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Top 10 Best Sites for Printable Gift Wrapping Papers

Preparing to give your loved ones a handmade gift? Do it up nicely with a nice gift wrap or wrapping paper. Why go the extra mile to prepare or select a gift if you do not wrap it up in something that does not quite fit the occasion? The good news is, there are sites which offer free printable gift wraps for all occasions. This is the instant fix: free printable wrapping paper. Fortunately, there are many graphic designers who have kindly released their creative assets onto the web for ordinary folks like you and me to download and print for free. Tropika Club shares with you 10 of the best sites which offer free printable gift wrap and wrapping paper.

1. Almost Makes Perfect

Introduction: Almost Makes Perfect is a well-maintained blog by Molly who shares great tips on crafts, cooking and decorating with reader fans of her blog page.

i’m molly.

i used to spend my days working freelance as a designer and TV editor and am now a work-at-home mom. my husband gideon and i moved into our first house in the valley and then we had arlo!

i grew up in newton, massachusetts but moved to los angeles during high school.

i love lobster rolls, horror movies and the beach boys. i would have my proverbial hypothetical dinner with john lennon, howard stern & larry david, and we would eat fish tacos and margaritas and we’d become best friends forever.

i named this blog because i could never do anything perfectly. EVER. it’s always been frustrating but i’ve learned to accept it, and learned that it’s part of the process. i’m too impatient to prime or let the paint dry all the way. i TRY to be super good at crafting. cooking. decorating. try being the operative word. i mess stuff up. you’ll see. but if you scroll way back to the beginning of the blog, i am clear proof that if you get your 10,000 hours in – you will get better! you’ll get frustrated, you might swear a bit and want to punch something, but you’ll get better.

Offerings: Printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://almostmakesperfect.com/

2. Make and Tell

Introduction: Make and Tell is created by Steph, an Australian who shares her illustrations and designs as free art for her ever-growing list of readers from all over the world.

Hi, I’m Steph and I love to draw. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I’m lucky to be married to my best friend, with a little girl who’s growing up way too quickly for my liking! When I’m not sketching up a storm, I enjoy nothing better than lazing about on the sandy beaches and at the lovely cafes that surround my home.

Founded in 2014, I set up Make and Tell to share my love of crafts and DIY. But as the years passed, I came to realise I had an even greater passion for illustration and so this site morphed into a place where I can upload my latest work and share free art for you to use in your own projects.

My main goal is to brighten your day with playful designs and colours. If you leave here filled with inspiration and armed with new ways to create, then I’m a happy gal!

Known for my cheeky, fun style, through Make and Tell I’ve partnered with brands like Etsy, Urban Outfitters, Mollie Magazine and The Reject Shop to come up with unique ways to get creative.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://makeandtell.com/

3. Oh Happy Day

Introduction: Oh Happy Day is a party shop founded in 2015 as a sister brand to the Oh Happy Day blog, offering happy and bright party supplies.

At Oh Happy Day we believe that dance parties and surprises should happen every day. After years of collecting lanterns from China, street flags from Brazil, confetti from Paris (it’s better there!), and handmade piñatas from Mexico we decided to put it all in one place. The Oh Happy Day Party Shop was founded in 2015 as a sister brand to the blog Oh Happy Day. Natalie & Jake Bowman took over the shop in 2019 and moved the Studio Warehouse to Tacoma, Washington.

The Party Shop offers a large selection of modern and carefully curated party supplies. We have strong opinions about everything from balloons to candles and we only select the best.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://shop.ohhappyday.com/

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4. Titatoni

Introduction: Titatoni’s website cum blog is unfortunately not in English language, but that is not stopping many visitors from visiting her page and checking out her interesting motifs and designs. Most of her free downloads are located as her FREEBIES section, which includes the free printable gift wrappers. Visit the free section via this link.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://titatoni.de/

5. Mr Printables

Introduction: Welcome to Mr P! Enjoy tons of fresh ideas for preschool learningkids activitieskids craftsparty printablesholiday fun and even DIYs for beautiful kids room decorations! Making millions of families happy since 2011. Mr P is a friendly site offering creative and educational free printables for children and families. Mr Printables is supported by advertising and our sponsors in order to keep our original high-quality contents free for all to enjoy.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://mrprintables.com/

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6. Ella Claire & Co

Introduction: Ella Claire & Co is a home and decor blog started by Kristen where she shares holiday and home decoration ideas as well as interesting recipes.

Hi, I’m Kristen! I’m so glad you’re here to visit my home and lifestyle blog, Ella Claire & Co. where I share my favorite holiday and home decor, DIY projects, easy recipes, and entertaining ideas. 

I believe that every home, no matter the size or style, can be a beautiful and happy place. 

Growing up here in Idaho, I love the slower paced life. Some of my fondest memories are of baking in the kitchen with my mom and sisters, sewing new pillows or curtains for our home, yard sailing on the weekends to find antiques to decorate with, and helping my dad chop wood out back. My husband and I are working toward raising our littles in the same way.

I have had a passion for interior design for as long as I can remember. I would always pour over my mom’s magazines and bookmark all of my favorite pages, dreaming of my future home and family. I would also decorate and redecorate my room (and every other room in the house). 

I started my first blog back in 2008 to showcase the flowers I created for my special event and wedding clients. In 2012, after I had my first baby, I shifted direction a little and began documenting all of my home decor projects and recipes with this blog, which included sprinkling my love of floral design and entertaining. 

I feel so blessed to have this space and to be able to meet all of you. My hope is to leave this world a little more beautiful than I found it- through celebrating the simple, the everyday- the things that make home, home.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://www.ellaclaireinspired.com/

7. Something Peach

Introduction: Something Peach was started by Jinny, an Australian-based designer who uses the blog to showcase her digital creatives and illustrations as well as DIY projects on everything under the sun.

Hi! I’m Jinny Park, a Melbourne based digital designer, illustrator, crafter and recently married to my beloved supportive husband Mark.

I have a huge love for art, design, crafts and everything artsy. Even though I enjoy my digital work as a full time web designer, I also take my time away from the computer to interact with a piece of paper and pen in my hands.

The blog is a visual journal for me to keep my personal work and stay motivated. You will see a lot of my illustrations and DIY projects.

I specialise in web design, app, branding, as well as illustration. I just love designing everything and I’m blessed to have the skills to do something I’m passionate about.

Please contact me via email if you would like to discuss about your project!

Hope you enjoy my posts, thanks for dropping by!

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link



Introduction: HGTV is an American pay television channel owned by Discovery, Inc. The network primarily broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement and real estate. As of February 2015, approximately 95,628,000 American households receive HGTV. Besides TV programming, they do share useful resources from time to time, such as downloadable printable gift wrapping papers.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://www.hgtv.com/

9. wripwrapwrop

Introduction: WriWrapWrop is a fantastic online resource which allows you to create a gift wrap of your own design, which you can customise to several colour palette and motifs. Choose from Basic, Topic, Confidential, Guilloche or Text (yes, you can customise this too!) and then select the colour scheme which suits your fancy, then download in A3 or A4 sizes and print it at your own convenience. The fonts used and all free to use and can also be downloaded from fontsquirrel or Google Web Fonts.

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://wripwrapwrop.com/en/

10. More Style Than Cash


 More Style Than Cash is a great blog site which has unfortunately closed down in 2021. The author has decided to continue to maintain the site without any new content, but retaining all the useful resources for those who need them. This includes the free printing wrapping paper and wrapping ideas. Check out the free printable question mark gift wrapping paper.

So you want to give fabulous gifts to the people in your life but money is so tight it seems impossible?  You would love to entertain in lavish style but you just don’t think that it is possible? There are amazing inexpensive alternatives to pricey gifts and  costly entertaining and I’m going to show you how to seek them out!  I want to teach you how easy it can be to give fabulous parties and extraordinary gifts without having a 6 figure income

Offerings: Check printable gift wraps via this link

Website: https://www.morestylethancash.com/


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