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best cafe in north Singapore

Top Great Cafes in Woodlands, Yishun and North Singapore

These Top Great Cafes in North Singapore will have you brunching like Crazy Rich Asians, even if you’re not in Tiong Bahru or Tanjong Pagar. And you don’t even need to get to Upper Thomson Road. After all, there are some pretty sweet treats in the hidden corners of Yishun Avenue, Woodlands Square, Woodlands Avenue 1. Cafes like Wild Wood Cafe and Wildseed Cafe and Bar immediately remind you of lush greenery fitting of the region’s name.  From hidden finds like the Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe, or to mainstream favourites like the Gelaré at Causeway Point, here are Tropika Club’s recommendations for the Top Great Cafes in Woodlands, Yishun and North Singapore.

Our guide offers in-depth information on each cafe, including its location, ambiance, menu, and must-try dishes. Our aim is to provide our readers with a complete overview of the best cafes in the area and help them make an informed decision when selecting a cafe to visit.

Top great cafes in woodlands, yishun & North Singapore

1. Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery


Opposite the famous White Bee Hoon Fang in Sembawang is a 2-in-1 concept coffee shop and a general chef bakery. Committed to providing food consistency and best quality, the venue provides freshly made cakes and coffee every day. This place only offers a weekend menu, they tried some special dishes.

Located in Sembawang, Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery is a cozy spot perfect for a lazy weekend brunch or a quick bite during the week. With its rustic interior and vintage decor, the cafe exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for catching up with friends over a cup of coffee and some delicious food. Their signature dishes include the Buttermilk Waffles and Truffle Mushroom Soup.

Overall, Common Chefs is a nice cafe with affordable prices, please be prepared to wait as it will get crowded and seats are limited. If you are looking for custom cakes or takeaway orders, you can also buy them online or in-store.


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Truffle Tatter Tots
    • Full Breakfast Wazza
    • Shepherd’s Pie Pork
    • Rich Man Burger

Location: 8 Jalan Legundi #01-13 Singapore, Singapore 759274

Contact: +65 66591208

Website: https://www.facebook.com/commonchefs

2. Baker’s Brew Studio


Bakers Brew Studio is a popular cafe located in Sembawang that offers a unique combination of baked goods and coffee. The cafe is well-known for its stunning cakes, and their coffee is made from freshly roasted beans sourced from local roasters. Some of the must-try dishes at Bakers Brew Studio include the Matcha Cake and Salted Caramel Latte.

It all started back in February 2015 with their first branch in Sembawang, quietly tucked among a row of shophouses along Jalan Tampang. As a small and humble baking studio, they made up for their lack of size and prestige with energy and passion. Since the beginning, they strongly believed in eagerly sharing their expertise in and love for baking with everyone.

They appreciate to the overwhelming support of their students and fans, and the good fortune of hiring more like-minded and passionate bakers, Baker’s Brew has been able to grow from strength to strength. In 2016, they opened their second studio at Upper Thomson, followed by their studio-café concept at Paragon a year later in 2017, providing more convenient access for their customers in the centre and south of Singapore.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Tropical Mango Yuzu Coconut Cake
    • Roasted Pistachio and Rose Cake
    • Dual Fromage
    • Ondeh Ondeh Cupcake
    • and many more

Location: Multiple Locations.

Contact:  +65 90047233

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bakersbrewstudio

3. Citrus By The Pool


Citrus By The Pool is a tropical-themed cafe located in Woodlands that offers a menu of local and Western cuisine. With its poolside setting and relaxed atmosphere, the cafe is a great spot for a casual lunch or dinner. Some of their popular dishes include the Signature Laksa and Citrus Beef Burger. Their vision is to create meeting spaces for people to bond and create happy memories. They want to bring smiles and laughter, joy and cheer, to every individual who dines with them.

Started in 2013, Citrus By The Pool is a Halal-certified café restaurant, nestled at Woodlands Swimming Complex, that serves Western and Asian Fusion zi char cuisine.

Seeing a lack of Halal-certified cafés in the North, the owner Chris decided to bring the café experience to the residential estates, offering accessibility, relaxing ambience and good food.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Tom Yum Seafood Pasta
    • Cajun Lamb Rack
    • OMG Cheese Burger
    • Spicy Crispy Wings
    • Turkey Bacon and Chicken Ham Carbonara
    • and many more

Location: 3 Woodlands Street 13, Woodlands Swimming Complex, S738600

Contact: +65 63666581

Website: https://www.citrusbythepool.com/

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4. Canopy Garden Dining


Canopy Garden Dining is an idyllic cafe located in Yishun that offers a unique dining experience in a lush garden setting. With its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the cafe offers stunning views of the surrounding greenery, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a weekend brunch with family and friends. Their menu features dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, such as the Poached Eggs and Crabmeat Linguine.

Welcome to Canopy! Enjoy a biophilic dining experience from sunrise to sunset, and bask in the warm and welcoming ambience. Gather with your family, friends and bring along your pets! Furry friends are welcome in their alfresco dining area!

Kick start your day with their signature brunch items, that are available until 2pm daily. Be spoilt for choice with their extensive all day dining menu with comfort food, featuring pastas, pizzas, burgers and more!

Indulge in the comfort of surrounding nature only at Canopy!


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Smoked Duck Salad
    • Eggs Oyako
    • Hot Cake
    • Lobster Pomodoro
    • Canopy Angus Cheese Burger
    • Salmon in Broth
    • Sticky Date Puddng
    • and many more

Location: 382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931 &

01-01, 33 Hyderabad Road, HortPark, Singapore 119578

Contact:  +65 6556 1533

Website: https://www.canopygardendining.com/

5. Wild Wood Cafe


Wild Wood Cafe is a hidden gem located in Woodlands that offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The cafe is known for its handcrafted coffee and a menu of hearty comfort food. Some of their must-try dishes include the Wild Wood Breakfast and Pulled Pork Burger. Wild Wood is a simple bistro-style cafe located on the first floor of the Wisteria shopping mall, the same as the shopping mall where PocoLoco is located.

You can call these foods “standard cafe food”, which includes an all-day breakfast set, burger, pasta, and savoury waffle combo. They serve light bites too. 

Residents of Yishun should find a convenient place to brunch or do some work at the Wild Wood Café (there is free Wi-Fi).

The breakfast set is considered cheap, but this place may not be suitable for the general public. As the opening speed of Singapore cafes slows down, my suggestion to Wild Wood Café is to add personality to the dishes and possibly introduce one or two unique brunches.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Char-Grilled Soy Chicken Brioche
    • Petit Chef
    • King’s Breakfast Platter
    • Shrooms n’ Scrambles
    • Sauteed Shrooms Salad
    • and many more

Location: 598 Yishun Ring Road #01-51/52 Wisteria Mall Singapore, Singapore 768698

Contact: +65 87692069

Website: https://www.facebook.com/WildWoodCafeSG/

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6. Grub


Notice: Grub is temporarily closed until further notice.

They’re blessed to call Singapore their home. Their menu is inspired by local flavours with a touch of Japanese influence – and driven by great produce from all over the world. Each dish is carefully thought out for flavour and affordability, like their signature burger buns made from French butter, natural yeast and a slow-fermentation process; and their desserts made in small batches in their own kitchens. You’ll find them in one of the largest urban parks in Singapore that features a beautiful meandering river and rich biodiversity. Do take a stroll in Bishan Park and take in the flora and fauna, as a fitting end to your meal.

Their promise is that everything that appears on your plate has been carefully thought through and weighed out to give the best balance between quality and affordability.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Spanish French Toast
    • Maple Bacon with Waffle
    • Miso-Glazed Salmon Steak
    • Har Cheong Fried Chicken with Waffles
    • GRUB Double Cheeseburger
    • GRUB Kaya Burnt Cheesecake
    • and many more

Location: 510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park, Pond Gardens), Carpark entrance along Sin Ming ave, Singapore 56998

Contact: +65 88919298

Website: https://www.facebook.com/grub.com.sg

7. Wheeler’s Estate


Wheelers Estate is a charming cafe located in Seletar that offers a unique dining experience in a rustic and vintage setting. The cafe is housed in a restored black and white colonial house, and its lush green surroundings make it the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend brunch or dinner. Their menu features a mix of local and Western cuisine, with dishes such as the Crab Meat Linguine and Grilled Pork Chop.

It’s where life, play, and gastronomy meets. Set amidst rustic vibes that blend with lush, abundant nature at every corner, it’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. At Wheeler’s Estate, there’s something for everyone. Dine in airy, spacious verandahs, soak up live tunes by the bar, hold a private solemnization in an exquisite greenhouse, relax by the lawn with a picnic, or explore their community on foot — or two wheels. Built and designed to create open, communal spaces — the 2-acre wide former British Married Officers’ Quarters-turned heritage building will present you with an experience of a whole new world. So come over, and make yourselves at home. They serve light bites too. 


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Housemade Focaccia Bread
    • Capesante
    • Cold Angel Hair Pasta
    • The Verandah Aglio Olio
    • Iberico Pork Tenderloin
    • Wheeler’s Signature ‘Tomahawk’
    • Mediterranean Mussel & Clam Broth
    • and many more

Location: 2 Park Lane, Singapore 798386, Seletar Aerospace Park

Contact: +65 62620001

Website: https://www.wheelersestate.com/

8. Holy Cow Creamery


Holy Cow Creamery is a quaint little cafe located in Yishun that offers a wide selection of artisanal ice cream flavors. The cafe’s minimalist decor and cozy atmosphere make it a great spot for an afternoon treat or a post-dinner dessert. Some of their popular flavors include the Earl Grey Lavender and Sea Salt Caramel.

Holy Cow Creamery is an ice cream parlour which serves quality ice cream & sorbets made fresh in-house. Paired with crispy waffles and coffee, come get your fix today!

Yummy. Refreshing. Happiness.
You can never go wrong with Ice Cream.

Nestled amidst the quiet, laid-back charms of the old Yishun town, Holy Cow Creamery is the choice chill-out spot. Northerners now have a place to call their own, just a stone’s throw distance from home.
Enjoy the delicious ice cream concocted in their very own kitchen, paired with their crisp waffles. Come try their aromatic coffee and creamy milkshakes, while basking in the serenity of the neighborhood.
Escape to the North for your dose of Ice Cream & good times. Recharge your happy meters at Holy Cow Creamery today. See you soon!


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Golden Waffle with maple syrup
    • Charcoal Waffle with Salted caramel sauce
    • Apple Crumble
    • Premium-Ice Cream Scoop
    • Epicure-Ice Cream Scoop
    • Choc Lava Cake
    • and many more

Location: 292 Yishun St 22 #01-291 Yishun, Singapore 760292

Contact: info.holycowcreamery@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/HolyCowCreamery.SG/

9. Thus Coffee


Thus Coffee serves specialty coffee micro-roasted in-house, craft beers, wines as well as all-day brunch and dinner options. Nestled in Sembawang Hills estate, their humble establishment aims to offer affordable yet extensive range of quality meals to local community. They serve light bites too. 


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Salmon Grain Bowl
    • Smoked Beef Brisket Burger
    • Smoked Pulled Pork & Scramble Croissant
    • THUS Breakfast
    • Wagyu Beef Grain Bowl
    • Linguine Puttanesca
    • Tangy Meetball Stew
    • Grapefruit Oasis
    • and many more

Location: 4 Jalan Kuras Singapore, Singapore 577723

Contact: +65 84117565

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thuscoffeesg

10. Sueno


Sueno Cafe (SG) is a small and cosy cafe located at 888 Plaza. They offer a wide selection of cakes which they retail via online channels such as Food Panda. However, you can have a taste of their delectable cakes as well as their delicious acai bowls and waffles set at their cafe if you are at Woodlands area. For those that prefer something that’s less sweet, you can try their shepherd’s pie, a potato-based pie with ground beef, cheese, carrots, peas and onions. They serve light bites too. 


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Acai Bowl
    • Waffles Set
    • Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
    • Bubblegum Candy Cake
    • Chocolate Rainbow Cake
    • and many more

Location: 50, #01-753 Woodlands Drive 50, 888 plaza, 730888


Website: https://www.facebook.com/SowlCoffee

11. Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe


Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe is a hidden cafe away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The owner is a vintage bicycle collector, and he proudly displays his beautiful vintage bicycles everywhere in the cafe. The interior is awesome.

In addition, dining at this bicycle cafe is a unique experience in itself. Diners can see private bikes taking off from Seletar Airport next to the bike cafe.


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Sirloin Steak
    • Katsu Don
    • Unatamadon
    • Beef Kebab
    • Charcoal Chicken Burger
    • Ayam Panggang
    • Beef Rendang
    • and many more

Location: 80 Seletar Aerospace View, MAJ Aviation Building Singapore, Singapore 797563

Contact: +65 66596124

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SoekSeng1954BicycleCafe

12. Geláre Causeway Point


Geláre was founded in 1987 with the opening of its first store in Fremantle, Western Australia, specialising in gourmet ice cream.
Produced with fresh milk and cream using top quality ingredients and advanced ice cream manufacturing technology, Geláre ice cream is creamier, thicker and more intensely flavoured. Its product range later expanded to include bake-to-order waffles that become a divine match with its ice cream much-loved by many.
Beyond a place for dessert, Geláre has now grown into a cafe that serves full meals such as premium pastas, sandwiches, salads, freshly brewed coffee and other hot food items – making it the ultimate place for customers to treat themselves.


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Classic Waffle Set
    • Rocky Road Set
    • Muddy Buddy
    • Chocolate Overload
    • Pralines & Cream
    • and many more

Location: 03-K06/K07/K08 Causeway Point, 1 Woodlands Square, 738099

Contact: +65 68846884

Website: gelare.com.sg

13. Wildseed Cafe & Bar @ The Summerhouse


Nestled within The Summerhouse, summer lingers through the floral Wildseed Café with nature all around. The indoor air-conditioned garden dining space and the breezy outdoor pet-friendly area is decked out with plants and florals, resulting in a scent-filled garden atmosphere.

Wildseed is an inviting home away from home where you can bask in the countryside of Seletar and relax with your friends, families and furry companions,
with hearty brunch fare, good coffee and more.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Big Pan Breakfast
    • Bagel Eggs Benny
    • Soft Shell Chilli Crab Linguine
    • Wildseed Garden Arrabiata
    • Grilled Sea Bass Fillet
    • Truffle Mayonnaise Curly Fries
    • and many more

Location: 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387

Contact: +65 96439116

Website: https://www.wildseedcafe.sg/the-summerhouse

14. Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro


Established in 2009, Cheval café is nestled in the tranquil Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre. The relaxing views of the lush landscape and horses’ sanctuary are complemented by an expansive range of homely and delectable bistro food. And, there is a free parking as well.

Their latest outlet opens up at Kensington Square, with just a short 15 mins walk from Bartley MRT. Come interact with their experienced & friendly crew, while enjoying the delicious food served to you.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Big Pan Breakfast
    • Bagel Eggs Benny
    • Soft Shell Chilli Crab Linguine
    • Wildseed Garden Arrabiata
    • Grilled Sea Bass Fillet
    • Truffle Mayonnaise Curly Fries
    • and many more

Location: Multiple locations

Contact: +65 6269 0918

Website: https://www.cheval.com.sg/

15. Yahava Koffee Works


Yahava KoffeeWorks is really an adventure company.

It was founded in 2001 by the not very famous Dutch explorer and coffee fanatic Alex Kok (aka the Koffee Baron). The Baron’s dream was to travel the world’s great coffee growing regions on his motorbike and discover the very best of the best coffees, then ship the beans back to Western Australia. In his Metricup Road shed he would roast the coffee beans to perfection, carefully grinding and then brewing the most indescribably good coffees. People came from far and wide just to sample the Baron’s coffee.

No one really knew the Baron but his Yahava coffees and his little shed became famous. Today they still travel the world looking for the very best coffee beans and they roast and brew their coffee exactly as The Baron taught them.

Now it is your turn to explore the fabulous world of coffee and tea.

Good luck with your adventures and never be afraid to try something new or ask a question. They guarantee you will discover something new and just maybe you will stumble across something that could change your life.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Flat White
    • Mokha
    • Doppio Espresso
    • Piccolo
    • Chok Chai
    • and many more

Location: 50 Tagore Ln, #B1-02 EBC Lifestyle Hub, Singapore 787494

Contact: +65 65547080

Website: https://www.yahava.sg/

16. Poison Ivy Bistro


Poison Ivy bistro takes farm-to-table food back down to earth with its wholesome and hearty cooking style and cheap and cheerful prices. They also use their fresh produce for value-added farm products such as banana bread, tapioca and sweet potato chips, sambal and kaya!

Their ala-carte menu is seasonal and changes often for you to enjoy the freshest food!


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Bollywings
    • Nasi Lemak Platter
    • Bollywood Big Breakfast
    • Warrior’s Chicken Curry
    • Healthy Vegetarian Thali
    • Famous Chocolate Banana Cake
    • Kueh Kosui
    • Affogato
    • Chin Chow
    • and many more

Location: Bollywood Veggies, 100 Neo Tiew Road (Kranji), Singapore 719026

Contact: +65 68985001

Website: https://bollywoodveggies.com.sg/poison-ivy-bistro/

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