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Top 10 Best Dog Boarding Places in Singapore

The Top Dog Boarding Places in Singapore for that Added Peace of Mind

Singapore has a great deal to offer for pet moms and dads trying to find boarding solutions for their canines and also pet cats. If you are taking a trip on job or for a household trip, as well as you can not take your animal with you, there are several great animal boarding solutions for cats and also dogs in Singapore.

When you pick a boarding facility for your dog or cat, there are several points to consider. The centre needs to be sanitary and also well-kept, the workers should get along and also experienced and also the facility should insist on required inoculations and treatment for exterior bloodsuckers; you don’t desire you feline or dog ahead back sick from the boarding center. If your animal has special demands, check if they can satisfying your pet’s demands. See if there is play and also exercise time for your pet dog and also prior to deciding, make certain to ask around for evaluations. The best boarding residence makes a big difference in allaying your pet dog’s separation stress and anxiety and also tension.

Preparation for an out-of-town trip throughout the holidays? If so, then you may require somebody to deal with your pet dog while you’re away– do not worry ’cause we’ve currently assembled the most relied on areas with the very best pet dog boarding in Singapore! We’ve chosen the best canine hotels in Singapore where your pet dogs can enjoy and be safe at the same time. So take a look at our list below to figure out where they can socialize as well as not really feel burnt out while waiting on you!

The Tropika Club team outlines the dog boarding places in Singapore for 2022. 

1. Wanderlodge Pet Hotel % Suites


Wanderlodge is committed to delivering the highest level of pet home boardinggrooming, and daycare for both dogs and cats in Singapore. From socialization to private play time, Wanderlodge welcomes your pet to the family. All dogs and cats that enter our home are treated as if they are our own, allowing you to have peace of mind while you are away from your pet.

At Wanderlodge, we aim to provide a place where your doggy feel like home, we treat all our guest just like our very own family member, we provide cage-free and crate-free environment which allows them to freely roam the area, and depending on their personality and character we will give them different access to different part of our home.


  • Home-based environment, we treat them just like our own!
  • 24/7 air-conditioning
  • Daily walks and play time
  • Huge space for them to roam and explore!
  • Trained staff to supervise and monitor your dog at all times
  • Hygienic and safe environment for them to be in

Check their pricing here.

Location: Stratton Dr, Singapore 805946

Contact: http://wanderlodge.sg/

2. Dear Mutt


The folks at Dear Muttprovide personalized doggy daycare services for all their furry friends in a safe, clean, fun and fully air-conditioned environment with constant supervision and complimentary walks by our staff. Social Butterfly Mutt? Spend the day in our spanking new playroom with the rest of the pack! For dogs who require more personal space, private rooms are available as well.

Group sizes at Dear Mutt are kept small to ensure that your dog gets enough one-on-one attention from their team who will take care of each dog’s unique needs.


  • Outdoor walks – one morning and one evening  – timing permitting
  • Indoor playtime & activities in a fully air-conditioned environment
  • Individual care if required
  • Photo/Video of your pup’s day

Location: 17 Venus Rd, Singapore 574304

Contact: https://dearmutt.com/

3. Sunny Heights


Sunny Height’s mission mission here is to help dogs with socialisation training so that all dogs can be better integrated getting along with the other dogs that they live around. Sunny Heights is also a daycare for dogs. A school adopting the “humanimalist” belief that all dogs should be able to roam and play freely with one another as well as their humans. By doing this, they hope to achieve a reduction of abandoned dogs, and see an increase in adoption rates.

This pet dog hotel takes satisfaction in specialist trainers that allow the dogs find out new skills as well as techniques. So when they get home, family pet proprietors will be astonished by how their canines have actually unexpectedly come to be regimented as well as qualified.

They likewise have a pet fostering service that comes with no price– motivating everyone to embrace dogs rather than purchasing them. In line with this, they also offer animal welfare education to aid others learn more about adopting.

Location: 110 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 288000

Contact: https://sunnyheights.sg/

4. Petpause


Petpause is founded by a group of four friends and animal lovers who share the common vision of providing the best care for your pets while you are away. See their rates here.

Safe and Reliable

With 40+ years of experience under our belts, have complete peace of mind when you board your pet with us. Our handlers are well trained and certified in pet care and management. In addition, you will also receive daily video updates of your furkid when he/she boards with us.

Pamper Your Furkid

All our rooms are fully air-conditioned with in-suite SEALY orthopaedic bed, raised food bowls and pee pad/tray. Each pet will have the luxury of an entire suite unless otherwise requested. We also provide soothing ambience music and aroma therapy around the clock.

Feed Him/Her Well

We offer an unlimited supply of dry food kibbles (standard service offered) and complimentary hand-made treats every day. We also offer optional gourmet meals for your furkids, with ingredients such as NZ Ribeye, Norwegian Salmon, Iberico Pork or Free-range Chicken.

Stay Fit and Have Fun

Worried that your pet will be bored? Our pet hotel comes equipped with an indoor gym and exercise area. Rain or shine, your pet will never miss a day of play. Rest assured that your furkid will enjoy every day of his/her stay with us.

Fully Entrust Us With Your Furkid’s Wellbeing

Need additional services? Be it healthcare, grooming or SPA, we have a well-established network of trusted local industry partners and veterinarian clinics who are ready to provide, at a moment’s notice, any service that your furkid may need during the stay. 

Location: 59 Sungei Tengah Blk W #01-54, 699014

Contact: https://bakincalf.com/


5. Petronize


PETRONIZE one stop where you find all your needs for your Furkids, we are established since 2010 offers over 2000 premium Pet foods and essentials. We also have Pet services such as Grooming, Pet cremation and Day Care which we strive to serve you with Passion.

Purpose of setting up PETRONIZE is to educate and share knowledge with Pet owners on essential grooming care and pet nutrition eg. how to choose affordable premium food to their budget.

All pet owners/ paw parents wants best for their Furkids but when lack of knowledge will end up making poor decision regarding pet’s nutrition in feeding low quality of pet food from ‘supermarket’ which are of little nutritional value & they may contain ingredients that will detrimental to their pet’s health on long term feeding. Feeding exorbitantly priced “branded” pet food where owners money goes into marketing campaigns than into making pet food.

As PETRONIZE continues to strive in providing a comprehensive range of quality merchandise and services at ONE STOP in an affordable price. At here we providing a wide range of services – Supplying pet food & essential, Boarding dog, cat, rabbit and guniea pig, Pet Cremation and Grooming services.

PETRONIZE always put customer first, you are spoiled with our wide range of products and we are still seeking to grow our range to serve you better. You can always rest assure when leaving your furkids with us and we strive to upkeep our slogan ‘your pet is our pet, we groom with passion’.

Pet owner who need a short break or home under renovation and need a place to care for your Furkid? We are experience, patience with more than 8 years of experience.

Environment is air-conditioned where your furkid will have a restful night. There is always fresh water available and 2 feeding meals each day. Furkid will get adequate walks and socialize with other pet under close watch to ensure each safety.

Petronize provides daily updates to pet owner and late check-out 11pm.

Rates & terms

  1. below 7kg @ $35 per night
  2. below 14kg @ $45 per night
  3. above 21kg @$55 per night

Location: Blk 18 Upper Boon Keng Rd, #01-1135, Singapore 380018

Contact: https://www.aci.edu.sg/


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6. Up For Paws


Up For Paws is a Singapore dog daycare environment that believes in positive reinforcement, responsible dog ownership and dog socialization. We provide a fun, safe, loving and clean environment for your dog to play in while you are away! Here, all doggies will socialize and play under supervision by our wonderful staff schooled in positive reinforcement dog training. If pack walks and fun social play is what your doggy craves, then give us a call now!

At Up For Paws, your dogs will enjoy the following services:

  • Dog Daycare
  • Daily Updates
  • Dog Socialization
  • Positive Reinforcement communication
  • Pack Walks
  • Outings (Dog Park)
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Nap time with soothing music
  • Nutritious gluten-free/grain free dog treats
  • Convenient transport to pick up and drop off dogs from their homes

We Evaluate All Dogs

By interviewing all our dogs beforehand, we get to know each dog individually. This step ensures that your dog socializes at the pace she is comfortable with in a supervised and safe environment.

During daycare we have play sessions, confidence work, and quiet times where dogs lay down for a nap. All activities are monitored and dogs are encouraged to interact in a controlled and positive manner.

At Up For Paws we treat each dog as an individual with their own history, expectations and needs. Starting with your interview, we believe in developing an ongoing relationship by keeping up-to-date with your dog. We love discussions regarding health, nutrition, behaviour and lifestyle with each of your visits, and we hope to provide support to our dog owners through advice, references and trainings.

Our Staff Are 100% Force-Free – Our full-time staff have all undergone force-free, clicker training, dog body language and positive reinforcement training.

Our Staff Are Certified Canine First Aid Responders – Up For Paw’s full-time staff are all certified as Canine First Responders and are able to provide first aid care in the case of any emergency. Read more here!

We Use Caring Products – We only use eco-cleaning products that are gentle on your pup’s paws and bodies. All of our cleaning agents do not contain chemical components that harm.

Space is Limited – Not all dogs will be enrolled at Up For Paws. Every dog will undergo a compulsory behavioural assessment to ensure the safety of our pack. Only neutered dogs with up-to-date vaccinations, flea control, and that are willing to socialize, are likely to be accepted at Up For Paws dog daycare. All sizes and breeds are welcome.

Once your dog is accepted into our daycare service, your dog may board with us at any time! We would love to be your daycare partner for the long haul.

Location: 31 Eng Kong Terrace

Contact: https://www.upforpaws.com/

7. Pawty Paws


Nestled in the heart of Joo Chiat, Pawty Paws was born out of a love and passion for providing our fur babies with a safe and cosy home away from home, so you can have a peace of mind at vacation or work!

At Pawty Paws, we are the Ambassadors of Fun. Our rooms and play areas are designed to ensure that your pup has the best time playing, running around with other fur friends and tons of love and belly rubs from our friendly hooman staff.

Don’t be surprised if your pup begs you to bring him/her back for more fun! Got a busy day ahead yet worrying about your pup being bored at home alone? Bring your pup to us! We advocate all-day playtime at Pawty Paws. Your pup will have the best time socialising with other fur friends as well as getting tons of love and attention from our friendly hooman staff. Updates will be sent regularly via Whatsapp so you know what your pup is up to!

Check their rates here.

Location: 479 Joo Chiat Rd, #02-00, Singapore 427684

Contact: https://www.pawtypaws.com/

8. The Wagington


Redefining the essence of opulence and luxury of The Wagington Suites. The Wagington offers a rarefied experience for those whom are accustomed to the finest in life. Averaging 15 to 96 square foot, each suite is complement with sumptuous furnishings, quality handcrafted soft faux leather orthopedic beds and high definition web cam.

Redefining the essence of opulence and luxury of The Purr-fection Feline Suites. The Wagington offers a rarefied experience for those whom are accustomed to the finest in life. Averaging 15 to 96 square foot, each suite is complement with sumptuous furnishings, quality handcrafted soft faux leather orthopedic beds and high definition web cam.

The Royal Suite – The Royal Suite is the finest and most well appointed accommodations for the most pampered pets. The elegant proportions and stately possession of the room complements the sumptuous furnishings and beautiful artwork of Royal Blue classical interior to create a Royal Suite that is literally fit for a king.

Garden Suite – Garden Suites is the most spacious accommodations in The Wagington. It is on the 1st level and also the dogs indoor play room area. Garden Suite offers guests a 120 sq. ft of living space connecting adjacent to the big dog outdoor area. Garden suite is also best suited for pet guests who may have difficulty accessing to the 2nd level due to old age or one who may have hips issues. The bright green interior design are sure to spark some cherry moods.

Superior Suites – With natural sunlight and cushy interior, the Superior Suite in The Wagington is the perfection blend of seclusion and opulence. Each perfectly proportioned superior suite is designed in the same lavish elegance in consistent of the hotel. Providing a 48 sq. ft. (4.5m²) of palatial living, completed with a common entrance foyer, adorned with full privacy glass doors, mood lightings and guests lavish with nighttime tummy rub; each superior suite is the perfect incarnation of the ultimate Wagington experience.

Junior Suites – The epitome of luxury- each junior suite has been designed to excite the senses in a casual elegance that defines the environment of the 2-storey conservation building. The proportionally spacious junior suite offers a 15 sq. ft. (1.45m²) area in an elegant fashion complementing a distinct great deal of comfort and privacy. ~ A perfect opulent pied-à-terre for guests seeking to explore this beautiful hotel.

Location: 27B Loewen Rd, Singapore 248850

Contact: https://thewagington.com.sg/

9. The Snuggery


To elevate dog ownership experience by providing meaningful engagements to enrich our dog’s lives. To inspire a pet loving community and nation.

”At Snuggery, we are inspired to nurture well balanced and happy dogs. We believe in a holistic approach by providing a few areas of development: safe socialisation, essential physical exercise and cognitive development. Needless to say, dogs will be showered with tonnes of hugs and cuddles!

We firmly standby the belief that businesses should be run ethically especially when it comes to our beloved pets. It’s our top priority to run our centre with passion and care for our dogs. We do not compromise when it comes to safety, hygiene and transparency. Hence, the webcam! We also ensure that all dogs that join us are up to date with their vaccines and screened for their temperament prior to joining our daycare.

Pet Parents welcome a pet into their families understanding that they are responsible for them their whole life. There’s no denying that all pet parents want to give their dogs the attention and care they deserve. However, with long work schedules, it’s inevitable that a dog’s needs might at times be compromised. We are here with you on this lifelong journey (though it can be short!) to support both you and your dog’s needs. Dogs, like humans, are social creatures and they crave for meaningful interactions with their environment. Our daycare program ensures your dog is having fun, meaningfully engaged and safe in our environment.

Our passionate team of dog lovers are ready to add on the spark to your dog’s life. We look forward to every new day of adventure with your dog!

Trial Daycare – They offer a free trial daycare session for your pup. The trial session is for our handlers to assess your pup’s temperament and suitability to join the playgroup. The trial daycare requires your pup to be up to date with his vaccine. At our meet and greet sessions, we’ll answer all your queries on how we take care of our pups and also like to learn more about the quirks of your pup!

Location: 15 Jasmine Rd, Estate 576584

Contact: https://thesnuggery.com.sg/

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10. Wagging Tails N Playful Paws


When you’re on vacation, your Doggie deserves a vacation too!!!

Staying away from home has never been so much fun! So send them to us as they have a fun filled time when you’re away with no worries. 

– Boarding

Includes Daily Outdoor Walks with fresh air 

– Lots of fun during the day with full Daycare.

– So Unless it’s bedtime or dinner time, your little Paw friends will be busy with  full day of play and unlimited fun before spending the night fast asleep in a safe and comfortable  surrounding and unconditional love 24/7. 

Check their rates here.

Location: 40 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 545555

Contact: https://www.waggingtailsnplayfulpaws.com/

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