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X’treme Professional Hair Studio (Bencoolen)

Their name alludes to their absolute dedication to hair and beauty. Get a VIP treatment without breaking your bank at X’treme Professional Hair Studio. The experienced stylists at X’treme Professional Hair Studio are experts at the latest trends and technology in hair services, be it haircut and styling, hair color, rebonding, perming, and more. After a haircut at X’treme Professional Hair Studio, you’ll walk out with the best version of yourself.

  • Opening Hours: 10:30 – 20:30
  • Region: D7 Middle Road, Golden Mile
  • Location: 180 Bencoolen Street #01-29, S189646
  • Tel: 68846637

As a beloved, professional Hair Salon since 2011, X’treme Professional Hair Studio has everything to keep you looking and feeling ravishing for that special occasion you have lined up. They have a full range of hair services ranging from scalp therapy, Japanese protein treatment as well as argan oil and O2 hair booster.

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Signature Services:

Hair Styling & Regrowth

  • Keratin Japanese Rebonding (Medium)
  • Soft Rebonding (Short)
  • Nano Soft Rebonding (Medium)
  • Nano Soft Rebonding (Long)
  • Soft Rebonding (Medium)
  • Keratin Japanese Rebonding (Short)
  • Keratin Japanese Rebonding (Long)
  • Normal Rebonding (Long)
  • Nano Soft Rebonding (Short)
  • Soft Rebonding (Long)
  • H2O Digital Perm
  • Colouring – Organic (Long)
  • Japanese Repair Hair Treatment (Short)
  • H2O Perm (Medium)
  • Colouring – Highlights (Medium)
  • Argn Oil / O2 Hair Booster (Short)
  • Japanese Fashion Perm (Medium)
  • Nano Digital Perm (Short)
  • Colouring – Men’s
  • Normal Perm (Medium)
  • Argn Oil / O2 Hair Booster (Medium)
  • Creative Perm (Short)
  • Digital Perm (Short)
  • Hair Setting (Medium)
  • Japanese Fashion Perm (Short)
  • Normal Perm (Short)
  • Shiseido Detox Solution / Aqua Recharge Freeze Iron (Medium)
  • Shiseido Detox Solution / Aqua Recharge Freeze Iron (Long)
  • Shiseido THC (Medium)
  • Senior Stylist Ladies Haircut (Medium)
  • Japanese Repair Hair Treatment (Long)
  • Director Ladies Haircut (Short)
  • Digital Perm (Long)
  • Wash & Blow (Medium)
  • J-R Intensive Scalp Therapy
  • Colouring – Organic (Medium)
  • Nano Digital Perm (Long)
  • Colouring – Creative (Long)
  • Director Ladies Haircut (Medium)
  • Nano Digital Perm (Medium)
  • Creative Perm (Medium)
  • Japanese Protein Treatment (Medium)
  • Wash & Blow (Short)
  • Ice Cool Soothing Scalp Treatment
  • H2O Perm (Short)
  • Japanese Fashion Perm (Long)
  • Normal Perm (Long)
  • Hair Styling (Medium)
  • Colouring – Highlights (Short)
  • Wash & Blow (Long)
  • Director Men Haircut
  • Colouring – Organic (Short)
  • Hair Setting (Long)
  • Hair Styling (Short)
  • Normal Rebonding (Short)
  • Scalp Therapy (Long)
  • Shiseido THC (Short)
  • H2O Perm (Long)
  • Senior Stylist Ladies Haircut (Long)
  • Child Haircut 12 yrs & below
  • Shiseido Detox Solution / Aqua Recharge Freeze Iron (Short)
  • Digital Perm (Medium)
  • Hair Styling (Long)
  • Scalp Therapy (Medium)
  • Colouring – Highlights (Long)
  • Japanese Repair Hair Treatment (Medium)
  • Scalp Therapy (Short)
  • Normal Rebonding (Medium)
  • Men Haircut
  • Senior Stylist Ladies Haircut (Short)
  • Director Ladies Haircut (Long)
  • Colouring – Creative (Short)
  • Japanese Protein Treatment (Long)
  • Japanese Protein Treatment (Short)
  • Colouring – Creative (Medium)
  • Shiseido THC (Long)
  • Hair Setting (Short)
  • Argn Oil / O2 Hair Booster (Long)
  • Creative Perm (Long)

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