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Top 23 Best Yoga and Aerial Yoga Classes in Singapore

Get a good stretch with the Top Best Yoga and Aerial Yoga Classes in Singapore. These yoga practices have a wide range of classes for you to try, no matter what your fitness levels are. Be it if you’re looking for prenatal yoga, traditional yoga, or Jal Yoga, the variety of classes and spacious studios will help you find your centre. Have you very own session with an experienced yoga teacher at these Top Best Yoga and Aerial Yoga Classes in Singapore.

1. Jal Yoga

Introduction: Water adapts to any shape and flows to the deepest. If you find an obstacle, it will change shape and will likely get very high. This is in line with Jal Yoga basic beliefs-anyone of all ages, genders and backgrounds can do yoga, pilates, and ballet, so they can spend more of their lives. Their instructors from different parts of the world share the same philosophy-the belief that you want to grow with your body and mind. Inspired by their passion and energy, experience positive emotions in your life.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 456 Alexandra Road #02-03 Singapore 119962

Contact: +65 8768 9702

Website: https://www.jalyoga.com.sg/

2. Mindful Movement

Introduction: Mindful Movement was born out of a deep desire to teach quality movement. They believe in a great form – paying attention and being aware of what’s going on inside your body and outward form. They want to increase self-awareness, whether in group sessions or in person, they work with you to better understand what’s going on in your body, to achieve your goals from walking pain to achieve optimal performance in the circus or sports . They believe in being alert and present to their everyday environment, recognizing the impact of how they move around the world and how their daily movements affect their bodies. When their bodies move better, they feel better.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations.

Contact:  Multiple Locations.

Website: https://www.mindfulmovement.me/

3. Refindery Fitness

Introduction: Take that inner journey through a path of careful exercise to improve your health. Juggling is the norm, it’s not a circus act they live in a fast-paced city and are easily lost in constant activity and noise. Here Refindery Fitness has created a safe and nurturing environment with progressive teaching so you can reconnect with yourself by offering aerial, Pilates, and yoga classes. While they are passionate about sharing their knowledge of fitness, they inject a wellness factor into each class to provide an overall experience that relieves your mental and emotional state. Find you again and help you be the best.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 46 Kim Yam Road 02-25 The Herencia Singapore 239351

Contact: +65 8121 3245

Website: https://www.refinderyfitness.com/

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4. Movement & Sports Medicine Centre

Introduction: Are you looking for a studio that offers a perfect range of fitness classes, retirement homes, and other health sessions to better promote you and avoid injury? Are you surrounded by movement professionals with fitness professionals who care about your movements? Looking for a unique and exciting fitness / wellness program for the body? You’re in luck. MSMC is a specialized performance and rehabilitation center for the recovery of the body in joint, nerve, fascia and muscle referred pain conditions. What’s unique, their professional program will set them apart from other sports/fitness studios in Singapore, and what they’re doing here is the cutting edge of neuromotor science.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 151a #02 Kitchener Road Singapore, Singapore 208526

Contact:  +65 8769 3235

Website: https://www.msmchq.com/

5. FlyWith Fitness

Introduction: FlyWith Fitness is to live overall. They have succeeded in building a community that not only enjoys great education, but is also responsible for improving health and lifestyle. By sharing it openly, they are hoping to create a good mood and ripple effect of healthy living. Specifically, they serve the community and give back through this WHOL-LISTIC ecosystem.

Classess: Click links for yoga classes

Location: Multiple locations

Contact: Multiple locations

Website: https://www.flywithfitness.com/

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6. Motionwerkz Yoga

Introduction: Motionwerkz SwingWerkz offers a unique combination of traditional yoga, enhanced by the addition of a special swing. The swings they use are not elastic. Promote smooth and steady movement. In general, the focus is on the alignment and form of yoga, but the class uses Pilates, aerial acrobatics, and TRX elements. On the other hand, Motionwerkz Power SwingMax uses a swing with weight-resistant bands, gliders, and other props added, creating an atmosphere of muscle groups while moving in various poses and enhancing muscle strength while sculpting. Motionwerkz SwingRevz (Restorative) uses Swing to enhance stretching and promote the release of tight muscles and fascia.

Classes: Click links for yoga classes

Location: 2, Kallang Ave, CT Hub#07-22 Singapore 339407

Contact: +65 6444 6686

Website: https://motionwerkz.getomnify.com/#!/home

7. Hale Yoga

Introduction: Hale, a socially active yoga studio, encourages personal change. Hale works closely with charities within the community to help the community benefit everyone. Hale Studio is located in a space of 1100 square feet with natural light. The town is 4.8 meters high and boasts high city views. Get down and experience their rich studio together.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://hale.sg/

8. Trium Fitness

Introduction: Here at Trium Fitness, they are not just a yoga studio, but a family. There is a community of yoga lovers here you can be a part of and build relationships with-whether it is the conversations at their cozy corner over tea, or member nights where they celebrate milestones and events together. As a community who cares about you, they provide top-quality services for your convenience, clean facilities maintained frequently. More importantly, their instructors are caring and experienced, and are fully certified to teach, guide and challenge anyone, from beginners to veterans

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall #03-01/02, Singapore 339511

Contact: +65 8782 8633

Website: https://www.triumfitness.com/

9. Dream Dance Yoga

Introduction: Dream Dance and Yoga studio in Singapore welcomes dancers of all levels, from beginner to professional. They aim to create a friendly environment where their students of all backgrounds can learn belly dance and progress towards their goals, whether it be getting in shape, improving their belly dance skills, instructing, or even doing belly dance performances at events and parties around Singapore!

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://dreamdanceyoga.com/

10. Platinum Yoga

Introduction: They offer the 5 elements of Yoga: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These specialised Yoga & Pilates classes including Aerial & Rope Yoga cater to your needs and surpass expectations. Be in the company of other Yogis from all around the world and share in the great energy and spirit present.

Classes: Click link for yoga Classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://platinumyoga.com/

11. Club Yoga

Introduction: Club Yoga is a cozy community place where experienced yogis and beginners come together to develop deep breathing and intentions that move the mind. They give everyone access to the practice of yoga transformation through affordable yoga classes and packages at all levels. Find your way to the mat in a comfortable and uplifting environment. Let’s be a part of the club.

Classes: Click link for yoga Classes

Location: 28B Hong Kong Street Singapore 059667

Contact: +65 6909 2080

Website: https://www.clubyoga.sg/

12. Aerial Fitness Studio

Introduction: Aerial Fitness Studio is Singapore’s first professional aviation studio. Instructors who provide qualified inspiration in a safe and nurturing environment for adults can have a good time while learning beautiful aviation art. They strongly believe in the quality of tricks and switching taught in aviation art classes and pay close attention to each student in all open classes, so keep the class size small. Literally step up your fitness adventure with them and be with the public monkeys! They offer public silk, koto, static, swing, aerial yoga, stretching, flipping, dancing and fitness lessons.

Classes: Click link for yoga Classes

Location: CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street #01 – 42, Singapore 338729 (near Lift Lobby 4)

Contact: contact@aerialfitness.sg

Website: https://www.aerialfitness.sg/

13. Aerial and Floor

Introduction: Aviation and acrobatics enthusiasts Denjz and Eunice realized their long-held dream of opening the aviation fitness space Aerial and Floor in the heart of Chinatown in June 2017. Dynamic Duo has a clear vision. The public and acrobatic arts can be realized by anyone, creating relevance and fostering passionate individuals who professionally pursue this form of art. They firmly believe that freedom of expression must be a way of life, and hope that Aerial and Floor will be an inspirational haven where everyone can explore and experiment with the art form they desire. Eunice and Denjz have created a comprehensive syllabus for their lessons to suit individuals of all levels, based on years of teaching acrobatic fitness.

Classes: Click link for yoga Classes

Location: 7B Trengganu Street Singapore 058461

Contact: +65 9677 7948

Website: http://aerialandfloor.com.sg/

14. Adedance Aerial

Introduction: If you’ve ever felt unmotivated, Aerial is the treatment. Imagine floating in the air… Your heart is pounding. And now do the stunts you thought you could only do acrobatics! Honestly, you will forget all about education. Instead, you enjoy the challenge and overcome it in a safe environment. Safe, enjoyable and refreshing. It’s an education you can’t find anywhere else.

Classes: Click link for yoga Classes

Location: Oxley Biz Hub 65 Ubi Road 1, 01-94

Contact: +65 9787 6948

Website: http://adedanceaerial.com/

15. Yoga Mala

Introduction: Focusing on breathing techniques and meditation, Yoga Mala practices thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote physical and mental health. From Yoga Mala, they have studied the world’s best yoga and spiritual traditions and have integrated this wisdom into a comprehensive framework in today’s lifestyle context. One bead or wreath that must not be is to use one common thread to tie individual beads for a single common purpose.

Classes: Click link for classes

Location: 49A, Circular Road, Singapore 049404

Contact: +65 6803 5031

Website: https://yogamala.com.sg/

16. Starz Aerial Dance School

Introduction: At Starz Aerial Dance School, they inspire you to fly, to search deep within to make the seemingly impossible possible, and to illuminate the world as supernovas. Whether you are taking that first step, or an avid learner, or an aspiring performer, they are committed to deliver quality teaching in a safe nurturing environment to help you realize your fullest of potential. They aspire to build a galaxy of Stars, a community of aerial artists who share this passion.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contact

Website: https://www.starzaerial.sg/

17. All About Yoga

Introduction: At All About Yoga, their studio offers up to 17 different classes in a week. The studio provides a conducive environment for yoga practice. Visit their studio and book for a class today!

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.allaboutyoga.com.sg/

18. Mindful Space

Introduction: Mindful Space is the first parent and child physical platform in Singapore that curates holistic learning experiences – parent and child activities, kids enrichment, family programmes, parenting workshops, certified professional courses, wellness classes and more. They collaborate with experts and trainers from Singapore and around the world.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, 227977

Contact: +65 6910 5770

Website: https://www.mindfulspace.com.sg/wellbeing-yoga

19. MVMT

Introduction: They are more than just a regular dance studio! Find a great mix of classes such as Pole Sport, Pole’graphy, Aerial Hoop & Silks, Russian Exotic, Flexy, and more at MVMT! By joining their studio, you aren’t just taking their classes to get fit, but you also become part of the MVMT tribe. They strive to create this wonderful opportunity for all – everyone is welcome to join them!​

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 28B Circular Road Singapore, Singapore 049384

Contact: +65 8858 1781

Website: https://www.mvmt-studio.com/

20. Upside Motion

Introduction: Fitness isn’t really about how much weight you can lift— it’s how well you tackle obstacles in your life. Their award-winning Pilates and Xtend Barre classes not only build strength and flexibility but also heighten your mind-body awareness. Over the years, Upside Motion has been widely featured in the press and media, ranging from newspapers and magazines to radio and television. 

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: 36 Armenian Street #02-03, Singapore 179934

Contact: +65 6636 6859

Website: https://upsidemotion.com/

21. Kate Porter Yoga

Introduction: Kate Porter Yoga (KPY) is a boutique studio with two locations in Singapore – East Coast and River Valley. They offer Yoga for Normal People in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. KPY’s classes are led by a carefully selected, highly experienced team of teachers with expertise in different yoga disciplines. Come and share your yoga journey with them and experience the KPY difference.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: http://kateporteryoga.com/

22. Milan Pole Dance

Introduction: Build your foundation in their Pole, Aerial Silks, Hoop and Hammock Tech classes. Feel empowered and recharge through their Conditioning, Flexibility and Aerial Yoga classes. With their talented and dedicated team of instructors in their signature Contemporary, Lyrical and Exotic Pole Dance classes. They embrace Pole and Aerial in all genres. Find your personal style. Challenge yourselves and defy gravity with them!

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.milanpoledance.com/singapore

23. Real Yoga

Introduction: Their journey started in 2008, with the idea of practicing and teaching “Yoga From The Heart”. This axiom guides all their teachers and staff who are passionate and sincere in bringing authentic Yoga to you. They also believe in caring for their members’ Quality of Life, and not just their Yoga Practice. Which is why their teachers and staff know most of their members by name, creating a bond and a 2nd home for their practice. To them, Yoga is not just a trend, but an essential part of life.

Classes: Click link for yoga classes

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: http://www.realyoga.com.sg/

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