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Red Packet Guide

Your Updated Wedding Ang Bao Red Packet Guide for 2023

Hey there, friend! So, you’ve been invited to a wedding in 2023, and you’re wondering how much to give in the famous red packet, also known as the “Ang Bao.” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this updated Wedding Ang Bao Guide for 2023, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of gifting, the current market rates, and a few tips to help you make the perfect choice for the lovely couple. Read on and get ready to celebrate love while making a great impression!

”Siao liao lor!” If that’s the first thing that came to your mind. “How much am I supposed to give? What is the current market rate? What if I gave them too little?” 

Trust us, we have seen too many scenarios like this and we are an expert to this. If you have no clues at all, or if you find yourself calling your friends frantically over the phone and asking for advice- this is what you need. A guide to Singapore’s wedding ang-bao rates! Find out how much you should insert into the red packet before getting to your friend’s wedding dinner venue.

Red Packet Guide

Importance of Wedding Ang Bao

If you’re invited to a wedding in Singapore, chances are you’ll need to prepare a wedding ang bao. But what is it and why is it important? A wedding ang bao is a red envelope containing money that you give to the newlyweds as a way of blessing them and wishing them happiness. It’s also a way of showing your appreciation for being invited to their special day and helping them cover some of the costs of the wedding banquet.

Wedding ang bao is not just a simple gift, but a tradition that has been passed down for generations. It’s a sign of respect and gratitude to the couple and their families, and a way of sharing in their joy. Giving a wedding ang bao is also a form of etiquette that shows you care about the couple and their culture.

But how much should you give in your wedding ang bao? There’s no fixed amount or rule, but there are some factors that you can consider, such as:

  • The venue and date of the wedding: Different venues have different prices for their wedding packages, and some dates are more auspicious or popular than others. You can check online for the latest wedding ang bao rates for various venues and dates to get an idea of how much it costs to attend a wedding there. You can also ask the couple or their close friends for guidance if you’re unsure.
  • Your relationship with the couple: Generally, the closer you are to the couple, the more you should give in your wedding ang bao. For example, if you’re a family member or a close friend, you might want to give more than if you’re a colleague or an acquaintance. You can also consider how much the couple has given you in the past for your own wedding or other occasions.
  • Your budget and comfort level: Ultimately, you should give what you can afford and what you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel pressured to give more than you can or want to, as that might cause resentment or stress. Remember that the wedding ang bao is a gesture of goodwill and not an obligation or a competition.

Giving a wedding ang bao is an important way of celebrating a wedding in Singapore. It’s not only about money, but about love, respect and happiness. By giving a wedding ang bao, you’re showing that you care about the couple and their future together. So don’t stress too much about it, just enjoy the occasion and have fun!

Wedding Ang Bao Market Rates 2023

The rates vary depending on a few factors, such as your relationship with the couple and the type of wedding. For instance, if you’re a close friend or family member, you might want to give more than a casual acquaintance would. Now, generally speaking, you can expect the market rates to be around SGD 80-120 for a 4-star hotel wedding, SGD 120-150 for a 5-star hotel, and SGD 150-200 or even more for a luxury hotel or exclusive venue. But remember, these are just guidelines, so feel free to adjust according to your personal preferences and budget!

Ang Bao Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

Ang bao, or red packets, are a common way of expressing your blessings and good wishes to someone on special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, weddings, birthdays and baby showers. But do you know the proper etiquette of giving and receiving ang bao? Here are some dos and don’ts to help you avoid any awkward or embarrassing situations.

  • Do use new and crisp notes in your ang bao. It’s a sign of respect and freshness to the recipient. You can get new notes from the bank or ATM before the occasion. Avoid using old, torn or dirty notes as they may imply disrespect or bad luck.
  • Do give even amounts in your ang bao. Even numbers are considered auspicious and lucky in Chinese culture, especially the number eight. Avoid giving odd numbers or numbers with four, as they are associated with death and misfortune.
  • Do use red envelopes for your ang bao. Red is the colour of happiness, prosperity and vitality in Chinese culture. It’s also believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. Avoid using white envelopes as they are used for funerals and mourning.
  • Do give ang bao according to your relationship with the recipient and your financial situation. There is no fixed rule or rate for how much you should give in your ang bao, but generally, the closer you are to the recipient, the more you should give. You can also check online for some guidelines or ask around for some advice if you’re unsure. But don’t feel pressured to give more than you can afford or want to. Remember that it’s the gesture and intention that counts, not the amount.

Fun fact: We added the number “8” for each amount as “8” in Chinese symbolizes wealth, prosperity and success. It is in favor of those who is usually superstitious, also known as “pang dang” in the older generation lingo. 

Name of Establishment Lunch  Dinner    
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa $198 to $228$228 to $260
Amara Singapore $148 to $168$168 to $188
Andaz Singapore $218 to $238$248 to $288
Capella Singapore $228 to $348$258 to $388 
Carlton Hotel Singapore $148 to $188$158 to $188
Changi Cove Hotel $118 to $158$118 to $158
CHIJMES Hall Singapore$168 to $228$188 to $248
Concorde Hotel Singapore $138 to $148$148 to $158
Conrad Centennial Singapore $168 to $188$178 to $208
Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore $118 to $138$118 to $138
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport $148 to $168$158 to $188
Fairmont Singapore and 
Swissotel The Stamford 
$168 to $188$168 to $188
Four Points by Sheraton $158 to $188$158 to $188
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore $168 to $258$208 to $288
Furama City Centre Singapore $128 to $158$128 to $158
Furama Riverfront Singapore $128 to $158$128 to $158
Genting Hotel Jurong $118 to $128$128 to $138
Goodwood Park Hotel $168 to $188$188 to $218 
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel $168 to $188$178 to $198
Grand Hyatt Hotel $178 to $208$208 to $228
Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy $118 to $148$128 to $148
Hilton Singapore $168 to $198$188 to $238
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium $148 to $178$138 to $188
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre $148 to $178$138 to $188
Hotel Fort Canning $158 to $188$188 to $228
Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore 
by Shangri La 
$138 to $168$158 to $188
Intercontinental Singapore $188 to $228$208 to $388
JW Marriot Hotel Singapore $248 to $268$258 to $288
Le Meridien, Sentosa $208 to $238$238 to $258
M Hotel $138 to $168$158 to $188
Mandarin Orchard Singapore $208 to $228$208 to $228
Mandarin Oriental Singapore $188 to $228$208 to $288
Marina Bay Sands $168 to $228 $208 to $268
Marina Mandarin Singapore $168 to $228 $188 to $208
Mercure Singapore Bugis $128 to $148$138 to !68
Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay $148 to $168$148 to $188
Novotel Singapore on Stevens $148 to $168$148 to $188
Oasia Hotel Novena Singapore $148 to $1768$158 to $198
One Farrer Hotel $158 to $178$168 to $178
One 15 Marina Sentosa Cove $168 to $178$168 to $178
Orchard Hotel Singapore $168 to $178 $188 to $208
Pan Pacific Singapore $158 to $188$188 to $208
Park Hotel Alexandra $128 to $138$138 to $148
Park Hotel Clarke Quay $128 to $138$138 to $148
Parkroyal on Beach Road $169 to $188$188 to $228
Parkroyal on Kitchener Road $128 to $138$128 to $148
Parkroyal on Pickering $178 to $208$228 to $248
Peninsula Excelsior Hotel $128 to $138 $158 to $188
Raffles Hotel $238 to $288 $268 to $388
Regent Singapore $158 to $188$188 to $228
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore $148 to $178 $158 to $168
Royal Plaza on Scotts $158 to $188$158 to $188
Shangri-La Hotel $208 to $268$258 to $318
Sheraton Towers Singapore $168 to $188$188 to $228
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel $138 to $168$168 to $208
Sofitel Singapore City Centre $188 to $218$188 to $248
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa 
Resort & Spa 
$188 to $218$188 to $248
Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore $158 to $168$168 to $188
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore $228 to $248$248 to $288
The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore $238 to $268 $248 to $338
The St Regis Singapore $228 to $248$258 to $288
The Westin Singapore $188 to $208$198 to $268
Village Hotel Changi $148 to $158$148 to $168
Village Hotel Katong $148 to $158$148 to $168
W Singapore – Sentosa Cove $198 to $248$218 to $268
York Hotel $128 to $138$128 to $168

The above list is generated based on WEEKEND rate, and it is an estimation based on the current market rate. Honestly, there is no “standard amount” you need to adhere to. Ultimately, it is a reflection of your relationship to the couple that is the deciding factor. Truth be told, as the Chinese love to say it- red packet is considered to be a symbol of luck, life and happiness. It is usually given during auspicious occasions such as Chinese New Year or wedding. It is a gift of blessings to the newlyweds, to congratulate them and wish them joy. 


We could not emphasize this enough- DO NOT TREAT THIS AS A COMPETITION. 

We have seen people who compares the amount, who devalues one another, who feels that people who gave more is “atas” and people who does not- “xia suay”. It honesty it does not matter at all! Always remember, regardless the amount that is given to the newlywed, it should be given with sincerity and a heart full of blessings. 

Wedding Ang Bao FAQs

  1. How much should I give if I’m attending a wedding dinner with my partner?
  • The amount you should give if attending a wedding dinner with your partner typically ranges from SGD$200 to SGD$400, depending on the closeness of your relationship with the couple and your financial situation.
  1. Is it appropriate to give a smaller amount if I’m not very close to the couple?
  • It is acceptable to give a smaller amount if you are not very close to the couple, but it should still be a respectable amount. A good rule of thumb is to give an amount that covers your seat and food at the wedding.
  1. Should I give the same amount if I’m attending a wedding lunch instead of a dinner?
  • It is generally acceptable to give a slightly smaller amount for a wedding lunch compared to a dinner, as lunch receptions are typically less formal and less expensive.
  1. What if I’m unable to attend the wedding – do I still need to give an ang bao?
  • It is still customary to give an ang bao as a sign of goodwill, even if you are unable to attend the wedding. The amount given can be slightly lower than if you were attending the wedding.
  1. Is it acceptable to give an odd amount of money in the ang bao, or should it always be an even number?
  • It is acceptable to give an odd amount of money in the ang bao, as long as it is a respectable amount. However, even numbers are considered more auspicious in Chinese culture.
  1. What if I’m giving an ang bao to a couple who have been married for a while – should I still give the same amount as I would for a newlywed couple?
  • It is generally acceptable to give a slightly lower amount for a couple who have been married for a while, as they may not require as much financial support as a newlywed couple.
  1. Are there any cultural or religious considerations I should be aware of when giving an ang bao?
  • Yes, there are cultural and religious considerations to be aware of when giving an ang bao. For example, in Chinese culture, red envelopes are considered auspicious and should not be opened in front of the giver. Additionally, in some cultures, such as Muslim weddings, giving money directly may not be appropriate and other forms of gift-giving may be more appropriate.

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