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What to Eat at Toa Payoh Singapore

What to Eat at Toa Payoh Singapore

Toa Payoh is a planning area located in the central region of Singapore. The name Toa Payoh originates from a Hokkien phrase tua peh kow which means “big old swamp”. Toa Payoh was historically a Chinese village situated within Kampong Kembangan. Toa Payoh began to develop rapidly in the 1960s as part of Singapore’s urbanization drive. If you happen to be at this neighbourhood, then check out these eating places.

What to Eat at Toa Payoh Singapore

#1 – Oasis Bay Taiwan Porridge

Introduction: For more than 38 years, the Oasis Taiwan Porridge restaurant’s mainstay has been the humble Taiwan porridge, a traditional staple for many Asians. Patrons old and young have downed countless mouthwatering bowls of pearly white rice grains boiled to perfection with chunks of hand-picked fragrant sweet potatoes. The piping hot gruel is light, fat-free and easily digested.

The free flow of the porridge makes a perfect complement to the myriad of delectable dishes whipped up by their experienced chefs who are able to churn out hot favourites at an alarming pace that does not compromise food quality.

While the restaurant has introduced interesting new cuisine to cater to diners’ need for new tastes, traditional signature dishes like Pomfret with Bean Sauce, Stewed Pork in traditional Taiwanese style, Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish, Sambal Kangkong, Lean Minced Meat marinated with golden brown Salted Egg Yolk, Braised Beancurd, Chyepoh Omelette and Raw Cockles served with special Chilli Dip remains.

Menu Items:

  • Oasis Cold Dish $60 / $80
  • Stewed Pork with Salted Vegetable $14 / $20 / $22
  • Deer Meat (Spring onion/ Black Pepper / Celery) $18 / $25 / $30
  • Herbal Paste Chicken Mid Wings $9 / $13 / $18
  • Braised Duck with Tau Kwa $18 / $32
  • Thai Style Cockles $12
  • 3 Types of Eggs with Chinese Spinach $12 / $16 / $22
  • Fried Eggs with Fish Maw $25

Location: Toa Payoh Town Park 303 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 Singapore 319393

Contact: +65 63464418

Website: Website Link Here


#2 – The Larder Café

Introduction: The Larder Cafe serves a variety of quality food and drinks. It’s a good place to meet friends and chill out in the heartland of Toa Payoh and Serangoon Garden.

Its name “Larder” (pronounced as lahr-der, not ladder) represents a place where food is kept, not exactly a place where food is cooked with lard.

Menu Items:

  • Arrabbiata Linguine $14.90
  • Seafood Gratin $18.50
  • Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict $18
  • Yakitori Lime Chicken $13.90
  • Saba Fish Rice Bowl $11.50
  • Black Mama Pork Burger $16.50
  • Ondeh Ondeh Slice $7
  • Pandan Coconut Latte $5.30

Location: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-124 Singapore 310177 (Toa Payoh MRT)

Contact: +65 6253 8382

Website: Website Link Here


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#3 – Niche Savoureuse

Introduction: Niche takes pride in serving the finest food to their customers just as they nourish their own family. Quality is ensured through a process of refining their recipes and creations – no shortcuts. What they create is not limited by their size.

Much thought and many man hours have gone into all their creations; Food that isn’t made by them, They don’t sell, and at Niche Savoureuse they do not prioritize their creations to be “Instagram worthy”, rather its quality, taste & affordability – which is why they have a strong following of loyal guests.

Menu Items:

  • Pizzas from $19.80
  • Lasagne from $45
  • Tartes from $3.50
  • Cakes from $7.90

Location: Blk 128 Lor 1, #01-833, Singapore 310128

Contact: +65 96335108

Website: Website Link Here


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#4 – Lee Fun Nam Kee Chicken Rice

Introduction: For as long as Singaporeans could remember, Chicken Rice is the ubiquitous dish that placated growling stomachs in the most satisfying way. But in the 1960s, a new variant of this old favourite began to capture the hearts of both the young and old. Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, as it was called, was rich in taste and exuded a flavour that boasted its Hong Kong origins. Little did people know that in 1968 at a small hawker stall nestled in Toa Payoh, an innovative young chef was about to change all that.

By blending harmonious flavours familiar to Singaporeans, Lee Nam created the truly original Singapore Soya Sauce Chicken Rice. The sauce was more hearty and thicker and more succulent, yet it was irresistibly healthy. It was a recipe that appealed to locals instantly, and it didn’t take long before this gastronomic delight became a staple part of many Singaporeans’ lives.

Menu Items:

  • Original Soya Sauce Chicken $11
  • Lee Fun Nam Kee Famous Crispy Roast Pork
  • Shrimp Dumpling Noodle $7
  • Special Sauce Silky Hor-Fun $3
  • Lee Fun Nam Kee Famous Oyster Sauce Kai-Lan $8
  • Lotus Root Double Boiled Soup $17

Location: 94 Lorong 4 Tao Payoh, #01-04

Contact: +65 62550891

Website: Website Link Here

#5 – Uggli Muffins

Introduction: With culinary experience dating back to 1969, the creators of Uggli MuffinsTM have formulated a secret recipe and a unique method of baking. Browned in the oven to a rich, dark shade, each handmade muffin has its own crusty, caramelized top, intensifying its flavours and fragrance. This, combined with their naturally irregular shape, express the delicious character and soul of Uggli Muffins’ perfect imperfection.

Menu Items:

  • Chocolate Baby Muffins from $0.30
  • Blueberry Baby Muffins from $0.30
  • Raisin and Orange Baby Muffins from $0.30
  • Banana and Walnut Baby Muffins from $0.30
  • Cranberry Baby Muffins from $0.30
  • Kraft Cheese and Walnut Baby Muffins from $0.30

Location: 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #02-34 Singapore 310127

Contact: +65 98779020

Website: Website Link Here


#6 – Kelly Jie Seafood (Former TPY Mellben)

Introduction: In 1998, the year of the fortitudinous dragon, a humble little stall, serving mouth-watering seafood dishes, started plying its business along Alexander Road.

Mellben Seafood has since expanded to various outlets and earned for themselves a reputation for serving consistently good sumptuous seafood.

Over the past decade, Kelly has become an icon at her outlet where regular diners greet her as Kelly Jie (“Jie” is a fond reference for “sister” in Chinese culture). Kelly’s dedication and consuming passion for what pleasure food can bring to diners, has produced a delightful new repertoire of seafood cuisine.

Menu Items:

  • ‘Kan Xiang’ Mee Tai Mak $12
  • Kelly Signature Salted Egg Fried Rice $12
  •  Claypot Crab Thick Bee Hoon Soup $83.90
  • Salt & Pepper Crab $83.90
  • Appetizing Topshell $20.10
  • Yam Ring with Seafood $27
  •  Kelly Superior Four Treasure Soup (per pax) $43.10
  • Three Taste Pork Ribs $36.20
  • Signature Fortune Chicken

Location: Blk 211 Toa Payoh Lorong 8 #01-11/15, Singapore 310211

Contact: +65 6353 3120

Website: Website Link Here

#7 – Shrove Tuesday

Introduction: Long ago, Shrove Tuesday is a day for feasting and having a good time. It falls on a day before Lent, a period before Easter. Because rich food such as eggs, butter, and milk was forbidden during Lent, one way of using them up would be to make pancakes – in their case AWESOME WAFFLES AND ICE CREAM! Now Shrove Tuesday has evolved into a day of frivolity and indulgence, during which people participate in as much pleasure and self-gratification as they can before Lent begins!

Menu Items:

  • American Beef Pie $7.50
  • Chicken Lasagne $9.50
  • Margherita Pizza $16
  • Chicken Baked Rice $9.50
  • Chicken Yakitori Skewers $5
  • Specialty Coffee and Chocolate from $3.50
  • Artisan Tea from $4.90
  • Milkshakes (Create Your Own Milkshake) from $7.50

Location: 94 Lorong 4 Tao Payoh, Tao Payoh, Singapore

Contact: +65 62582254

Website: Website Link Here


#8 – Teochew Handmade Pau

Introduction: Teochew Handmade Pau’s journey began on a promise that Mr Yeoh made to his late wife in 1993 – to bring up their 3 children and support their pursuit of further education.

Since the 1990s when Mr Yeoh was mastering his skills in the kitchen, the feel of his hands has been the only scale that guides him. Throughout the process of making each delicately steamed bun, his instincts prompt him on the desired measure of ingredients required to concoct these flavourful delights.

Even under the stewardship of the second generation, the Yeoh family continues the tradition – from handmaking paus to dishing out baskets of our signatures such as kong bak pau (braised pork bun) and longevity bun which often sell out by twelve noon. We also have a variety of classic dim sum favourites like siew mai (traditionally shrimp and pork dumping which we have replaced with fish meat), fan choy (steamed rice with charcoal BBQ pork slices), and lo mai gai (steamed glutinous rice with pork slices) that definitely warrants a try.

Menu Items:

  • Kong Bak Pau $0.90
  • Longevity Pau $0.90
  • Lotus Pau $0.90
  • Special Made Siew Mai $0.90
  • Boy Girl Pau $1.90
  • Pork Pau $1.80
  • Glutinous Rice $1.80

Location: 127 Lor 1 Tao Payoh, #02-02, Singapore 310127

Contact: +65 62542053

Website: Website Link Here

#9 – Yellow Submarines

Introduction: Home of the Best Cheesesteaks.

Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks was a famous eatery in Bugis Junction. It has been closed for several years but turns out, there’s still one remaining outlet in Singapore. It is located at Kim San Leng Food Centre in Bishan.

Menu Items:

  • Sailor’s Baked Rice $8.50
  • Treasure Rolls $5.50
  • C-Class Boomer $5.90
  • Philly Submarine Meal $14.50
  • Shroom Soup (Large) $4.20
  • Sandwich Platter $68
  • Hokkaido Cheese Toast $4.90

Location: Blk 511 Bishan Street 13, 01-522, Singapore, 570511

Contact: +65 9177 0330

Website: Website Link Here

#10 – Kim Keat Hokkien Mee

Introduction: Each strand of the well-fried noodles harbour the flavour of the stock and the ingredients are classic- sotong, fatty pork, lard croutons and prawns with his signature additional topping of manila clams ($3-5). This clay pot version ($10), it’s just more flavourful.

They serve Singapore’s favourite local delight – Hokkien Mee!

Menu Items:

  • Hokkien Mee $4 /$6 /$8 /$10
  • Claypot Hokkien Mee from $10

Location: Tao Payoh Lor 4, Blk 92 #01-264, Tao Payoh, Singapore 310092

Contact: +65 90114400

Website: Website Link Here


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