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What to Eat at Siglap Singapore

Looking for a food adventure in Singapore? Why not head over to Siglap, where you’ll find a smorgasbord of delicious options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for some traditional hawker fare, international cuisine, or something completely out of the box, Siglap has got you covered. So let’s grab a fork and dive in!

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#1 – House of Peranakan Cuisine

Introduction: Established in Katong in the 1980s, the House of Peranakan Group of restaurants is a pioneer in Nonya cuisine, managed by a pure Peranakan family for three generations. Inspired by his mother’s culinary skills, Bob Seah wanted to share his family’s culinary culture with others. He established Peranakan Inn in the 1980s, one of the earliest Nonya restaurants in Singapore housed in a charming pre-war Peranakan shophouse built in 1937, which is still serving piping hot Nonya cuisine in clay pots today.

If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique culinary experience in Singapore, look no further than the House of Peranakan Cuisine. This restaurant is dedicated to serving up traditional Peranakan dishes, which blend the flavors of Chinese and Malay cuisine to create something truly special. From spicy curries to savory stews, every dish is bursting with flavor and steeped in history. So come on in and take a seat at the table – you’re in for a treat!

Menu Items:

  • Long Beans Sambal $14.00
  • Nonya Crayfish (12 pcs) $32.00
  • Beef Rendang $19.80
  • Bakwang Kepiting $14.80
  • Nonya Mee $17.60
  • Curry Fish Head Set Menu for 4-5 Pax $148.00
  • Nonya Ngoh Hiang $10.00

Location: 210 East Coast Road, Singapore, 428909

Contact: +65 9647 6106

Website: Website Link Here

#2 – Next Door Spanish Café


Two Spaniards realized they had the same dream; They dreamt of a place where they could recreate Spain with food, wine, and culture.

Bringing the authentic traditional taste and culture of Spain to the quaint neighborhood of Siglap, an Andalusian chef and a Basque wine lover brought Next Door Spanish Cafe to life! They vow to continue the warm hospitality of their friends who previously opened the Adriatic-based Next Door Cafe in 2008 of home-styled service & food from the heart.

If you’re craving some authentic Spanish cuisine in the heart of Singapore, look no further than Next Door Spanish Café. This cozy restaurant offers a range of classic dishes, from hearty paella to crispy croquetas, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal with friends, the friendly staff and inviting atmosphere at Next Door Spanish Café will make you feel right at home. So grab a glass of sangria and get ready to indulge in some of the best Spanish fare in town!

Menu Items:

  • Sourdough Bread $3.00
  • Pan con Tomate $7.00
  • Paella de Marisco $34.00
  • Costillar de Cordero (250g) $34.00
  • Churros con Chocolate $10.00
  • Sangria $56.00

Location: 699 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459061

Contact: +65 8168 4009

Website: Website Link Here

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#3 – Jin Wee Restaurant

Introduction: An old-fashioned family own Hainanese Kopitiam since 1963. Jin Wee Restaurant is about as local as it gets in Siglap. The quality of food coming from this little hawker cum coffee shop is Michelin Star grade as it is consistent every single time. You have to come for their Signature charcoal chicken soup that is baked for hours in this huge earthenware urn at the front of the restaurant.

Menu Items:

  • Oyster Omelette $10 / $15
  • Stir-Fried Beef with Curry $12 / $18
  • Claypot Chicken $12 / $18
  • Yam Basket $18
  • Claypot Home-made Beancurd $10 / $15
  • Sliced Fish Hor Fun $6 to $12

Location: 928 East Coast Road Singapore, Singapore 459117

Contact: 9852 7066

Website: Website Link Here


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#4 – ThaiPan


For a taste of authentic Thai cuisine in Singapore, head to ThaiPan. This popular restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, from classic curries to spicy salads and stir-fries, all made with fresh ingredients and traditional Thai spices. Whether you’re in the mood for something mild or craving a fiery kick, ThaiPan has something for everyone. Plus, the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a casual lunch or dinner with friends. So why not stop by and treat your taste buds to some delicious Thai cuisine?

Menu Items:

  • Butter Squid $12 / $15 / $18
  • Steam Whole Fish Assam Style $32
  • Double Boiled Soup of the day $6
  • Jing Du Pork Chop $10 / $15
  • Cereal Chicken $10 / $15 / $20
  • Fat Choy Yu Sheng with Sliced Abalone $38.80 / $46.80 / $68.80
  • Fat Choy Yu Sheng Set from $98

Location: 175 Albert St, #01-02 Inside iBis Styles Singapore Albert Hotel, Singapore 189970

Contact: +65 8869 4272

Website: Website Link Here

#5 – Plank Pizza Sourdough


Plank Pizza Sourdough is a must-visit spot for pizza lovers in Singapore. This cozy restaurant specializes in wood-fired pizzas made with sourdough crusts, which are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. With a wide range of toppings to choose from, including classic Margherita and creative options like truffle mushroom and prosciutto with fig jam, there’s something for everyone at Plank Pizza Sourdough. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even create your own custom pizza by choosing your own toppings. With its rustic decor and friendly service, Plank Pizza Sourdough is the perfect spot for a casual dinner with friends or family.

Menu Items:

  • Pizzas from $25
  • Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs $19.90
  • Caprese Salad (Vegetarian) $13.00
  • Prawn Aglio Olio $18.50
  • Chicken Tenders $12.00
  • Plank Affogato $10.00
  • Beers $11.50

Location: 1 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455700

Contact: 6448 9288

Website: Website Link Here

#6 – Kota 88

Introduction: In Kota88 Restaurant, they serve Masakan Tionghoa Indonesia (Chinese Indonesian Cuisine), which is a mix of Chinese dishes with local Indonesian culinary characteristics. It all started with Chinese immigrants in Indonesia many years ago where this traditional cooking style became an expression of their culture which is the inspirational backbone for their restaurant. Hailing from Glodok, Jakarta’s Chinatown, they are proud to bring their succulent heritage to Singapore, and present the Kota88 Restaurant at 907 East Coast Road.

Menu Items:

  • Ayam Kungpao $14.88
  • Bebek Panggang $29.88 / $51.88
  • Cap Cai $12.88
  • Ayam Kungpao $14.88
  • Bebek Panggang $29.88 / $51.88
  • Cap Cai $12.88
  • Fu Yung Hai $13.88
  • Sup Asparagus Kepiting $18.88
  • Nasi Goreng Spesial Kota88 $11.88
  • Indonesia Es Juice from $4.88

Location: 907 E Coast Rd, #01-02, Singapore 459107

Contact: 6242 2645

Website: Website Link Here

#7 – Springleaf Prata Place


Springleaf Prata Place is a popular restaurant chain in Singapore, known for its delicious and affordable Indian food. The restaurant’s main specialty is the prata, a crispy Indian flatbread that is served with various savory and sweet toppings. At Springleaf Prata Place, customers can enjoy a wide variety of prata options, from classic egg prata to unique creations like cheese onion prata and chocolate prata.

Aside from prata, Springleaf Prata Place also offers other Indian dishes such as biryani, tandoori chicken, and murtabak. Vegetarian options are also available for those who prefer plant-based meals. The restaurant has a casual and laid-back ambiance, making it a popular spot for families and friends to gather for a hearty and satisfying meal. With its affordable prices and delicious food, Springleaf Prata Place is definitely a must-try for foodies in Singapore.

Menu Items:

  • South Indian Menu -1 (Two Meat Dish) from $10.70 per pax
  • North Indian Menu from $19.26 per pax
  • Vegetarian Menu from $9.60 per pax
  • High Tea Menu from $10.70 per pax

Location: 57B Jln Tua Kong, Singapore 457253

Contact: 6636 2935

Website: Website Link Here

#8 – Lai Huat Sambal Fish Restaurant

Introduction: There was once a Grand Master of frying fresh fish, and Lai Huat is his name. Lai Huat Sambal Fish at Upper East Coast, opened at the beginning of 2012 by grandson and chef Patrick Lim, continues a half-century-long lineage of impeccable seafood dishes and is one of 4 current spin-offs of the original local treasure of a similar name.

Chef Patrick amusingly shares how although all the other Lai Huat ‘branches’ are members of his extended family, they operate independently and are adamant that his sambal has been uplifted beyond the original recipe.

Menu Items:

  • Red Grouper Steamboat $40 / $55 / $65
  • Prawn Paste Chicken $12 / $16 / $22
  • Signature Combination Platter $88
  • Claypot Tofu $12 / $18 / $24
  • Salted Fish Bean Sprout $9 / $12 / $16
  • Marmite Pork ribs $12 / $16 / $22
  • Poached Prawns $20 / $30 / $40
  • Seafood Soup $7 / $11 / $15

Location: 17 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 455208

Contact: 6448 9077

Website: Website Link Here

#9 – Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

Introduction: Pasta Fresca was born of romance, a former diving specialist, Salvatore settled in Singapore after meeting his Singaporean wife. To explore his other love, which is cooking for others, he started his business in 1988 with a simple Italian restaurant with only three tables. The young entrepreneur’s insistence on using the freshest and best ingredients and his legendary friendliness with customers quickly made authentic South Italian food, and Pasta Fresca, into a hit with Singaporeans.

The restaurant boasts an extensive menu featuring classic Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and risotto, all made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. The pasta is handmade daily, and the pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, ensuring a crispy crust and perfect texture. Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore also offers an extensive wine list to complement your meal. With its cozy ambiance and delicious food, it’s no wonder why Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Menu Items:

  • Filetto Di Salmone $36.90
  • Alla Pastora $24.90
  • Trancio Di Pesce Spada $33.90
  • Risotto AI Frutti Di Mare $28.90
  • Alfredo $25.90
  • Calamari Fritti $19.90
  • Zuppa Della Casa $12.90
  • Affogato Al Caffe $13.90
  • Panna Cotta $13.90

Location: 9 Upper E Coast Rd, #01-01, Singapore 455203

Contact: 6241 5560

Website: Website Link Here

#10 – The Royals Café

Introduction: The Royals Cafe Siglap is a cozy and friendly Halal restaurant-cafe serving Halal foods. They pride themselves on their Signature Nyonya Mee Siam. Also, the Braised Beef Cheek and Braised Lamb Shank is a must-try. The Halal restaurant also serves all-Day Breakfast. Indulge in Mini Pies, Shepherd’s Pies, Sliced and Whole Cakes. Of course, this is great if you need a birthday cake at the last minute. Perfect for birthday celebrations! Furthermore, free cake samples are provided. Not to mention, kids’ meals are also available.

The Royals Cafe also provides an adorable lego corner for children to play in. Thus, enjoy your meals while your children play with ease. 

Menu Items:

  • Signature Mee Siam $8
  • Ikan Bakar with Basmati Corn Pilaf Rice $18
  • Linguine with Meatballs in Tomato Sauce $15
  • Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon $16.50
  • Crabcake Burger $16
  • Mini Chicken Pie $2
  • Quinoa Salad $9

Location: 19 Upper East Coast Road. Singapore 455209

Contact: 8481 0080

Website: Website Link Here

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