating it can be to find reliable, quality photographers and videographers. That is why Kalud9 is excited to help you easily achieve your creative dreams.

Contact: contactus@klaud9.com

Website: https://www.klaud9.com/photography/singapore/wedding-photographers

16. OneThreeOneFour 

About Company:

OneThreeOneFour is a destination wedding photography company based in Singapore. Their services are designed to be hassle-free and affordable, with no crew travel fees. They keep their pricing simple and transparent with no hidden costs to worry about.

Trusted by over 2300 couples and rated 4.9 stars on Google. From pre-weddings to post-wedding anniversary celebrations, they are here to bring you on an unforgettable adventure.

Contact: hello@onethreeonefour.com

Website: https://www.onethreeonefour.com/

17. Bridelope Productions Photography

About Company:

Germaine is a Singapore-based wedding photographer and the creator of Bridelope Productions. She is a firm believer in the magic of life and love, and she is passionate about creating imagery, sharing stories, and shaping memories. She loved shooting people from the time she first picked up a camera, capturing genuine moments and raw emotions of relationships and personalities. That is why wedding photography has such a special place in her heart.

Having the ability to stamp numerous beautiful moments in time on one of the most memorable days of a couple’s lifetime together exemplifies the power of photography for her. Delighting in the love, the emotions, the hugs, the tears, the start of something new – all while keeping it real and close to each and every couple’s unique dynamic – that drives her to keep perfecting and growing in her art to become the best partner on your special day.

Contact: +65 8814 5688 / hello@bridelopeproductions.com

Website: https://www.bridelopeproductions.com/

18. Andri Tei Photography

About Company:

Andri Tei wedding photography journey began with the need to earn some pocket money as a broke engineering student. Coming from a landscape and street photography background (the latter which I still love and do), the intimacy of wedding photography felt a little foreign to me.
Since then, he has been blessed to witness some of the most genuine and heartfelt moments one could bear witness to – the anxiety of the groom before seeing his bride, a proud father walking his daughter down aisle, people from different cultural/ethnic backgrounds vowing to commit to each other – these moments are a such privilege to be a part of. What is most important to him is capturing the essence of your wedding, its story and soul. He believes in finding beauty in unlikely places, amid the laughter and the tears, but most of all, in giving you a memory of a day that reflects who you are.

Contact: +65 8138 2712 / info@andritei.com

Website: https://andritei.com/

19. All Aflutter Photography

About Company:

“They are All Aflutter.” People usually do a double-take when they tell us who they are. Perhaps it sounds a little odd, this little bit of a phrase that hasn’t quite entered everyday conversation. But really, that’s what they are all about. The little skipped heartbeat, that moment caught in between the seconds, that sparkle of light in your eyes or the tingle shivering down your spine when you first glance at the person, that love of your life, all the way down the aisle after the doors swing open.

That is what keeps All Aflutter going. Seeking light and that moment when your hearts went all aflutter. And they still think Don Draper said it best: photographs are a time machine, that transport you back to that moment where you laughed or wept or loved with all the fullness of your heart. A memory you can hold in your hands. Be it a moment of honesty, of candid joy, of you just being you; they see that ardent beauty in that simplicity, and strive to bring it back to you with every photograph.

Contact: +65 8852 6102 / we.are@allaflutter.sg

Website: https://allaflutter.sg/

20. Multifolds Photography 

About Company:

For Multifolds, they are a bunch of people that are passionate about photography. They love what they do. They love the idea of personalization, because every couple has their own story. That is why they make it different for every couple.

To them, weddings are a significant mark in our lives. From the intricate details like the ring to the very moment you say ‘I do’, every moment holds true to your heart. Your ideal wedding has to be glamorous, but more importantly, you want these once-in-a-lifetime memories to be captured in superior quality, to last for future generations to see.

Multifolds photography working ideology is to entrust in them and in return, you can picture a multifolds. They do not simply snap photos. They take it a step further by bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to the photo.
But above all this, they believe that the best approach to capturing a genuinely spontaneous moment is to create a fun and creative environment. While most photographers strive to create that perfect picture, very few recognize that the essence of a picture lies in capturing the spontaneity of that perfect moment.

All you need to do is flash that megawatt smile and let us do the hard work.

Contact: +65 8774 2165 / smile@multifolds.com.sg

Website: https://multifolds.com.sg/

21. FSquared Photography

About Company:

On top of being able to capture intimate moments, FSQUARED Photography goes the extra mile to tastefully incorporate special editing and colour grading effects, capturing intimate moements and further enhances the photo by editing, giving it more depth and emotion.

They combine photojournalism approach with artistic angles and innovative light play, FSQUARED Photography makes wedding photography into an enjoyable and creative process for couples. Going above and beyond with their photography packages to fulfill the couples’ wants and needs – even the wildest requests.

Contact: contact@fsquaredphotography.com

Website: https://www.fsquaredphotography.com/


22. Anabel Law Productions Photography

About Company:

If you’d like to spend your special day with popular and reputable wedding photographers who are passionate about creating raw, intimate moments while having a ton of fun, you’ve come to the right place!

Wedding planning can be a stressful journey and wedding day jitters are real, and so with Anavel Law Productions Photography, they want to make your experience with them as seamless and enjoyable as possible through their well thought out wedding photography packages.

Celebrate your pre-wedding with them and they will travel to wherever you want your love story to be documented. Let their energetic souls take charge of documenting those golden moments at your wedding. Their wedding photographers strive to provide a stellar experience for all our clients in Singapore and beyond.

Contact: +65 9188 3728 / info@annabellaw.com

Website: https://www.annabellaw.com/


23. Back Alley Creations Photography

About Company:

Jootz is short for Joo Teng, is the brainchild of Back Alley Creations since 2010. His craft is shaped by the stories, people and connections that he have built along the way. Capturing the poetry of each moment and encapsulating your special day in pictures that prologues new chapters in your life.

His works are suited for those who prefer the trailhead over tradition ⁠— comfortable of being themselves and all that matters is having a great time.

Contact: Contact

Website: https://www.backalleycreations.sg/

24. Jeffrey Koh Photography

About Company:

Having a photographer like Jeffrey Koh, words to live by “Let things flow”. Because in reality, these moments flicker with authenticity – that is what he look to capture. Other than the organised group shots, majority of the the photographs will be candid shots and expressive moments that will be captured and treasured for this way.

Contact: +65 9438 5476 / info@jefferykoh.com

Website: https://www.jefferykoh.com/

25. J Production Photography

About Company:

J Production have been creating memories since 2009. The team is passionate about their work & complete every job to their best ability.
J Production is a team of enthusiastic photographers and cinematographers awaits your exciting events. They are ready to shoot any actual day weddings, pre-weddings, ROM (engagement), corporate advertisement, product and many more.

Contact: jstillmotion@gmail.com

Website: https://www.jstillmotion.com/

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